Saturday, July 26, 2008

yup, still sick

so, i may still be sick but that doesn't mean i stopped working. i finished this commission a week ago and i've been working on these other fourpieces for this one client these past couple of days (but i won't post them till tomorrow). still working on more artwork for that book that i'm doing illustrations for. see! i'm not too bad of a slacker. =P
the characters in this commission are Pinup-Girl and Proud Citizen. they're city of heroes characters. i used an image as reference for the pose. its real tough to draw two people occupying the same space. i wanted to give it a somewhat aged look with washed out colors like looking at an old photograph. i think that's mostly because the character design of Pinup-Girl seemed classic.
at any rate, more to come tomorrow. meanwhile, i'm going to try to cough out my lung which i have yet to succeed at. instead i've managed to lose some of my voice. yipee. (-___-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


blech. i'm sick. kids spread germs so quickly and living with a 3-year-old is like standing in the rain nekkid and then standing in front of the AC. everyday. T__T
but, as sick as i am, Batman Dark Knight was the best flippin film EVER in superhero movies. ever. so amazing. i saw it this morning and my mind is still blown. i would feel more up to raving about it if i wasn't so distracted by the sinus pressure pounding on my face. so maybe tomorrow.
meanwhile, i think i'm gonna crawl into bed with my puppies listening to Harry Potter audio books till i fall asleep. :sniffle:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

he's still not back yet

yep, the hubby is still not home yet. it's still a blower but i have been working on multiple little projects simultaneously. other than that though, not much else has changed except that my clothes are a bit cleaner (cuz i did laundry). =P
these are some commissions that i've been tackling these past couple of days. i've also had to purchase a web hosting service for though that doesn't sound like much of anything to most people, that is a big huge step for me cuz i am so completely web-dumb. so i had to read up on it and know what "unlimited data transfer" really meant and junk like that. but i did it, so yay! hopefully, the website will be up and running and ready for biz-naz by tomorrow thanks to Flash. without him, i'd have run identity to the ground in jerry's absence. O_o then comes business cards and all that jazz!!! yay!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

more con pics

i'm utterly distracted with listening to the first Harry Potter audio book so i'm not able to write much on here. all the same, it's not like i had much to write that would've been interesting anyway. SO...i'm going to put more convention pics here from Wizard World Chicago. yay!

Granny Goodness [most courageous man i've ever met]

Francis Manapul and Agnes Grabowska [our neighbors]

Superchica from DeviantArt

these are some of the commissions i drew at the convention.

Huntress [my first commission of the weekend]

Donna Troy



Supergirl [one of the free commissions i gave out that weekend]

Friday, July 4, 2008

happy independence day america!

wow, got lots to post but i don't really wanna overwhelm this calendar date with blogs. i definitely needed to post that one about Michael Turner. it's been bubbling up inside me since we got back but i didn't really have anyone to share it with.
so yeah, we got back from Wizard World Chicago and yesterday the husband left for 10 days to do caricatures at a county fair somewhere deep in VA. then on top of that, my whole family has gone out to Colorado and are still not back yet. it's just me, my two babies, and my sister's two dogs. needless to say, i'm not up for much fireworks today. it's tough to be motivated to be creative when he's not around. instead i'll just update my blog and deviant page! takes a little less effort. anyway, those are just a few pictures from the convention.

despite the tragedy of Turner's death and being one man short at Identity, we still managed to enjoy ourselves at the convention. we met some amazing artists! here's just a few -

