Friday, April 29, 2011

osmose [verb]

(oz-MOHS) - to gradually or unconsciously assimilate some principle or object

this is the latest cover for this month's Supergirl:Last Daughter of Krypton radio show cover for in the story, her and Superman are flying in space and lands on the moon. i was very short on time (actually, we had to ask for a couple days extension) because we were dealing with a craptacular computer virus AGAIN. i swear, whoever makes viruses for computers should be punched in the junk daily as punishment for their crime. (unless it's a set of anomalies that happen due to internet info like Neo in the Matrix. then there's really nothing we can do about that.) so that set us back about a week of everything. =(
anyways, i didn't have much time so i'm not TOO too thrilled about the Supergirl drawing. i've never drawn anyone in this angle so i'm always self conscious about the way it looks. and yes, i know i broke rules when i cut her arms off. BUT, like i said, i just didn't have time. "space" looks decent though i think. again, this is my first attempt at space so if i had more time, i could really get into it. but i'm just so baffled at how pro digital artists make flippin nebulas and whatnot! everytime i try to think about how they do it, my brain bubbles into goop. it's just too much to process. (theFranchize used my idea for my cover to do his version for the cover of the Superman radio show since the stories are pretty close. u can check it out on his DA page.)

speaking of theFranchize, i'm SOOOOO happy to announce that he also got his Pro Badge for San Diego Comic Con this year!!!!! YAYS!!! i was starting to get a little worried since i got my approval a while ago. i can't tell u how many times i heard "that's great and all, but - why not him?" =/ well, maybe not quite in those words but that was certainly how it felt like to me. anyway, guess we're doin somethin right! =)

Monday, April 25, 2011

marginalia [noun]

(mahr-juh-NEY-lee-uh) - notes in the margin of a book, manuscript, or letter

funny, i didn't think there was an actual word for the scribbles in the margin of a book. i just always called them scribbles. and there were certainly plenty of marginalia in my school books, though they were mostly doodles and not actual words. =/
at any rate, i felt like this image needed its own post. about a year ago, i drew a sketch card of stitch for my friend since she loves her some stitch (plus, she asked for it). =P well, this year for her berfday, i drew pretty much the same sketch card but it's the Tron Stitch version cuz she's all over the new Tron movie now. the design of Tron Stitch was not at all my creation. i found it online. i'm assuming japan's got some kind of Tron Stitch animated thingy. who knows, they always have cooler cartoon stuff. so anyways, i colored this with copics. i know it's tough to tell with the scan, but i tried to get the glows of the lines in his outfit with blue colored pencils.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

peregrinate [verb]

(PER-i-gruh-neyt) - to travel or journey, especially to walk on foot

these are the most recent cards i completed for 5Finity Productions. it's for their Manga Mandy set and i believe it was released on Apr. 15th. these are all of the ones i've done. i really kinda enjoyed working on this set. i hardly have an opportunity to draw in an anime style so i got to play with that for a bit. i really liked the chibis too. i colored all of these with copic markers which i had to replenish before doing these cuz theFranchize killed most of them with all the hundreds of sketch cards he's done the past couple of months. =/

Thursday, April 14, 2011

moratory [adjective]

(MAWR-uh-tawr-ee) - authorizing delay of payment

that's weird. i woulda thought that word had something to do with death. i learn new things every day! =)

as we gear up for another out of town event, i just realized i never posted last month's Supergirl: Last Daughter of Krypton radio show cover for this would be for episode #47. it really did have a person in a cow suit protesting a burger joint in the story. i didn't make it up! =P now why the chibis? i dunno. i was inspired i guess. right before i drew this, that tragedy of the tsunami in japan happened and i couldn't help but reflect on the huge influence that anime and manga has had on my art. Sailor Moon and Ranma 1/2 were really what got me started on this career path and without it, i'd probably be deeper into Human Resources and utterly depressed. and even though i am well aware that japanese culture and art have far more to offer than chibis, i just couldn't help but think of doing an homage of some form. anyways, i think it was a pretty big hit with the folks that are doing the radio show so that's always a plus! =P
speaking of the tsunami and japan, my hubby theFranchize and i are thinkin of running a commission sale down the road where 100% of the money we get from it will be donated to either American Red Cross or some Japanese relief fund. we've yet to decide and talk more in detail. but once we get that squared away, i'll be making an announcement here, deviantart, and whatever other social networks i can get my hands on. =P

like i mentioned earlier, we're heading out tomorrow on another out-of-town event for Big Heads Little Bodies Caricatures. this time we're headed to Salisbury, MD for their annual Pork in the Park BBQ competition. couldn't turn down this invitation to participate! it's gonna have lots of happy, well-fed people and hopefully we can get our hands on some of that yummy BBQ! =) all i can say is that it's a good thing i gave up beef for lent instead of pork this year. WOOHOO! we finished up all the pet expos we're attending this year. we have one more pet-related caricature event in october but that's more of a gala. nice and fancy. so before we head out, i'm just posting a few of my fav caricatures that either my hubby or our colleague/jerry's BFF bryan "the flash" turner did at these expos.

OH! and did i forget to mention that i am going to San Diego Comic Con this year with a PRO BADGE?!?! WHAAAAAT?!? hell yeah, that's totally happening. i got my approval from the con for professional status a week or two ago and i couldn't be more boosted if i tried. YAYS!