Tuesday, September 17, 2013


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me & theFranchize signing at the Third Eye Comics booth on Saturday
ID Studios gang with 2/3 of the ladies of The Hangout from Comicosity.com
thought i'd post some pics from Baltimore Con the other weekend while i gather pics from Anime USA this weekend. Baltimore Con was a great con as always. thanks to theFranchize's much-deserved Harvey Awards nomination, we were given some prime placement in the con. it was kinda intimidating but i could really get used to it. saw lots of familiar faces and kept hearing consistently that "we're everywhere." yep, that's cuz we are. really, chances are we're coming to a con near u. unless ur outside the U.S. in which case i wish we were going out there but not yet.

noteworthy cosplayers of Baltimore Con 2013
as always, the cosplayers at this show have gotten better and better and i took pics of some of the most noteworthy ones. even my studiomate's (Flash) kids cosplayed this time - so adorbs. a girl also surprised us at the table cosplaying Amanda from Fanboys Vs Zombies! can it BE more awesome?!?! and yeah, that's a dude dressed as Miley - perfect! i wish he came by the table cuz i would've loved to take a pic with him cuz i happened to wear my "Twerk Miley" shirt that day. as it is, Flash took this picture for me.

on our way to the Harveys
Harvey Awards ceremony shenanigans
even though the hubby didn't win the Harvey, i think he was in great company in there. it was definitely amazing to have gone to our first Harvey Awards ceremony as it is. it was a room full of some true comic art legends like Sal Buscema (who gave such a moving speech that everyone kinda choked up). i know he was one of my husband's biggest comic book influences.

apparently next year the con will finally become a 3-day event and we can't wait to come back and be a part of one extra day of awesomeness! i was beginning to think that 2 days can barely contain all the people that are trying to get in the con!

as for my "moody" title - it's cuz i'm shifting moods a lot today. i don't wanna get too graphic or personal. just know that every month girls get this way. it's nothing personal, u just wanna keep a good distance is all. =P

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