Thursday, August 28, 2008

the batman

so Identity got the nifty opportunity to draw an alternate cover for a comic con we're attending in October called the Screaming Tiki Con. it's a brand-spankin new convention in Ohio and we were invited to go by the extremely friendly folks running it while we were in Pittsburgh this year. since they're very nice folks, they let us do a cover for them of whatever we like. their special guests are folks from the Batman tv show in the 60s such as Adam "muther flippin" West. so what better way to pay our respects than for each of us to draw a Batman and put it all together?! of course it was quite the task to put all 4 of the studio members' Bat-men in a cohesive cover but luckily, i didn't have to do it! =P
so here is my Batman. now, mind u, i have no idea which Batman this is exactly. this is what i remember Batman to be wearing at some point so i hope no one questions what era he's from or if it's the "animated series" batman or the "justice league" batman or whatever. cuz i sho won't know it! heehee as i was drawing him i realized i didn't really know exactly what he wears. it's just when i see batman, i know it's him. the background isn't part of the cover, that's just so that as a stand-alone piece he's not just floating in white space. the ink spatters and whatnot are inspired by the new Street Fighter IV game graphics. man, that game looks flippin sweet!!!
i think it's kind of humorous that after drawing the Joker, folks on deviant were asking if i was going to draw batman next and back then i really didn't see me doing that in the foreseeable future. but i guess they all knew something i didn't. ;P

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Omar Dogan and my Lali commission

"omar is my homeboy"

yep, that's the word of the flippin month kiddies! i don't mean to neglect my blog and even my deviant page. i would say i've been real busy but who doesn't say that, ya know!? i had a 7-day stretch at what is supposed to be my part-time job the other week and i was extremely exhausted by the time it was over that i'm still trying to relax at this point. i swear cleaning kennels and taking care of 30-60 dogs takes more out of u than it seems.
otakon was flippin sweet. got to get some super cool stuff and even purchase my first commissions done EVER! there were some extremely talented folks at artist alley this year and seeing as how i have a far larger appreciation for art i just had to get a piece or two of the greatness. but the coolest thing was that i got to meet one of the genuinely talented artists at Udon Comics Omar Dogan. i had him draw my character Lali for me and it was amazing to own an original! i don't want to get in trouble with legalities so i won't be posting a scan of it. but i will post a picture i took of Omar holding it! yay! it's frackin fantastical! we also attended a couple of the Udon panels and i really rather enjoyed them.
other than that, i've been wrapping up the project with the multiple random images i've been posting for a client's novel. can't even explain how exciting it is to have my meager artwork in someone's novel. i don't think i've even grasped the full breadth of being the artist for a book just yet. the hubby did some of them too so it's real cool to share the accomplishment. i've got a couple of commissions to catch up on, three of which are sketch cards on my Marvel Masterpieces Proof Cards that i finally received a couple weeks ago. got a couple of auctions up on Ebay for commissions and sketch cards and i've got bids on them already. so it's gonna get good and busy again. oh, not to mention i've still got 50 Marvel Masterpieces 3 cards to draw. eep! i better get crackin and i better make 'em good too cuz apparently Marvel's been rejecting cards like hotcakes! that makes me real nervous. they didn't reject any of my 10 from the previous set but now that i've got 50, my probability rate has just gone up! o.O hope its up to their standards. now if i can just bring myself to draw 50 teeny tiny cards. kekeke DUH! IT'S FOR MARVEL! of course i'd do it! ;P

Thursday, August 7, 2008

otakon yay!

so first of all, its been brought to my attention that i haven't said that my hubby has been back in town. oops! he had to point that out to me. teehee my bad. he's been back for a while now so all's wells.
it's otakon this weekend and i gotta tell ya, i'm so boosted i could cry. it's the one place i can be as dorky as i want. i usually try to keep my nerdliness down to a manageable amount but the gloves come off at this convention! teehee i'm allowed, aren't i!?! i gotta go numerous comic conventions to promote the company which works out wonderfully for the husband. i can have ONE little anime con, can't i!?!?! anyway, so i'm off to look for some cool new statues if they have 'em and that damn Udon Artbook of street fighter characters that my sorry arse wasn't good enuff to be in. it's all good tho, i know good art when i see it and i won't turn my back on it. maybe finish off some of my manga and dvd collections. its gonna be fun times. then maybe, JUST maybe, i'll actually get to watch some videos. last year i tried to watch them and didn't get to but NOT for lack of trying. every single time i went, the stupid show has either been moved to a different day or switched with some Bleach or Naruto series. >=[ needless to say, i was not a happy camper.

oh, and did i mention, soul calibur iv is gorgeous! fantastical! and u can make 50 characters! that's insane! i believe jerry's trying to create the justice league whereas i may just make all the sailor scouts! teeeheee

well, i leave u all this weekend with these finished commissions. i realized i never posted them even tho i put up the pencils. oops! enjoy! i'll be elbow deep in anime goodness!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

still alive

just so ya know, i'm still alive and kickin. just very busy with this current project that i'm trying to finish up. its the cover to the novel that i've been doing tons of illustrations for. so since it's the cover, it's far more complex and is taking all i've got left of my energy from being at the doggy kennel all day. i tell ya, working at the doggy kennel is probably like working at a farm. it's a lot of physical work and sweat but u gotta love it to do it. despite how exhausted i am when i get home, i luv my new job. i get to be around doggies all day!! and i gotta say, they're far more appreciative of ur time and attention than people. picking up the poop isn't glamorous, but shit happens wherever u work. ;P
so anyway, this is just a short entry to show that i'm actually working while i haven't posted. here's some of the stuff i'm working on for the cover. man, i'm so dang tired. i need a vacation. can't wait for otakon next weekend! BOOSTED!!!