Monday, February 29, 2016


[listening to "alive" by sia]

finally starting to get over my super cold, starting to feel alive again. i've missed being part of the world.

because of my personal family matter, valentine's day came & went and i didn't get to post anything about it. as it is, the hubby & i will celebrate it at some point. however, i refuse to let February pass w/o some post. plus, the Girls Drawin Girls group had a weekly theme that week for "something sweet" so i had to do it. not having drawn for over 2 weeks, it really feels like i gotta relearn how to do all of it. like missing workouts or something. this was a good way to warm back up to it. i sketched the idea out in my sketchbook, then colored it on Photoshop (as usual). she's my pink-haired half-shaved sassy gal named Valentine that i drew last year and this is how she feels about ur "something sweet" shenanigans. =)

another thing i forgot to share was my variant cover for the Zombie Tramp comic's Valentine Special (published by Action Lab). it came out the week of valentine's and i feel like such a jerk for not promoting it online. i hope they can forgive me for the oversight. if ur interested in getting a copy of this, u can either go online to or or you can get it from ur local comic shop. if i get any comp copies of the book, i'll be sure to bring em with me to cons.
it was tough getting back to drawing very sexy images for this cover. haven't drawn super sexy gals in a long time.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


[listening to "real life" by the weeknd]
Pula - little red riding hood
lava goddess
sorry it's been a while. my family has recently suffered a very sudden loss and i'm not really one to talk about such crucially personal events on social media outlets. we're taking it one day at a time, which is all we can do in these situations.
so i've been back home and trying to get back into the swing of things and wouldn't ya know it, i've come down with a cold! i haven't been able to produce any new artwork since i've been home cuz all i've done is sleep. BUT i haven't posted here in a while so i've got a couple of those daily sketches to post.
the first one is my take on little red riding hood. but my story is that the girl's name is Pula and she was born with fiery bright red hair. her tribe says she was cursed when she was born and that's why her whole family was killed by wolves. so she's a wolf hunter now cuz...vengeance i guess. if someone gives me the opportunity to explore this character more, i would absolutely do it.
the second one is my take on a lava goddess. this one took me well over our 1 hour limit and i still wanted to do more to it. but i had to stop. maybe i'll revisit this concept again someday. maybe.