Monday, December 24, 2012

merry christmas everyone!

[listening to all of my christmas songs]
this is our holiday card this year. the hubby and i have made a new one each year since we got married.

this is our holiday card this year. the hubby and i have made a new one each year since we got married. in case you didn't know, it's inspired by the Charlie Brown christmas special dance scene. that's why the art style looks the way it does. =)

just wanted to wish everyone out there a happy holidays! whatever you celebrate this time of year - whether it be religious or spiritual - i hope you are doing it with family and loved ones. this is my absolute, hands-down, favorite time of the year. i like it even better than my birthday! this season just makes the rest of the year so mundane. (especially for television.)

of course the holiday sale is over. it was great and i got people some commissions that i hope they enjoyed. thanks to those that got something from me during that time. i'm definitely still open for commissions, but they are back to my original prices.
i've got those commissions and other fun stuff to show when i write again. but right now, i'm off to celebrate christmas with family and friends! thanks to all that have come to follow my work this year! u know i'd give u all hugs if i could. =)

Monday, December 17, 2012

extending holiday sale!

[listening to more christmas music, of course]

i've decided to extend my holiday commission sale to this wednesday Dec. 19th! in case u forgot, it's -
pencils only: $15
inks only: $25
colors: $50
shipping is FREE for digital delivery or mailing inside the US and only $10 for international shipping
prices are for a single character with little or no backgrounds. all prices are per character so get as many as you'd like!

you can visit my Nov 28, 2012 blog entry for more info on it. meanwhile, in between art i'm sending out christmas cards and wrapping presents. i just love this time of year!

here is one of the commissions from this sale. it's of Chloe from Uncharted 2 video game. the client asked for sexy, i hope i delivered. ;) thanks to all that have taken advantage of the sale! 
chloe - line art
chloe - finished art

Thursday, December 6, 2012

let it snow

[sung by boyz II men & brian mcknight]

guess what's happening on my art table today? commissions are happenin, that's what! HUGE THANX to everybody for making good use of my holiday sale! i haven't done any cons in like a month and i'm on con-withdrawal so having these commissions is almost like being there. =)

these are warm-up sketches in my sketchbook. it's like stretching before exercising or playing a sport. its also a really good way to work through an artist block. although, i will admit, sometimes that actually backfires on me. if i try to sketch stuff while experiencing artist block, most things tend to look like poop. which makes me even more frustrated. which extends the artist block. (-__-) but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!