Monday, May 24, 2010

in another life the veronicasso i was having a hard time sleeping this evening because all i could think about is how i didn't get to work on the poison ivy piece like i wanted to today. but i think the biggest factor of me not wanting to sleep is because i had a frightening dream last night. now i'm not disturbed too much when it comes to nightmares, especially when it's been a whole day and i know it was only a dream. however, i dreamt that i fell into a mudhole and i sank and sank. and not even slowly. now i don't have to be a dream-reader to know that that can't be a good sign of what's going on in my head (and my life). i'm nearly certain that it has something to do with my day job and that makes me feel very unsettled.
anyways, since i didn't get to work on the piece at all today, i decided to use this moment of insomnia to do something productive. so in the hour or so that has led me to 4am, i've gotten most of the flats done on her. all that's left are the intricate little vines on her and the twigs all around and i can finally start doing the fun stuff. if i can finish this up tomorrow night, i may still be able to squeeze this into the printing for Heroes Con! wish me luck!

Monday, May 17, 2010

in the morning junior boys
so i've received my set of Iron Man 2 Artist Proofs sketchcards in the mail the other week. if u or someone u know would like to get one done by me, just let me know either here or on my deviantart page - it's any character from Iron Man that u want except that it can't be the movie version's which i think is a little odd considering its a set that came out for the release of the 2nd movie. =/ don't ask me - i didn't make the rules, i just follow em. so if u think i could draw a cool mickey rourke whiplash instead of the purple-clad fairy from the comics, u would be mistaken. =P
u can also head on over to my deviant page about my lower-priced commissions currently going on right now if u or someone u know may be interested.

i forgot to post this! i was honored to be part of Daniel Campos's set of Mini-Muses illustrations. he basically drew some artistic ladies as pin-ups but on a tiny scale. he asked if he could do one of me since my art apparently inspires him on some level. (at least i think it does based on the title of the art book. otherwise i am just sadly misled.) i've got my copy of the book and here's a shot of my pic that he drew of me. he even got my most favorite pencil in all the world in there! =) he's such a talented individual and i'm humbled.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

omg usher featuring
so i'm finally updating after months of silence. sorry. i know - ur all so devastated. =P but u know the deal: tired from work - worked too hard on my day job - gettin old. all that good stuff! i didn't even make it to the Pittsburgh Comic Con this year which i don't think i've ever missed a convention that ID Comics attends. all thanks to my job (and the fact that my back spazzed out during that time). altho - i've heard i didn't miss much. that con has gotten pretty bad, attendance-wise, ever since the dude that ran it got found guilty on that murder trial. eep! guess there is such a thing as bad press.
now, however, i'm extremely excited about going to Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC in a couple weeks! can't believe it sneaks up on me every friggin year! i must find some time for me to do art stuffs and get over this "tired" thing. is it cuz i'm nearing yet another decade of my life and this is just what happens when u get this old?! i feel like even when i was a young spry teen i wasn't all that spry. i mean all i had going on back then was school and volleyball and art club. (tho if u ask me back then, i'd have told u i was gettin worked too hard then. silly teens!) if i don't finish this poison ivy by the con, i'm gonna really be disappointed. i hate showing up to shows with the same stuff all the time. then again, i guess i should just be happy about the fact that i can actually walk now and not have to worry about waddling around on a cane the whole time.

so for a little while, i was working on a set of sketchcards for 5finity called P'Ups. it's basically pin-ups and puppies. two things that are smack dab in my forte?!?! i couldn't pass it up no matter how much i dislike working on such a small medium. i've only been allowed the one image to post up until the release of the card set. so once i get word, i'll post the rest of what i've done. i actually really liked it! i hope i can get to work on the same subject matter sometime in the future, just on bigger paper. that is, of course, if i can somehow find time for myself. T__T
the other image is a commission i recently finished of this guy's original characters. (yes, they both have 4 arms. that's not an anatomical error. =P)