Wednesday, August 24, 2011

collogue [verb]

(kuh-LOHG) – to confer secretly


this was something I drew right before we left for Baltimore Con last friday. it’s for the Marla Bea Benefit which is for breast cancer and they ask artists to donate pieces that feature the color pink. I thought the dude was picking it up at the con but I was totally wrong. fail. anyway, this will be the first time I’m early so yay me!

it was drawn with pencils and pink & warm gray copics on 11x17 blue-line paper. I used an ultra-fine pink sharpie for the outline. it’s the same one I used on that tinkerbell sketch on my Mini Hot Cakes book. (I’ve really taken a liking to this pen!) this is a picture of it cuz again, I’m just not a fan of scanning in pieces. I chose the Little Mermaid because everytime I try to draw her, I fall very short of my own expectations so I keep practicing. this is actually the closest I’ve ever gotten to drawing her the way I like. I’m trying to make her look as “real” as I can get it without going overboard like giving her extra fins or a spiny tail. I think my gut instinct was to draw her with no seashell-bra but seein as how it’s for charity, I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate. I mean I don’t even know how those things stay on her! I just feel like a mermaid wouldn’t bother with clothes.

I looked up the new Pirates of the Caribbean mermaids for inspiration and I just think the main mermaid chick is so pretty. I thoroughly enjoyed their take on mermaids and I for one can’t wait till the movie comes out on bluray. haven’t been this excited about a POTC movie since the first one!

Baltimore Con was fantastic as always! had lots of fun crammed into 2 days. I’ll have more on it tomorrow along with some pics of commissions I did. I gotta get back to work now.

also, don’t forget about my new mini artbook “2011 Mini Hot Cakes", available for sale now. u get a free 13x20” print! check out my previous entry, August 4 - Aesopian, or go to my journal on my DA page,, for more info!!

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