Friday, April 29, 2016


[listening to "yellow flicker beat" by lorde]

I'M STARTING A PATREON PAGE GUYS!!! if u follow me on social media, which i really hope u do, u may know this already. i was trying to launch it a week ago but there's so much stuff to think about! i gotta think about rewards and words and all sorts of stuff that makes me wanna just curl up in a ball & wish someone else would do it. except i'm only slightly bit of a control freak so i couldn't relinquish that much control over my stuff.
what i DO know is that i'll be giving away prints, large & small, each month. also, i'm giving away comics i've worked on, some stickers, and even some original art! i love that i'm able to share my art with folks that actually care about it on social media outlets. websites are great, instagram/facebook/twitter are all fantastic, i might even start a Twitch for cryin out loud! this Patreon will be another way that i can share stuff with cool people but it'll be mutually beneficial for both parties!
i'll certainly announce it on all of the outlets i have available for when i actually launch it. for now, i'm back to writing more stuff.

just a little bonus, this image is the original doodle that's in my sketchbook. this one is done with Copic Markers as well as some Winsor & Newton markers. but i wasn't feelin the blue streaky stuff in the back so i redid it with watercolors, which is the image above.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


[listening to "caribbean queen" by billy ocean]

recently drew this Labyrinth commission, as a sweet tribute by my friend to the late David Bowie. she, like most 80s babies, love the movie and his passing this year created so much art tributes to the legend. unlike most folks, i actually never saw the entire Labyrinth movie before this commission request and i didn't have the attachment to David Bowie that others did. still, i can appreciate a legend that has left such an impression on the whole world.
i had to watch the whole movie as research, which is one of the perks of being an artist. it was...weird. but boy that puffy white dress Sarah wore was so puffy! i may have to draw it someday tho. and now i know what it is when i see people draw it!
anyways, this was drawn traditionally then colored in Photoshop.

Friday, April 15, 2016


[listening to "alone" by heart]

just wanted to quickly share with you guys a couple of things. first, i drew this for the Girls Drawin Girls group that i'm a part of. this is for their facebook page's april profile picture. when i drew this, it was really rainy off and on so i thought it was appropriate. plus, april showers and all. i went for a more dramatic scene than a cutesy one this time around. i don't know why, i just did. this was done completely digital on photoshop. it took me maybe an hour and a half to finish it. getting the rain to look right probably took up like half an hour. it was either too much or too little. but i'm happy with it now.

i don't draw much sketchcards any more these days but every so often i'll do some charity cards for 5Finity Productions. the proceeds go to the March of Dimes so i decided to pick a topic that's fairly popular as of late. so, Suicide Squad Harley Quinn it was! i didn't like her outfit for the movie before, but having draw her 5 times, it kinda grew on me. all of these were done with copics, colored pencils, and inks and they have all been sold already.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


[listening to "bang bang bang" by bigbang]

thought i'd post up some feel-good stuff today before i get into work and stuff. like this quick cool-down digital doodle of the Supergirl/Flash crossover from this week. that was a great episode and i love how these two characters just became instant besties. from my usual experience with comics, when 2 supers unexpectedly meet, they fight first and ask questions later. this one however, they're like "wait ur super too? high-five!"
been tryin to work on sketching directly on the computer but it's still a weird experience for me. so this one i still doodled on paper then finished it up in photoshop. coloring this loose has become a bit easier though since i started. weirdly enough, i don't zoom in as much anymore. didn't think that'd ever happen. =)

this one, however, i did totally digital - from sketch to colors. if u didn't already know, i LOVED zootopia. such a smart movie with the cutest darned character designs and the most amazing environments i've ever seen in an animated feature. like ever. so since it was Easter and everyone's out there hunting eggs, i thought i'd quickly doodle up Judy Hopps with a basket of easter eggs. i bet it's a huge time of the year at Bunnyburrow. folks probably travel all the way there from all over Zootopia to do some huge egghunt. but Officer Hopps probably has to explain to her fellow officers in the big city that they bunnies don't LAY the eggs, they just hide em.