Wednesday, December 10, 2008


ok, so it took one day longer. and even at that, i feel like commending myself cuz i almost didn't want to finish it today seein as how we got The Dark Knight on Blu-ray this afternoon. very tough not to watch it. it looks fantasmagoria! which is a word i never use so that says something.
at any rate, it took some finagling with the dragons and stuff in the back but seein as how its not the most important part, i just went with it.
u may be asking urself "peng, what do dragons have to do with this mini-pinscher?" its cuz my bro-in-law likes all that typical asian-y stuff like dragons and kung-fu movies and chinese/japanese characters. his dog's name is Jade. and even though that is spelled with the first initials of his full name, i think it's also cuz of that asian-thing. HENCE, the dragon. (and the only reason why i didn't make it green cuz it's like "duh peng, jade = green" is cuz he likes the Rams football team and they're navy blue and gold.)
BUT WHO CARES! i'm just babbling now. just enjoy! ^___^

Sunday, December 7, 2008

what's new!

well, here's what i've been working on lately. i'm getting these doggy portraits underway and am finally starting to feel a little more confident that i can, at the very least, do a decent job on these. i always feel like there's always so much more to learn so i gotta keep doin them. problem is, one of these takes 3 hours straight and at the end of one, my head is givin me a mental punch in the face so i end up only doing one in a day.
i pretty much draw over the picture on a different layer to get the important lines of the dog, then i start filling in the figure using a chalk brush set at 100% opacity and a very low flow. after the main colors are on, i use the same brush but take the opacity down really low like about 20% and the flow even lower to like 9% and brush in dark spots as well as light spots alternating from multiply to screen. eventually, after 3 hours of darkening things in and pulling lights out, i end up with the finished product! the schnauzer is my first trial of my friend's in-law's dog. the bulldog is my sister's which i did to turn into a christmas present for her. lucky for me, nobody in my family cares about my blog to look here so no surprises will be spoiled. (sniffle)
this picture below is what i'm currently working on now for my sister's husband. doing the same thing for him that i've done for my sister since they each have a dog. that way everyone's happy. balance!! yay!!
hopefully, i'll finish this one up by tomorrow so i can get the present done in time for christmas. i'm always so late with these things. but seeing as how it's past midnight and i gotta go to work tomorrow, i should go to bed. if u want one done of ur dog, contact me!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

coldest winter...

...not really actually. i just happen to be listening to that track on Kanye's new cd. didn't have anything interesting to title the blog. creativity just isn't flowing lately. maybe it's the cold. maybe it's all the hours i put into working at the kennel. maybe it's even not hangin out with other ID members lately. (we're on vacation from each other till next year.)
but really, this once-a-month-blog-posting is unacceptable! i gotta post something dangit. so, in the spirit of posting something, here are a few pieces i've completed during the time i haven't posted. doesn't look like much when it's all collected like this, but i swear it does take time! =P

Sunday, November 16, 2008

hi old friend

nothing for october, eh? just lets u know how nuts it was in that month. we had a convention and an expo last month. and since we've never done the expo before, it was quite a lot of preparation. after coming from an incredible high at Baltimore Con - the MOST successful show we've ever had thus far - we were very deflated from the Screaming Tiki con in Ohio. long story short, it wasn't very good for us. then at the Kids Expo, we set up as Big Heads Little Bodies Caricatures and it was insane preparing for it. we had no idea what to expect. so we were all pooped and ready for a little vacation until 2009. hence, the long absence.
still, it wasn't like i was sitting around twiddling my thumbs. because we were so busy at Baltimore Con with people, i actually had to take home a couple of commissions to work on them. that's never ever happened before! i was completely overwhelmed but it was nice in a hectic sort of way. so i was trying to work on those while preparing for the expo and that didn't work out at all. it took a month to get those commissions out the door and i feel like a douche for taking so long. i hope they forgive me. i will do better i swear!

but can i just say that Baltimore Con was flippin amazing! never have i seen so many folks so excited to see our artwork and meet us. it was great! at one point, there was literally three rows of people waiting to look at our table. i felt really bad for the guys next to us cuz people were starting to spill over to them which one would think would be a good thing for them, but not so much. =/ plus, i saw my buddy BAS from deviantart. man that kid grew like 3 feet since like a year ago! crazy how fast these kiddies grow. kinda cool that he's holdin it down. hopefully by the time he turns like 17 or 18, he can chill with us. right now being as young as he is, i feel like i'm breaking some kind of law just taking pics with the guy. o.O coolest kid ever tho!

well, needless to say i've got loads to post. but i'll spread them out. if there's one thing i'm not too fond of doing, it's reading a super-long post. several posts are fine for some reason but one long post is discouraging. but that's probably just cuz i don't like to read. =P so for now, enjoy these photos of the Baltimore Con 08!

