Wednesday, July 10, 2019

avengers battle on the moon

[listening to "sunflower" by post malone & swae lee]

i had the opportunity to draw a second Little Golden Book! this time, Captain Marvel goes on another adventure with some of her Avengers friends in "Avengers:Battle on the Moon"! doing these books have been the highlight of my career thus far. and seeing the reaction of parents and kids give me extra motivation to bring stories and art to all ages. it is especially motivating when someone brings up their daughter to me at a con to show them that a girl can be an professional artist if she wanted to. it's something that i didn't get to see growing up but i'm glad i'm able to give to other kids.

anyways, without getting more into emotional notes, i'm happy that i got to draw this book. it's written by John Sazaklis who also wrote the "Captain Marvel Little Golden Book" that i drew before. the book is out now and can be bought at most places that you've seen kids books in, as well as online. i wanted to share some of the different sketches that this cover went through before it finally got approved. this one was a little tougher cuz Penguin Random House wanted to tell a specific story with it, Disney/Marvel wanted their own take, so it took a couple of different tries and then more tweaks before landing on the finished concept.

if there's anything to take away from this, it's that for any future or aspiring artists trying to do art professionally who may be reading this post - don't be upset if the first few sketches don't get approved. it's very normal and somewhat expected. and sometimes, the 3rd or 4th or 5th version turns out to be better!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

little monster still here

[listening to "sunflower" by post malone ft. swae lee]

i think an "i'm sorry for the silence" may be a bit of an understatement when it comes to this post. i don't wanna give up on this blog because it's still my "central hub", so to speak. once upon a time, i used to be bummed out about my favorite artists never updating their websites or blogs cuz they always say they're busy. and i was like "but it only takes like 15 minutes to post something, they ain't got that??" it has become more and more apparent to me that the answer to that is no, they don't. because the 15 minutes that could be used to post something is likely being used for other things after work, like relaxing with pets or watching tv or playing video games - just to deflate from the work.

so long story short, i'm still here. i'm still drawing things, i'm still creating characters and original stories, and still drawing some fanart. but mostly work. currently though, i'm in the middle of a move. our 1-bedroom apartment was always a temporary thing when we moved from DC to LA. and now we're finally in a good position to get a bigger place. in other words, work has been good. life in LA has been great. i would recommend it to anyone if given the opportunity. =) but in an effort to keep this thing alive, i'm posting some of my most recent sketches of my little devil/little monster Lucy! (apparently, animation studios don't like using the word "devil" in their kid programs. which makes sense. just thought it would be ok cuz of the content but whatevs. so i may be changing it to Little Monster instead.)