Saturday, March 29, 2014


[listening to "one in a million" by aaliyah]
if u follow me on twitter (and i hope that u do) u may know by now that i have finally decided to set up an Etsy shop. why'd it take me so long? 2 reasons. 1-i'm always late to new tech. 2-i thought it was mostly for handcrafted items like jewelry or clothes. i had no idea that many of my fellow comic artists/illustrators sell their prints on there too. (that links back to my 1st reason.)

so after looking at some of my favorite artists' shops like Brittney Lee and Genevieve FT, i managed to put mine together. i'll be putting up more of my prints that i have available next week but i had to get the shop together quickly so i can put the URL on my new biz cards. had to order those asap to get them in time for Awesome Con next month.

the prints i'm putting up will be pretty much the same ones that i bring with me to comic cons and events. this way, if i'm not coming to a con near u, u can still get the prints from me! or if u saw me but ran out of munnies at the show, u can order online! YAYS! i also plan on putting any available art books, but right now i only have 5 left of my 2013 Art Mignons books which i'll be bringing to Awesome Con. once i make a new book for this year, i can offer that in my store. i may even offer up originals on the store. i'll have to see if people are even interested in getting that from me.

on a side note, i'm amazed at the amount of utter plagiarism that goes on on that site though. i guess as artists, we're responsible for making sure we police that type of stuff on our own. but i'm just taken aback by how people can claim creation of something but knowing they've ripped off someone else's creativity. then sell it like its their own. i wish we can just respect each other more. not just in the art community but in every facet of our lives. but that's a whole different ball of cheese altogether, grasshopper!

anyways, please visit my Etsy Shop - and happy shopping!

Thursday, March 20, 2014



just wanted to quickly share this before i walk out the door to head on out to MEGACON! i can't even tell u guys how much we need this semi-vacation. we'll still be working, but i'm definitely gonna try to squeeze in some fun.

i am sherlocked! this is my newest mini print. turned that sketch i did in my sketchbook into a finished piece. had to do a lot of cleaning up to get it this visible. but yays!
i've also been thinking of opening up an Etsy shop. if i do, this will be one of those in there.

anyways, if ur going to Megacon, come find me and the rest of the ID Crew in Artist Alley - PURPLE 8 & 9!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


[listening to Disney's Brave soundtrack]

thought i'd quickly post this sketch i did for this week's theme of "Circus" on the Girls Drawin Girls blog. she's my little lion tamer. i don't think she needs whips or chains to tame the lion. just her adorable charismatic self. =) i think i wanna start drawing more cute giant animals.
this is drawn on that brown cardstock paper with my blue and pink and white derwent inktense colored pencils. i really wish i had more time to do a digital illustration to post for things like the Girls Drawin Girls weekly themes or the sketch_dailies. i'm just happy i get to do this stuff. since i haven't been able to participate each week on the blog, i felt i needed to do something, least i get kicked out. =P 


Friday, March 14, 2014

megacon pre-sale

[listening to Disney movie tunes]
our signing at Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD
so i've been kinda under the weather and when i woke up, Megacon has become a week away! i could really use a trip to Orlando too. i think this last freezing temps has me dreaming of warmer weather. (or maybe i'm delirious from the sick. one can never tell.)
u may or may not know, but i have a hard time drawing commissions AT comic conventions. it's mostly cuz people are watching me and i get very nervous. but also cuz drawing with my head down prevents me from interacting with people and i hate to come off as not caring about the people coming up to the table. SO, with that in mind, i'm opening up a pre-sale of commissions for the show. if u were already thinking about getting a commission from me at the show, here's ur chance to get it and it'll be ready for u to pick up when u go to the show! below are the pricing for this year's convention commissions. if ur interested in getting on the pre-sale list, email me at  penelope @ identitycomics .com and we can talk about it!

(prices below are for single-character commissions on 9x12" bristol)

Waist-up commissions
$40 - *pencil sketches (on 8.5x11 brown cardstock)
$80 - black & white (inks & grays)
$120 - full colors

Full-body commissions
Add $40 to each price above

*pencil sketches - i've really started to enjoy drawing on this brown cardstock so this year i'm gonna try out doing commissions at cons this way if people are interested. personally, i think my art looks more natural this way when i'm drawing at shows so i wanted to offer it to folks that want it. 

Monday, March 10, 2014


[listening to "bed of roses" by bon jovi]

so it looks like My Little Pony:Friends Forever #1 came out late January and apparently so did my exclusive cover for it!!! i was so happy when the organizer for Awesome Con DC asked if i would do an exclusive cover for the con, which is coming up in April. i've only recently gotten an appreciation for the new take on My Little Pony cartoon. i'm definitely a child of the 80s and those were my ponies.
they asked if i could give it a Washington, DC flavor and since i'm from the area i was like HECK YEAH! had to throw in that pony selfie. cuz that's what the kids are doin these days. =P at any rate, i will be selling copies of these at whatever cons i'm going to be at this year. and it all starts with Megacon, which is next week already! how?!?! if ur in the Orlando area, please come by and see us in Artist Alley. we haven't been back to Megacon since the first time we went which was all the way in 2008. i have no idea what to expect. i hope we don't bomb. it would make going to Downtown Disney very difficult to pay for.

Friday, March 7, 2014


[listening to "hunter" by pharrell williams]

if ur looking for me tomorrow, i'll be at THIRD EYE COMICS in Annapolis, MD! theFranchize and i will be doing a signing from 11a-1p for Loki:Ragnarok and Roll. even though the inker credit in the book isn't in there, i'm still signing. cuz i didn't ink all dem pages for nothin! =) the comic shop will have copies of the book in case u haven't picked up ur copy yet. they will also have Fanboys Vs Zombies books so u can grab and get those signed as well. i'm not sure if we'll bring any prints to sell, but we'll see.
anyways, i hope more than 3 people show up! my ego won't be able to handle it. its easily shaken, ya know.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


[listening to "nothing but trouble" by phantogram]

it just hit me that we're doing our first con of the year in 2 weeks!!! cuz of all the health problems my hubby has had, it just seemed like cons are distant memories and not much of a possibility these days. but prayers are being heard and he's doing much better these days. now that the first con is approaching - MEGACON - we had to get brand new banners! and man oh man, i am so boosted by them. we just got them in the mail yesterday and they're soooooo much better than the ones we were working with for like 2 years (or was it 3??). those old banners fell apart quickly. now of course it hasn't been field-tested yet, but these banners are looking more sturdy. if ur in the market for new banners, go to! the guy that runs the company, Devyn, goes around comic cons all the time dropping off postcards to everyone. he's awesome to work with. can't go wrong with that guy. these came in like a week! if these banners hold up at every show, i'll be singing his praises to everyone that cares to listen. so happy with mine! my Harley is so pretty when huge! dare i say prettier than my huge Poison Ivy from before.

also, just wanted to share this uncropped, unfiltered sketch i did for a sketch_dailies topic last week. the topic - Jem and the Holograms! WHAT! yeah, i had to sketch something. i didn't even have much spare time to do it, but i did it anyways, gosh darned! Jem has had a huge impact on me as a kid. i just remember mornings before heading out for school, my older sister and i would watch it and she would have her boombox at the ready to record the songs as they come on each episode. ON A CASSETTE TAPE! I KNOW - OUTRAGEOUS! she would put the boombox right up to the tv speaker so it would record as much of the sound as it came out. that was how we made our own soundtrack! of course it was horrid when u play it back, but who cares at the time! we would just listen to the tapes and sing along. so this is my modern take on Jem and Jerrica. (used my Derwent Inktense colored pencils on this brown cardstock paper.)