Friday, September 26, 2008

baltimore comic con 08

(from left to right)
hulk, invisible woman, gambit, nova

so it's baltimore con this weekend. oddly enough, i'm not as excited as i would like to be. but i think that's just due to all the other crap i'm dealing with right now. still, i find that being at the convention brings back the fervor to do these things so it'll be good to get back to that environment and remind myself why i draw for a living! =P
october is quite the busy month for me. first of all, my birthday's the first of the month but so is my nephew's. then i've got my Godson, my Goddaughter, and my niece's birthdays all in this month too! not to mention my bro-in-law whom we live with. so its gonna be fun times. lots of kids' presents to buy. then we've got one more comic convention in Ohio in the middle of the month and an expo to set up at for Big Heads Little Bodies caricatures.

so these are the new Artist Proof Sketch Cards that i've done for a couple folks. i just finished one that's not in this set yet and working on another one. BUT i plan on bringing blank ones to the con with me this weekend to do commissions on them. i just got the new set from the 3rd series that i recently finished so i've got 14 cards to sell now. woohoo!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

a friend of a friend

i did this yesterday for a friend's husband who wanted to give this to his friends as part of a wedding gift to them. i did one of them before and that's how they got the idea to have me do another one for their friends. so after about 8 hours of tracing shapes in illustrator, this is the finished product!
i took the photo into Illustrator and turned that into a template so it fades into the back. then i traced shapes starting with things that are towards the back. i used a lot of layers to make it easier to keep things in the back like shirts and inside of jackets behind stuff that are towards the front like skin and hair. the original photo is of the two of them in a bar so he was actually holding a beer bottle and she had a glass of wine or sangria or something. didn't think that would be quite appropriate to include in a wedding gift. (the glass of wine woulda been fine but certainly not the beer.) SO i had to get rid of those and make up stuff behind them - namely his jacket and shirt. having colored stuff in photoshop really helped to pick out the shapes of shadows and bright spots.
this turned out better than the first one i did of my friends which is unfortunate for them but inevitable just cuz one's bound to get better the more they do. it was also a really cute picture that i was using to work with. i was itching to take it into photoshop instead and start painting it since i'm more comfortable doin that now than selecting and coloring. =P
i don't know the two people getting married but i surely hope they like this!
(i opted not to post the original photo i used to respect their privacy.)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

more clouds in my stones

well, can't say i didn't warn ya! i'm going to try this sky out as much as i can so i that i can perfect it. =P this is a character named Witchie Boo that was created by a good buddy Pat Carlucci. he got me my first deviantart subscription and since then i can't really live without it! so i drew the lines for this way back when he got me the subscription with the intention of giving it to him as a thank you gift. but i never got around to it and soon it was lost in the many files.
however, since august he's been really sick and has been in the hospital with kidney failure. he's extremely friendly to everyone he meets whether ur a fellow artist or a customer at his booth. he makes u feel like u guys have been buddies for years even though it's the first time u've ever met him. that's a tremendous gift that only a very few people have. not to mention he introduced us to so many other artists that have eventually led to collaborations and friendships. he's got a lot of people worried about him including me and the husband. so since yesterday i had a sliver of free time, i decided to stop fakin and actually finish coloring this to show him that we're thinkin about him. i'm no good with mushy words of encouragement so this is as close to "i hope u feel better soon. we're here praying for u. God will not give u a test u can't pass." as it gets. (~__~)
if anything, it may give him a cool wallpaper just in time for halloween!

just cooked

yep, i just finished cooking this up last night. i think it came out surprisingly well, especially the wings. the sky was a brand new attempt for me. it was inspired by a similar sky look on a Kim Hyung Tae piece in one of his Oxide artbooks. of course, my sorry first attempt to achieve the look is very very far from his immense skills but i'm learning!

