Wednesday, April 24, 2013

c2e2 is this weekend

[listening to "caribbean queen" by billy ocean]

just so u know, me and the ID Studios crew will be in artist alley at C2E2 this weekend! where, u ask? i'll tell ya.


u see that gray block in front of where our table is going to be? well, i have reason to believe that it's a stage that various artists will be standing and drawing at. artists like my hubby theFranchize AND studiomate Flash! not sure exactly what times they're scheduled to go up there, but they'll be there! so if ur going to be at C2E2, u should watch them draw. believe me, it's quite amazing. as for me, i try to stay away from drawing attention to myself and i stay even further away from drawing in front of people. (which is why it takes me a long time to draw commissions at shows.) i'll just watch them from our tables.

ALSO - i will be helping out at Girls Drawin Girls table E7! i'll be there around 2p for a couple of hours Friday & Saturday and noon on Sunday to help sell my fellow talented ladies' wares! u gotta see what they got! rumor has it that they'll have two of my pieces (below) to sell there. i'm very excited!!!

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Charles (Illumistrations) said...

Jeez, when you guys hit conventions, you really hit conventions! It was awesome to finally meet you and thanks so much for your insight and answers to all of my questions!! I hope you have an awesome time at C2E2!