Tuesday, February 10, 2015

sexy side

[listening to "yeah!" by usher ft. lil jon & ludacris]

it's almost Valentine's Day guys! this is a good time to show ur sexy side! i made this doodle for the Girls Drawin Girls theme of the week, which is Valentine's Day.
i'm still working on getting more comfortable coloring without my line art. hopefully the more i do it, the easier it'll get. so i did my sketch traditionally (cuz i'm still not that comfortable drawing on the cintiq) but i didn't take it any further than the sketch. then i just went straight to coloring on photoshop.

i think i secretly want to have a head full of pink hair with half of it shaved. if i were cool enough to pull that off, i totally would.

anyways, early happy valentine's day guys! i heart u all!

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