i used one brush to color the whole thing. after flatting the figure, i created the sky and gave it the colors i wanted. used purples, blues, and oranges. the moon and stars were on a separate layer set to Color Dodge as i "painted" them in with an orange color. used a star brush to place my stars and then took my initial brush to add to the "glow" of them. used some light blue highlights on the clouds closest to the moon. the eraser came in real handy with the clouds. (the eraser was set to the same brush as i was using to color.) then i went and fleshed out the figure using the same color palette. i really liked the wings. initially i was going to give them a rougher texture but then it just morphed into something a little more slimy and i liked it a lot! so i went with it. used some bright pinks to pull out spots. then i gave the figure an all-around glow to give her a more supernatural feel.

the customer liked it, i liked it. it's really a win-win situation. i hope to do more things like this so don't be surprised to see this type of cloudy sky in other pieces that i do. =P

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

marvel masterpieces 3

(from left to right, top to bottom)
Rogue, Captain America, Marvel Girl, Gambit
Rogue, Rogue, Rogue, Rogue (did i do enough of her?!)

(from left to right, top to bottom)
Jubilee, Wondra, Wondra, Wondra
Elektra, Elektra, Jubilee, Jubilee

(from left to right, top to bottom)
Elektra, Elektra, Elektra, Elektra
Emma Frost, Emma Frost, Emma Frost, Emma Frost

(from left to right, top to bottom)
Shanna, Shanna, Shanna, Emma Frost
Wasp, Wasp, Wasp, Shanna

(from left to right, top to bottom)
Kitty Pryde, Wasp, Nightcrawler
Kitty Pryde, Kitty Pryde, Kitty Pryde
Tigra, Tigra, Tigra

(from left to right, top to bottom)
Spider-Woman, Spider-Woman, Jean Grey
Phoenix, Phoenix, Phoenix
Spider-Woman, Tigra, Tigra

well i promised i would post up all 50 of my marvel masterpieces cards that i did for this current MM3 run. so here they all are in all their glory. while they can't all be my favorite, i do know that drawing on such a tiny medium is really tough for me. i mean i hate drawing on 8.5x11" paper cuz i feel it's too small of a surface and yet i draw on a card that's only like 2.5x3.5" or something like that. that's really tiny. i do feel that on most of them i made good use of the small space. some others, well, let's just say it could've been better. =)
so since i really wasn't looking forward to drawing 50 different marvel characters, i just chose a select few and drew them about 4 to 5 times. i even managed to throw a couple of guys in there! yay progress! i mainly used prisma markers to color them in. on a select few, i used colored pencils. i ended up inking all of them even though i swore i wasn't going to do that. but after pencilling all of them it was just too loose and felt like i was cheating folks out of a finished piece of art. i did opt to do the majority of them in grayscale only because 1) i honestly thought they looked nifty that way and 2) it helped tremendously with time management and looming deadline. if anyone has ever used prisma markers, the "clear blender" marker is actually quite helpful! i'm not sure if i'm using it right but sometimes it produces a real nifty blending effect - others not so much. but u win some and dimsum u lose. =P
i was really happy with the way the Tigra and Shanna ones came out. and even though i did a Rogue in the previous MM2 run, she is my favorite Marvel character so i had to get her in here too. i only posted my favorite ones on deviant. didn't really think anyone wanted to look through like 6 deviations of just marvel cards. at any rate, enjoy the 50!! (sorry, the scans aren't really in a cohesive order. i just kinda grabbed them and put them on the scanner as i picked them up.)
once i get approval for the Artist Proof Cards i just completed, i'll be posting those up too. those look a lot better because i took a lot more time on them considering they were for specific clients. but i hear the approval folks are a bit behind so it may be a few more days before i can post them. luckily, i have very patient customers. yay! ^__^

