Friday, June 20, 2008

block rockin beats

again, i have no good ideas for titles so i'm listening to the Chemical Brothers' "Block Rockin' Beats." flippin sweet stuff. at any rate, these are two of the many projects i'm trying to get done. these are ones i'm working on right this moment. kinda have a tight deadline on this one. the one with the fluffy dog (my Krypto, btw, before her haircut) is for a greeting card i'm working on. once i'm done coloring and such, i'll post more info on it like where to get one. don't try to follow the panels cuz they're not in order at all. since it needed to be laid out in an awkward size, i decided to just draw panels wherever i felt like it and will put it all in proper order digitally. i know, i'm wonky.
the one with the two guys are for a cover to someone's comic that they asked us folks at Identity to do. he asked for me specifically to draw these two main characters so i feel very humbled. especially since, if u've noticed, i don't draw guys much. but i think i'm starting to get better. at least, i hope so. i also used to think i could draw like 5 years ago and BOY was i wrong. =P i won't be coloring the guys so whenever Flash does finish coloring it, hopefully i'll get to see it and post it up. YAY for collaborations!!! that Saiyuki manga really helps me with my dude drawings. amazing art in there. it's hard to get used to at first, especially if u like mangas that are more cute. but then u start to appreciate the action and movement that the artist puts in there. plus the story's kinda neat. love the priest dude in there (the blonde guy). good stuffs.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

more things done

so, i have nothing clever to write. therefore, i'll just get on with it.
these are the completed inks of two commissions for a client. same Tammy character from a previous commission - just different scenarios. hope it turned out ok. last time, i inked the hair differently than what i would normally do. this is how i normally would ink it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

my first video

i just wanted to give this video upload a try. wanted to see how that would look. and i've got just the video for it! =P this is one of my babies, Chauncy. if there's one thing chauncy loves to do, it's lick. and she'll lick my husband's head till the cows come home. she always manages to get to it despite her tiny stature. i speculate she loves it so much cuz the spiky hairs growing tickles her. but it's quite a trip to watch her do it. she hardly ever stops of her own accord. i luv it though!

va show turnout

we came from the virginia comicon show today and passed out soon as we got home. didn't get much sleep last night and had to leave early to get there since it was like an hour and a half's worth of driving. it wasn't a very big show but that was to be expected. still, one of the guys that were running it told us it was usually more people there. bad economy is hitting every facet of American life. tough to make an honest living out of ur dreams out here. makes me wish i was a jumper.
just saw that Jumper movie the other day it wasn't bad at all. wasn't great or anything, but it wasn't bad. hayden christensen needs just a couple more classes of emotive acting and he'll be all set. he certainly has the face to be in movies though. he's like a cross between ashton kutcher and ryan phillipe.

at any rate, here's just a couple shots of the table set up at the show earlier today. of course, after having passed out at 7pm, i wake up at midnight like it was early morning. so i'm all screwed up. but what else is new in my upside-down schedule. =P it was just me and the hubby at this show but we rolled in with all our stuff in two wheely things. we've come a long long way from how we use to come to a show. very unprepared, very unorganized, and everything we carried, we used both arms and stuff strapped to our backs. and, usually with big cons, the parking is like a mile away from the doors that lead into the convention. so u can imagine the FUN-NESS of carrying a ton in summer heat. but now we've got stuff on wheels and we roll in and roll out of cons smoothly. things are in their proper boxes or containers, it's kinda nice. now if we can only solve the problem of the prints. they're organized, but not very easy to get into the stock. they're all stacked in a bin and its extremely tough to get to the bottom ones. paper is heavy!! anyway, i suppose we'll figure that out too at some point. hopefully.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

virginia comicon tomorrow

yup, there's going to be a small comic con in Richmond, VA called the Virginia Comicon. it's tomorrow, Father's Day, from 10 am - 4pm. it's just a one day thing so i'm inclined to call it more of a show than a con. still, we wanted to start checking out some local shows to set up, see how the locals take to our products. hopefully even make a couple bucks while we're there to help offset the tremendous amount we're going to spend to get to the Wizard World Chicago con. supposedly, this VA show is the largest in the state so that's pretty durned nifty. and since we live practically next to Moses anyway, it's nothin but a hop, skip, and a jump to Richmond! we'll be set up in their Artist Alley though i'm curious as to how big it is. only me and the hubby for this show. one's got work and the other will be traveling to Disney World. (lucky bastard. i miss Disney.)

stargazer finished

kirin centaur finished

just thought i'd share these commissions that i just finished. clients say they're happy with them. i'm happy with them too. so everybody wins!!! yay!! =P i think i'm really starting to dig this painty style. makes me feel like a real artist. kakaka i'm still trying to learn how to use Painter. i managed to pick up the Corel Painter magazine from Borders the other day. it's got lots of tips and techniques but i noticed i'm gonna need instructions on how to MAKE something. the program is so unfamiliar and i just don't know where to start. *sigh* they certainly never offered any type of digital painting classes in college. if they did, i woulda been ALL ABOUT IT! all the painting knowledge without the mess on the carpet and shoes. ah well. gotta make do with what i know of photoshop. the background for the Kirin centaur i borrowed the idea from another piece of art i saw on deviant. NO i didn't steal it like copied and pasted it. i just borrowed the idea and used it. turned out kinda nice, i think. ^__^

Thursday, June 12, 2008


boy was i boosted when i finally got that song on my computer (summertime by will smith). i've been itchin to hear it and i swear it just doesn't get enough play on the radio especially since summer is on and poppin. now i can listen to it as much as i'd like. yay!

this Powergirl actually made it on Wizard's website for their Commissions Corner they have on there. (check it out here - this guy was walking around and taking pictures of people doing commissions and stopped at ID's table to see what we were doing. i was actually just starting on the commission below but since all i had were circles and lines, i pulled out this finished Powergirl for him to take a picture of. lucky for me, the guy it was for hadn't picked it up just yet. so yay! i was definitely boosted even though all it had was my name next to this image. still, small steps! =)

well, i'm not really in a blogging mindset so i'm just going to keep this very short. gotta post somethin, dag nabs it! so, to continue with pics from the past Wizard World Philly con, here are shots i took of commissions i got there. not very many requests, but it's all good.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

philly pics

well, philly was as good as can be expected from a wizard world con. generally, in my opinion, wizard world con goers aren't very focused on independent artists. they're all about going to buy their merchandise or old comics and meeting established people in the industry (or the actors that come as guests). so in a convention like that, we did pretty darned good. it was very slow and seemed a lot slower than usual but we apparently weren't the only ones feeling the pinch. not to mention we were ALL THE WAY in the back. it's a lot to ask for folks to walk that far into a convention center and still be interested in what we've got or have money to spend at all. i swear, it doesn't matter how early we register for these cons, we just get placed in crappy spots.
at any rate, just thought i'd share these few pics from the con. good times.