Friday, March 20, 2009

super pet expo

the Super Pet Expo in chantilly, va starts today and goes till sunday. my husband's set up there for Big Heads and Little Bodies drawin caricatures of folks' puppies and whatever other pets they may have. unfortunately, he had to do it all by himself today since i had my crazy work schedule. BUT i'll be there tomorrow and sunday and am SUPER excited!!! i'll be advertising my pet portraits so hopefully i can raise some type of buzz on it.
SO! if ur in the area and u kinda like pets, u should definitely drop by! it's at the dulles expo center. i've attended it before for fun and it was really nifty. had lots of cool stuff for a dog lover like myself. ^__^
in preparation for it, i had business cards made for myself to hand out to folks at the expo. but instead of the traditional kind, i did these mini cards from a really cool printer in London called got a gift certificate for it from one of my dearest friends who happens to be very artistic and i'm so glad she got it for me. they're so cool looking! they're itty bitty (like half the size of a regulard bizness card) but u can put many different images on the front and it's very high-quality print which is great for artists who are constantly compelled to "do something different." so i took a pic of the ones i got and i am SO going to order more when i get a chance. they come in this really nice hard box too. how fancy! that website makes tons of other stuff too. really nifty. THANX JACY!!! ^__~

tomorrow's a little late

oops, so i didn't even get to write the next day about the drawing i recently posted. work has really been kickin my behind but i finally made it through the last day of the crappiest work week to date at my dayjob! i survived!!!
well, to quickly touch on the previous post, that was an art commission i drew for a client that won my ebay auction. if the image looks familiar, it's because he asked me to draw an image by Luis Royo but to have the woman nude. so no i'm not taking credit for coming up with the idea - no i'm not jackin someone's work. it was requested of me and i drew it in my style. ^__^ besides, Luis Royo is flippin amazing so clearly mine pales in comparison.
so since i haven't drawn anything as of the last post, i'll post this funny picture of my babies. =) she was yawning as i took this picture but it just looks like she's saying "YEAH!!" hilarious!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


too tired to write. just so elated that i'm done that i felt compelled to post it now before hittin the pillows hard. i'll write more tomorrow......z z z z..

Sunday, March 15, 2009

its done man!!

finally!!! i finished the portrait last night! i felt very proud of myself after finishing it sooner than i thought. so at least i've accomplished something. this is one of my dogs Krypto when she was a puppy. we had a superman cape on her for obvious reasons. she's much bigger than this now. =P
unfortunately, this week at work is going to hurt badly. lots of hours for 5 days straight. goodbye freedom. not sure if i'm ready for it but its just one of those things u gotta deal with in life. (-__-) still, at least at the end of the week, we'll be attending the Super Pet Expo for Big Heads & Little Bodies. seein as how i like doggies, i'm really very excited!!! plus i finally get to start advertising my dog portraits. woowoo!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

this week's jelly

i just finished this week's ID Comic's art jelly of Fatal Fury (or King of Fighters or whatever u wanna call it). but instead of waiting till tomorrow to post it, i'm just doin it now. hopefully, fingers crossed, i'll be done with this doggy portrait so that'll be what i'll post up tomorrow instead. yay!
anyway, this is Iori whom i have no real info about. (sorry if i offend any fatal fury fighters.) it's not that i don't like that game or anything, i just didn't play it very much. but i did think this dude looked cool and i didn't wanna go the obvious route and draw Mai (the chick with the big boobs). anyways, i drew this with the intention of not having it colored. so i did some basic shadings much like that Copper Kid drawing i did. but after scanning it, i felt compelled to color it. so i just took a big oil pastel brush in photoshop and just went for what i knew. an hour and a half later, this is what i got. which is pretty fast for me cuz i take forever to color. i think i do ok when i draw dudes that are a bit on the feminine side. but i think i'm going to take these jelly opportunities to draw more guys to get a bit of practice. so please forgive me for some future failed attempts. =P i'm still learning. (^___^)
dunno why he's smoking. i don't smoke, i don't condone smoking. but i guess he just seemed like the kind of badass dude that would smoke after kickin ass. with fresh blood on his shoe and everything! i dunno. maybe i've just been readin too much Saiyuki.

last week's jelly

last week's ID Comics's art jelly was Green Lantern. it didn't need to be an existing green lantern so u can make up ur own. and since practically anyone from any universe could conceivably be a green lantern, it makes things a little easier for me. so because i'm not too knowledgeable about existing GLs in the DC Universe, i had to make up my own. took me a while to pick one too but this is what i came up with.
it's Ling Xiaoyu from the Tekken video games. i figured if she made something with her lantern ring, she'd probably make pandas. but i used Mr. Saotome from the Ranma 1/2 anime (my all-time fav anime) as the panda. why? cuz i thought it was funny. sorry, i know it's nerdly. just thought i'd combine all 3 of my important art influences - anime, comics, and video games. =)
still got the dog portrait of krypto (my dog) to finish. then a commission. darned day jobs!!! takes so much of my time!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

art jellies

so instead of calling our Identity Comics art jam session an "art jam," we've decided to step it up and make it into an "art jelly." cuz jam don't shake like dat! =P (plus, u know these artsy folks - always tryin to do somethin different. kekeke) unfortunately i haven't been able to post any blogs as of late with these art jellies cuz i'm just really tired from work. maybe i'm just gettin old and my stamina for workin at a dayjob and from home just ain't the same as it used to be when i was in my early 20s. but i'd like to think age ain't nothin but a number and it's just my dayjob workin me too hard. ;P
still, enough complainin from me! i've got a jelly to post!! after the Silverhawks art jelly week, we had the week of "our favorite 80s cartoon." so i couldn't pass up another chance to draw Jem and the Holograms! or, in this case, Jem and her little sister Kimber. however, i've decided to update their look with a modern version. it's what i think they could look like now. more feminine punk of the new millenium. embrace the pink but with a little more emo. ^__^ so this is what i came up with. thanx to the Veronicas for their inspiration. those chicks do rock in my humble opinion.
[for more info on ID Comics's Art Jellies, visit their deviant page!]