Saturday, June 30, 2012

playing catch up

i just wanted to post this up before i forget to do it again. i am slightly overwhelmed at the fact that San Diego Comic Con is less than 2 weeks away. and by slightly, i mean i'm kinda sorta just running in circles trying to figure out how to be ready.
anyway, these are the commissions i did at Wizard World Philly, which seems like years ago but really it was only like 4 weeks ago. i didn't do very many but lately i've been noticing that maybe my girly art is getting drowned out at the table with the fun superhero stuff. i dunno, that's a topic for another entry.

btw, that super cool dude giving me the sideways thumb is Harvey Tolibao. ridiculously talented dude and a filipino brother! i dunno if they're just coming out of the woodworks lately or if i've just been paying more attention lately, but there are some really super filipino comic artists! it's so amazing! i mean, amazing to me, maybe not to others. mostly because i guess as i was growing up, art and drawing were never an option. there were only a few avenues that were available - accounting, nursing, or (the more popular modern choice) computer programming. and yet, here they are, filipino artists based out in the philippines! pretty flippin neat.
anyway, Mr. Tolibao was ridiculously friendly and he seemed to like my art. he was kind enough to have me draw that X23 sketch in his sketchbook that he'll be showing his wifey. (or maybe he was just being nice - either way, i'll take it!) just all around cool dude. and he can draw things with a ballpoint pen that i've never known possible.

if i can steal another moment away from sketchcards and inking pages, i'll post stuff from Heroes Con. =)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

heroes con 2012!

[listening to pandora - now playing "The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix)" by Morgan Page]

so Heroes Convention is this flippin weekend!!! i swear everytime a con draws close, it's like it came out of nowhere but in reality we've had our tables reserved for months now. still, no matter what we do to prepare for con season, there's still tons to do. knowing me and our prep to get ready for a con, i probably won't have time do another blog between now and when we leave for the drive down to Charlotte, NC. hence, my blog post today! =)

come see ID Comics Studios this weekend at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC 6/22-6/24
also - FREE QUICK HEADSKETCH for buying anything at the table!

we'll have some super cool new prints for sale as well as some u may have already seen. i have only a handful of artbooks left from last year. we'll be doing commissions and free quick headsketches all weekend as well. come get some! =)

here are two new things i cooked up last week in time for the convention. first up, my Black Widow print. when i finished the lineart, it didn't look like much but once it's all colored, i ended up really liking the finished product. it's part of a set of Avengers pieces that everyone in the studio worked on.

as a side note, i'm NEVER going to understand how Blogger arranges photos. it makes ZERO sense to me how i can't easily place two pics next to each other without having to do a crazy dance of picture-musical-chairs. it feels a lot like trying to make two magnets of the same charge touch each other. highly frustrating!!
 (of course, the pink bars aren't there in the print. that's just for online posting purposes.)

NEXT UP - a female Loki. i drew a male Loki as well but i only had time to finish one of them in time for the convention. so i asked my studiomates and they voted the lady version instead.

hope folks like it! it's probably some of the best coloring i've done in a while. after inking like crazy for Fanboys vs Zombies issues, i was itchin to draw stuff that weren't on a tiny sketchcard. i may have taken longer than i should have on these, but i don't care. i was really having fun.

as a promo for heroes con (and possibly others depending on the popularity of it), if u buy ALL 6 of the pieces done (as seen below), u get the Loki print i did for FREE!! each piece of the puzzle is done by members of the studio.


Monday, June 4, 2012

shake it out

by florence + the machine

frickin time flies away from me every single time. i meant to post before we went to Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend but last minute preps and errands always get in the way. then before i know it, it's 4am and i have to get up at 7am to take the road trip. i will post pics from the convention later, which by the way, was A-MUH-ZING! but more on that later.

i wanted to post this last of my Supergirl Radio Show cover for episode #61. unfortunately, the website decided to pull Supergirl and all other fan podcasts from the site, a decision that we were told was not an easy one to make. i don't know exactly why they had to make the decision that they did but i'm sure they had to do what's best for them and their group of creative individuals. is it a strange coincidence that the final cover i did has Supergirl dead?! who knows. but after a crappy excuse for a cover that i did for the month of April (due to time constraints, in my defense), i wanted to put just a little extra sauce on May's cover. unfortunately for me, this cover never made it on their website. (according to the script, she died at the end so that's why i drew this.)
i will miss drawing supergirl. i've grown rather attached.