Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new ID sketchbook

i've finally done it. it's the birth of a new era of Identity Comics sketchbooks! (sorry, both of my oldest friends are preggers as well as my sister so i've just got preggers on the brain.) finished laying out the new sketchbook in a new vibrant colorful way in a week! didn't think i could do it but i guess deadlines are a good motivator for me. it was supposed to have been done like a year ago by other folks in the group but it didn't turn out that way. SO i bit the bullet and got 'er done!
this is just the cover! don't wanna spoil the inside picture pages. there was a little miff in the group about what it should look like but because of time constraints a decision had to be made. so here it is! the hubby and i designed it and i think it turned out pretty nifty-like. the four figures are the four of us in the studio. it should be just in time to bring a few to Heroes Con in North Carolina. if all goes well, we should hopefully sell out. ^__^ then we can order more for the rest of the convention season! so if u see us at a con, stop by and take a look! it's 96 pages full of art-licious goodness! and finally in TECHNICOLOR! cuz really, who wants to see colored artwork in black and white?!
can't wait to see the physical book myself! i'm at the edge of my seats!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

more things to work on...

all finished! the client loved it and that's all i can really ask for. =)
now, on to more stuff to work on. namely, the new purdy sketchbook for ID Comics. i'm hoping i can get it all done in like 3 days so i suppose i won't be seeing much of the outside world. hope mom understands seein as how sunday is mom's day. =P gotta go to work!!