Friday, June 20, 2008

block rockin beats

again, i have no good ideas for titles so i'm listening to the Chemical Brothers' "Block Rockin' Beats." flippin sweet stuff. at any rate, these are two of the many projects i'm trying to get done. these are ones i'm working on right this moment. kinda have a tight deadline on this one. the one with the fluffy dog (my Krypto, btw, before her haircut) is for a greeting card i'm working on. once i'm done coloring and such, i'll post more info on it like where to get one. don't try to follow the panels cuz they're not in order at all. since it needed to be laid out in an awkward size, i decided to just draw panels wherever i felt like it and will put it all in proper order digitally. i know, i'm wonky.
the one with the two guys are for a cover to someone's comic that they asked us folks at Identity to do. he asked for me specifically to draw these two main characters so i feel very humbled. especially since, if u've noticed, i don't draw guys much. but i think i'm starting to get better. at least, i hope so. i also used to think i could draw like 5 years ago and BOY was i wrong. =P i won't be coloring the guys so whenever Flash does finish coloring it, hopefully i'll get to see it and post it up. YAY for collaborations!!! that Saiyuki manga really helps me with my dude drawings. amazing art in there. it's hard to get used to at first, especially if u like mangas that are more cute. but then u start to appreciate the action and movement that the artist puts in there. plus the story's kinda neat. love the priest dude in there (the blonde guy). good stuffs.

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Jac V. said...

LOL just saw your chicon pics!! when you gonna post em on here? i loved all your commission pieces. hope you gots lots of $$ from them all!! :) the "inappropriate shirt" one was friggin hilarious!! wtf was he doing??