Tuesday, November 13, 2018

ctn 2018

[listening to "sleigh ride" by tlc]

CTN Expo, the animation expo that happens here in Burbank, CA, is happening this weekend already! this show always manages to creep up on me every. single. time.  and i think it's come faster ever since we moved out to California. haha!

we'll be at TABLE T-083! my crew and i had some new, smaller banners made just for this event. we haven't shared tables in years but we do it for CTN. but our current banners are way too huge for the space. so i took my version of an ice queen to put on my banner. we'll only have a select few prints there, mostly non-fan art in nature, because the audience there is VERY different from comic cons. i'll have my art book there as well. and of course, we'll have copies of THE BLUEPRINT 2 with us.

if you're looking to meet some industry professionals and other super talented artists, i always tell folks u gotta make it out to this show. it was truly transformative for me and contributed heavily in my growth as an artist when i went to my first one. being surrounded by the high level of art and skills really opened my eyes to bigger possibilities.

anyways, go there! haha!