Friday, October 19, 2018

leia day

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as promised, i wanted to share some quick WIP shots of my newest print - Leia Libations at Lamplight Lounge. i drew this for a Leia Day event at my favorite local comic shop The Perky Nerd here in Burbank, CA on Saturday Oct 20, 2018 from 4p-6p. along with having 5 Leia voice actresses for a signing, they're also doing a Leia art show to celebrate Carrie Fisher's birthday. this is going to be one of a handful of other pieces from other artists centered around Princess Leia. go to their facebook page for more info on the event -

i haven't shared much progress shots recently. i definitely need to get back to doing it but because of the usual secretive nature of most things i'm working on, i can't post most of that stuff. anyways, so i started with the sketch of course. the first wip shot is more of the cleaned up lines. this is about as clean as i'll take these lines before going straight into coloring.
recently, i've started to do just a quick grayscale mockup of the finished piece. this has really helped me to make sure that my color values don't end up super flat, which it has a tendency of doing cuz i really suck at that stuff. i think i'm supposed to color over these grays, but i don't (cuz again i suck at that). instead i use it as a guide for when i'm coloring, reminds me about where i want the midtones, the bright lights and the darkest darks. since i wanted to work with a darker-than-usual background, i decided to get most of the background colors down before going into flatting the figures cuz that's gonna affect my color choices pretty drastically. after i lay down the flat colors for the figures, i get into shadows and highlights. i also applied a blur on the hanging lights and the banister in the foreground, keeping the focus on the ladies.

the theme was supposed to be Leias Having Lunch, but i put a little grown-up twist to it. so instead, they're havin dranks! the hubby and i went to the new Lamplight Lounge in Disney's California Adventure side. we got seated outside with a great view of the new Incredicoaster. loved the ambiance of that place immediately. but i REALLY fell in love with their drink menu cuz all the drinks were illustrated and it just looked like fun. SO, each of these Leias have a drink from that menu. from left to right: 

  • Leia on Hoth - Nectar in the Rye
  • Leia from "Star Wars Rebels" - Open Ocean with a Splash
  • Leia on Endor - Over Budget
  • Leia from "A New Hope" - Infinity Fizz
  • Leia from the royal award ceremony - Sizzle Reel
if u ever get the chance to go to Disney's California Adventure, check out the Lamplight Lounge! it's so neat in there! the wait to be seated is pretty long, but so is everything else at Disney so whatevs. i will say, the Infinity Fizz drink is super cool to see, BUT it doesn't taste that great. tastes like a melted down ice popsicle. get dem mini donuts tho, they're yummy!

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