Friday, September 12, 2008

before i continue

i figure i'd update this before i continue with the long chain of stuff that needs to be done. i mean, really, that's what's supposed to happen isn't it? =P i've been working diligently on the current Marvel Masterpieces 3 cards (all FIFTY) that i hadn't had time to do much else. plus, since i had to get approval before i can post, i couldn't show my progress on here and now it looks like i've been doin nuthin but have my thumb in my navel. (anyone that knows me well enough knows where i got that from. ;P) but i haven't i swear!
still, instead of posting the cards at this time, i'm opting to show what i am currently working on that's on my art table since, again that's what i'm supposed to be doing here, right? since i finally finished the cards and got approval, i've been able to move on to other projects that i had neglected during that time. mainly this commission from a fellow deviant that i did that kirin centaur for before. she wanted a character that resembled her but with bat wings and a slick-lookin skirt suit with pinstripes and fedora hat to match. i was more than happy to oblige. ^__^ i have just finished laying down the flat colors and am in the process of fleshing it out (the fun part!). still, before i can do that i have to finish the cover of the custom comic i just finished lettering. so many things to get done, so few hours in my day and even fewer days off from the doggy place. T___T it's all good tho. so enjoy the progress. next time i shall certainly post ALL 50 marvel cards (which i won't do on deviant). something to look forward to!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

here we go again

page 5 of Spirit of Faith's custom comic

page 6 of Spirit of Faith's custom comic

oh boy, here we go. yet another time i have nothing to post. again, not that i haven't done anything. just stuff i can't show yet like the Marvel Masterpieces cards. i did manage to letter the mini custom comic that Identity's been working on for this church called Spirit of Faith. i suppose i can post a couple of those. but now i've got to get back to my grind of work. where did august go!??!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

the batman

so Identity got the nifty opportunity to draw an alternate cover for a comic con we're attending in October called the Screaming Tiki Con. it's a brand-spankin new convention in Ohio and we were invited to go by the extremely friendly folks running it while we were in Pittsburgh this year. since they're very nice folks, they let us do a cover for them of whatever we like. their special guests are folks from the Batman tv show in the 60s such as Adam "muther flippin" West. so what better way to pay our respects than for each of us to draw a Batman and put it all together?! of course it was quite the task to put all 4 of the studio members' Bat-men in a cohesive cover but luckily, i didn't have to do it! =P
so here is my Batman. now, mind u, i have no idea which Batman this is exactly. this is what i remember Batman to be wearing at some point so i hope no one questions what era he's from or if it's the "animated series" batman or the "justice league" batman or whatever. cuz i sho won't know it! heehee as i was drawing him i realized i didn't really know exactly what he wears. it's just when i see batman, i know it's him. the background isn't part of the cover, that's just so that as a stand-alone piece he's not just floating in white space. the ink spatters and whatnot are inspired by the new Street Fighter IV game graphics. man, that game looks flippin sweet!!!
i think it's kind of humorous that after drawing the Joker, folks on deviant were asking if i was going to draw batman next and back then i really didn't see me doing that in the foreseeable future. but i guess they all knew something i didn't. ;P

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Omar Dogan and my Lali commission

"omar is my homeboy"

yep, that's the word of the flippin month kiddies! i don't mean to neglect my blog and even my deviant page. i would say i've been real busy but who doesn't say that, ya know!? i had a 7-day stretch at what is supposed to be my part-time job the other week and i was extremely exhausted by the time it was over that i'm still trying to relax at this point. i swear cleaning kennels and taking care of 30-60 dogs takes more out of u than it seems.
otakon was flippin sweet. got to get some super cool stuff and even purchase my first commissions done EVER! there were some extremely talented folks at artist alley this year and seeing as how i have a far larger appreciation for art i just had to get a piece or two of the greatness. but the coolest thing was that i got to meet one of the genuinely talented artists at Udon Comics Omar Dogan. i had him draw my character Lali for me and it was amazing to own an original! i don't want to get in trouble with legalities so i won't be posting a scan of it. but i will post a picture i took of Omar holding it! yay! it's frackin fantastical! we also attended a couple of the Udon panels and i really rather enjoyed them.
other than that, i've been wrapping up the project with the multiple random images i've been posting for a client's novel. can't even explain how exciting it is to have my meager artwork in someone's novel. i don't think i've even grasped the full breadth of being the artist for a book just yet. the hubby did some of them too so it's real cool to share the accomplishment. i've got a couple of commissions to catch up on, three of which are sketch cards on my Marvel Masterpieces Proof Cards that i finally received a couple weeks ago. got a couple of auctions up on Ebay for commissions and sketch cards and i've got bids on them already. so it's gonna get good and busy again. oh, not to mention i've still got 50 Marvel Masterpieces 3 cards to draw. eep! i better get crackin and i better make 'em good too cuz apparently Marvel's been rejecting cards like hotcakes! that makes me real nervous. they didn't reject any of my 10 from the previous set but now that i've got 50, my probability rate has just gone up! o.O hope its up to their standards. now if i can just bring myself to draw 50 teeny tiny cards. kekeke DUH! IT'S FOR MARVEL! of course i'd do it! ;P