Francis Manapul -
we were fortunate enough to have sat at the table next to him. very talented guy (and filipino too)! i even got this wonder ladies print from him. real easy to talk to though not very talkative.
Agnes Garbowska -
she's Francis's girlfriend and a real pleasure to sit next to. she had some of the cutest things on her table and i love her style. she is able to turn anything cute and i think it's got to do with her peronality. she's just pure sunshine! this is a Grace she drew for me as part of the "tribute to michael turner" sketches Aspen was doing at the booth.
Wade Furlong -
amazing crazy talent! he was so happy to have met us and, namely, Flash but it was a real treat to have met him. he even drew a little doodle for me on my board since we asked him to sign it. extremely unassuming and easy to talk to.
Jay Brant -
real cool guy with some of the most creatively cute pictures of these iconic characters. luvd them all!
Bobby Chiu -
i was so extremely fortunate to have bumped into Imaginism Studios' booth while walking around the Artist Alley. such a nice set of folks from Canada. i've been looking at ImagineFX magazines for months now and to have bumped into this guy who's been featured in there is just - wow. and he's the nicest guy ever. he walked past our table to talk to Agnes (who, btw, knows flippin everybody) and he even waved hi to me whereas most folks u buy stuff from wouldn't bother to turn their heads.
Kei Acedera -
another member of Imaginism Studios and fellow filipino. she is quickly turning into one of my favorite artists. again, just as nice as a cloudless day. she was so gracious and drew a little doodle on my board since i asked her to sign it. (bobby chiu did too.) amazing lady with amazing talent.

i even met that little girl that drew the drawings in the Speed Racer movie! i don't have my board right this moment so i can't remember her name but she drew those little pictures they used in the movie that "Speed" was drawing in class as a little kid. so flippin cool! had her sign my board too. she was just walking around with her dad and she was at Imaginism's booth at the same time i was.

well, i think this post is lengthy enough. hopefully i can start to feel a little better and maybe draw and get work done. tough to be apart from ur husband on the first year of ur marriage. i can't even begin to imagine how it must be like for military spouses.

Michael Turner : 1971-2008

it seemed only fitting that i would put something up about Michael Turner. after all, he was one of the key influences in the way my art looks now. i am a big fangirl of his stuff and i'm not even ashamed to admit that. i heard about his death at the bar last friday night at Wizard World Chicago that we just came back from. it was the saddest thing i've seen as tears welled up in people's eyes. a little welled up in mine too which seems silly considering i didn't even know the guy personally, but i guess that's a testament to his personality. u meet him once and he leaves u with the impression that he is utterly grateful for having met u. he's probably the only popular artist that was more than happy to sign stuff for his fans.
i got to see him once at Wizard World Philly in 2005. i nearly didn't even go to see him because i was chickening out as i tend to do. but luckily, jerry made me go and went with me. when i got up to him to get my books and my cellphone signed by him, he had the biggest smile on his face as if i was the first fan he had seen all day even though i must've been the 300th fangirl with a big cheesy smile. he was so flattered to sign my cellphone because i showed him that i had one of his posters as my wallpaper on it. (yeah, i know, nerdly.) then he chuckled and showed me that he had another one of his posters on his cellphone's wallpaper. coolest thing ever. he was happy to sign my phone which is stashed away somewhere in my endless boxes. i never threw it away but the signature was definitely starting to rub off. i guess permanent ink doesn't really mean permanent. -___- it is so inspiring to know that he genuinely enjoyed meeting fans and that he would rather suck up the pain of his cancer treatments to see them than sit at home feeling sorry for himself. if only more famous people treated their fans with that much respect and gratitude. after all, what is a famous person without fans??
he will continue to inspire every young kid who needs to learn how to put just the right amount of flare with his/her anatomy. he can show them how to draw some of the most beautiful women in comics without being over-the-top with "endowments". and he will always remind me of where i came from and how i got here. he was the second artist i've ever been able to distinguish among comic artists back when i was just new to the game. [the first one was joe madureira.] i tried to pick up as much Michael Turner books i could get my hands on so i could learn how to draw better. then Aspen came out and i started on Soulfire just because of his art. i didn't even care what the story was. but by then i think he had the cancer and the issues were few and far between. still picked it up whenever it came out though.
recently read some of his interviews about how he could barely sit down to talk because the pain was too much. i remember reading one that said he continuously shifted and moved pillows around his back and legs throughout the interview because of the pain. knowing that gives me a little comfort that he's no longer suffering. as a tribute, i'm posting my first Grace drawing i did back in 2005. this drawing was ground-breaking for me. before, i would just draw anime characters and chibis. but after this one, i knew i was going somewhere with my style. i started using his style to blend with the little bit of anime knowledge i did know. the eyes i draw now are from learning his art. from this i drew Kasumi which is a print now and then i drew the still-popular Chun-Li that continue to sell very well at cons. i never did have the guts to show him my Grace. thought he would've laughed at me when he got home.

Michael Turner signing my cellphone (and comics)