Tuesday, May 26, 2015

awesome con

so this weekend sure did creep up on me. i'm playing catch-up but i'm taking a little break to post about AWESOME CON! it's only like the awesomest con around! as tired as i am, i'm also super excited for the show because it's my local one so i get to see family & friends there. plus, it's the first con of the year where all 3 of us IDSTUDIOS members will be together again. so the hubby theFranchize, our homie Flash, and I will be there all weekend at BOOTH 87! we'll have comics (Bill & Ted's Most Triumphant Return, Fanboys Vs Zombies, Adventure Time, and others), prints, and doing sketches all weekend long.
i'm gonna do my best to not look so haggard. i just gotta make sure i have my coffee that day. SEE YA'LL THERE!!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

pet roger

[listening to "crucial" by new edition]

commission sale is over! now i've got some really exciting commissions to work on! but before i delve too deep into it, i wanted to do a quick digital painting of one of my favorite Disney films - 101 Dalmatians!! i dunno why i love it so much. probably cuz it's doggies. a lot of people find it boring, but i find it relaxing. wanted to give dude drawings a go so i drew Pongo and his pet, Roger.
i was trying to keep this to a 1 hour thing. not because i'm trying to rush it, just that i'm trying to be a little more loose with it but still have the overall feeling i want to achieve. i think i get caught up in the teeny tiny details and that's why it takes me so long to do one. i think this took an hour and a half. it was durned Pongo's legs. i shoulda used reference to start with, but i didn't cuz i'm dumb. so going back to fix that held me back a bit. it's crazy how little we pay attention to stuff like a dog's stride. i love dogs, i have 2 of em, but i never paid attention to how they walk.
also tried lighting them from the back this time, which i never do. that was new and exciting for me. hopefully i achieved what i was going for. if i had more time, i'd do more of these. but these commissions ain't drawin themselves so i'm off to work! got mah venti iced mocha in my hand and i'm ready!

HUGE THANX to everyone that took advantage of my commission sale! i'm ready to draw draw draw!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

tidewater comicon

[listening to "oblivion" by m83 feat. susanne sundfor]

Tidewater Comicon Exclusive Print
Find us in Artist Alley - TABLES M118-M119!

we're heading out to Tidewater Comicon this weekend! Jerry & i will be at TABLES M118 - M119! right next to Pascal Campion! i may not be able to hold back my fangirl-ing. i've only been following his work for, i dunno, 5 yrs or so. we'll have prints, comics, and artbooks with us. and we are, of course, doing sketches all weekend long.

ALSO! both of us did an exclusive print for the show which hopefully we made it to their cut-off to send it. we're always late for something. with luck, they managed to get it printed. i decided to take  my sketch of Wonder Woman in her DC Bombshell look (one of my favorite statues on my shelf) and finish coloring it. i'm not sure if they're selling these prints or just giving them to VIP people. either way, we won't have em with us at any other cons. so if you're going to Tidewater, ask the folks running the show how you can get ur hands on one of these. or ask me when u see me there. 

we've never been to this con and we hear good things about it. so hopefully it'll be a great precursor to Awesome Con at the end of the month!

Monday, May 11, 2015

mothers day

[listening to "scream my name" by tove lo]

it was Mother's Day yesterday so i hope u all spent some time telling ur mom u love her. she should hear u tell her that everyday, but u must tell her on Mother's Day. it's the rules. (unless u have a complicated relationship with ur mom, in which case i'm not sure how to address that. so i'm just gonna blow past it.) in honor of Mother's Day i made a quick 1-hour doodle of the most mother-daughter themed Disney flick i know & love - BRAVE! well, there's Tangled too, but in a weird backwards sorta way. my mom & i rarely fight, and i don't really remember giving her much reasons to be mad at me when i was a kid (save for not cleaning up my room, like ever), so Merida's relationship with her mother doesn't necessarily apply to me. but i love the movie anyways.

MEND THE BOND. behind every fierce woman is an even fiercer mom.

so i sketch very loosely on paper with my red pencil, scan it, then go ham on digital painting. i had two ideas, but i thought the one with Elinor brushing Merida's hair wasn't the right tone that i wanted to show. so i went with them hugging. it's one of the sweetest moments in the film. plus i think kid merida is durned adorable.

Friday, May 8, 2015

t-shirt design

[listening to "you remind me" by r. kelly]

cool ladies from Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD

i meant to post these earlier but apparently i did not. but since it's just been made available today, i guess the timing was just right. the awesome owners of Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD commissioned me for a t-shirt design for their shop in homage to the gorgeous DC Comics Bombshells images. since the shirt was going to be screenprinted, i was given a very limited number of colors to work with. i wish i had more, but i did what i could with what i had. it was drawn traditionally and colored in photoshop. had to make my own halftone dots brush cuz the ones i had weren't working with me.

i'm so excited to get my shirt and even more excited to see other people wearing it. if you're in the area, head out to the shop and grab your shirt! they have men and women sizes.

Friday, May 1, 2015

free comic book day

[listening to "dangerous" by big data ft. joywave]

it's that time of year again, guys! like the 4th of July, but instead of celebrating independence, we celebrate comic books! and we let that nerd flag fly extra high! some of the best comic shops in the area have huge events and they invite comic creators to spend time with comic fans.

i will be a part of such festivities at this awesome shop in Newark, DE - Captain Blue Hen Comics! theFranchize & i were there last year and we had such a great time. the vibe was so positive and everyone was just so dang happy to be there. i'm happy that they've invited me to come out again this year. it'll just be me by my lonesome this year, since both theFranchize & Flash had prior commitments. so if ur in the area, please come out and say hi to me so i'm not lonely. i promise i'll be super nice! =D

i've gotten some of my prints reprinted since i sold out of them at Emerald City Con last month. (sorry to everyone in Seattle that couldn't get any Big Hero 6 or Spider-Gwens.) i'll have some books (comics and my artbook) with me and i'll be doing sketches all day! i'm thinking of doing FREE headsketches for any $20 (or more) purchase. free headsketches go great with free comics, right?

hope to see u cool kids out there!

*please note - my commission sale does not apply at cons/shows. it's only for commissions done at home. thanks!