Thursday, August 7, 2008

otakon yay!

so first of all, its been brought to my attention that i haven't said that my hubby has been back in town. oops! he had to point that out to me. teehee my bad. he's been back for a while now so all's wells.
it's otakon this weekend and i gotta tell ya, i'm so boosted i could cry. it's the one place i can be as dorky as i want. i usually try to keep my nerdliness down to a manageable amount but the gloves come off at this convention! teehee i'm allowed, aren't i!?! i gotta go numerous comic conventions to promote the company which works out wonderfully for the husband. i can have ONE little anime con, can't i!?!?! anyway, so i'm off to look for some cool new statues if they have 'em and that damn Udon Artbook of street fighter characters that my sorry arse wasn't good enuff to be in. it's all good tho, i know good art when i see it and i won't turn my back on it. maybe finish off some of my manga and dvd collections. its gonna be fun times. then maybe, JUST maybe, i'll actually get to watch some videos. last year i tried to watch them and didn't get to but NOT for lack of trying. every single time i went, the stupid show has either been moved to a different day or switched with some Bleach or Naruto series. >=[ needless to say, i was not a happy camper.

oh, and did i mention, soul calibur iv is gorgeous! fantastical! and u can make 50 characters! that's insane! i believe jerry's trying to create the justice league whereas i may just make all the sailor scouts! teeeheee

well, i leave u all this weekend with these finished commissions. i realized i never posted them even tho i put up the pencils. oops! enjoy! i'll be elbow deep in anime goodness!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

still alive

just so ya know, i'm still alive and kickin. just very busy with this current project that i'm trying to finish up. its the cover to the novel that i've been doing tons of illustrations for. so since it's the cover, it's far more complex and is taking all i've got left of my energy from being at the doggy kennel all day. i tell ya, working at the doggy kennel is probably like working at a farm. it's a lot of physical work and sweat but u gotta love it to do it. despite how exhausted i am when i get home, i luv my new job. i get to be around doggies all day!! and i gotta say, they're far more appreciative of ur time and attention than people. picking up the poop isn't glamorous, but shit happens wherever u work. ;P
so anyway, this is just a short entry to show that i'm actually working while i haven't posted. here's some of the stuff i'm working on for the cover. man, i'm so dang tired. i need a vacation. can't wait for otakon next weekend! BOOSTED!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

yup, still sick

so, i may still be sick but that doesn't mean i stopped working. i finished this commission a week ago and i've been working on these other fourpieces for this one client these past couple of days (but i won't post them till tomorrow). still working on more artwork for that book that i'm doing illustrations for. see! i'm not too bad of a slacker. =P
the characters in this commission are Pinup-Girl and Proud Citizen. they're city of heroes characters. i used an image as reference for the pose. its real tough to draw two people occupying the same space. i wanted to give it a somewhat aged look with washed out colors like looking at an old photograph. i think that's mostly because the character design of Pinup-Girl seemed classic.
at any rate, more to come tomorrow. meanwhile, i'm going to try to cough out my lung which i have yet to succeed at. instead i've managed to lose some of my voice. yipee. (-___-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


blech. i'm sick. kids spread germs so quickly and living with a 3-year-old is like standing in the rain nekkid and then standing in front of the AC. everyday. T__T
but, as sick as i am, Batman Dark Knight was the best flippin film EVER in superhero movies. ever. so amazing. i saw it this morning and my mind is still blown. i would feel more up to raving about it if i wasn't so distracted by the sinus pressure pounding on my face. so maybe tomorrow.
meanwhile, i think i'm gonna crawl into bed with my puppies listening to Harry Potter audio books till i fall asleep. :sniffle:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

