Wednesday, January 18, 2012

gotta get thru this

sung by daniel bedingfield

i'm thinkin of this song cuz its been over a week and my computer is still fritzy. just when i thought it might've fixed itself (stupid, i know) it shut down on me again! i'm very sad and its causing some extremely unnecessary stress. lucky for me, the hubby and i got ourselves this galaxy tab and i've been able to at least write emails and check my social networks every so often. i just downloaded blogger onto it so this is my first blog post on a mobile device.

in an effort to make sure it doesn't crash on me (cuz now i'm paranoid that everything will inevitably crash on me), i'll keep this short. the pic i'm postin is what's on my art table right now. totally not finished, i just figured i'd give a quick peek. here's hopin this works. :)

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