he's still not back yet

yep, the hubby is still not home yet. it's still a blower but i have been working on multiple little projects simultaneously. other than that though, not much else has changed except that my clothes are a bit cleaner (cuz i did laundry). =P
these are some commissions that i've been tackling these past couple of days. i've also had to purchase a web hosting service for though that doesn't sound like much of anything to most people, that is a big huge step for me cuz i am so completely web-dumb. so i had to read up on it and know what "unlimited data transfer" really meant and junk like that. but i did it, so yay! hopefully, the website will be up and running and ready for biz-naz by tomorrow thanks to Flash. without him, i'd have run identity to the ground in jerry's absence. O_o then comes business cards and all that jazz!!! yay!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

more con pics

i'm utterly distracted with listening to the first Harry Potter audio book so i'm not able to write much on here. all the same, it's not like i had much to write that would've been interesting anyway. SO...i'm going to put more convention pics here from Wizard World Chicago. yay!

Granny Goodness [most courageous man i've ever met]

Francis Manapul and Agnes Grabowska [our neighbors]

Superchica from DeviantArt

these are some of the commissions i drew at the convention.

Huntress [my first commission of the weekend]

Donna Troy



Supergirl [one of the free commissions i gave out that weekend]

Friday, July 4, 2008

happy independence day america!

wow, got lots to post but i don't really wanna overwhelm this calendar date with blogs. i definitely needed to post that one about Michael Turner. it's been bubbling up inside me since we got back but i didn't really have anyone to share it with.
so yeah, we got back from Wizard World Chicago and yesterday the husband left for 10 days to do caricatures at a county fair somewhere deep in VA. then on top of that, my whole family has gone out to Colorado and are still not back yet. it's just me, my two babies, and my sister's two dogs. needless to say, i'm not up for much fireworks today. it's tough to be motivated to be creative when he's not around. instead i'll just update my blog and deviant page! takes a little less effort. anyway, those are just a few pictures from the convention.

despite the tragedy of Turner's death and being one man short at Identity, we still managed to enjoy ourselves at the convention. we met some amazing artists! here's just a few -

Francis Manapul -
we were fortunate enough to have sat at the table next to him. very talented guy (and filipino too)! i even got this wonder ladies print from him. real easy to talk to though not very talkative.
Agnes Garbowska -
she's Francis's girlfriend and a real pleasure to sit next to. she had some of the cutest things on her table and i love her style. she is able to turn anything cute and i think it's got to do with her peronality. she's just pure sunshine! this is a Grace she drew for me as part of the "tribute to michael turner" sketches Aspen was doing at the booth.
Wade Furlong -
amazing crazy talent! he was so happy to have met us and, namely, Flash but it was a real treat to have met him. he even drew a little doodle for me on my board since we asked him to sign it. extremely unassuming and easy to talk to.
Jay Brant -
real cool guy with some of the most creatively cute pictures of these iconic characters. luvd them all!
Bobby Chiu -
i was so extremely fortunate to have bumped into Imaginism Studios' booth while walking around the Artist Alley. such a nice set of folks from Canada. i've been looking at ImagineFX magazines for months now and to have bumped into this guy who's been featured in there is just - wow. and he's the nicest guy ever. he walked past our table to talk to Agnes (who, btw, knows flippin everybody) and he even waved hi to me whereas most folks u buy stuff from wouldn't bother to turn their heads.
Kei Acedera -
another member of Imaginism Studios and fellow filipino. she is quickly turning into one of my favorite artists. again, just as nice as a cloudless day. she was so gracious and drew a little doodle on my board since i asked her to sign it. (bobby chiu did too.) amazing lady with amazing talent.

i even met that little girl that drew the drawings in the Speed Racer movie! i don't have my board right this moment so i can't remember her name but she drew those little pictures they used in the movie that "Speed" was drawing in class as a little kid. so flippin cool! had her sign my board too. she was just walking around with her dad and she was at Imaginism's booth at the same time i was.

well, i think this post is lengthy enough. hopefully i can start to feel a little better and maybe draw and get work done. tough to be apart from ur husband on the first year of ur marriage. i can't even begin to imagine how it must be like for military spouses.