Sunday, May 27, 2012

memorial day weekend

just thought i'd share. drew this for Flash's wife's bday card. she had sort of a big crush on Jason the Red Ranger and ever since we found out about that, all our bday cards for her have been of this theme. usually, theFranchize does the drawings but this time i decided to take a cute approach. i drew this in Illustrator and i think i rather enjoyed this more than i care to admit. so much, in fact, that i kinda wanna finish up the original 6 (including green, not white). i think it kinda makes for a cute sticker.
i know these days there's crazy versions of them. is it ninjas or samurais now? something like that. but since i am a child of the 80s and 90s, i prefer the original.

hope everyone's having a fun memorial day weekend full of cookouts, beach trips, and family fun times!

Friday, May 25, 2012


extra entry today! at least this one i CAN show! ;P just finished the design for my hubby, theFranchize's, iPad2 cover! well, he did the drawings of his original character, Mr. Impossible. i just put the whole thing together. groupon had a cool deal for customizable tablet and phone cases from this site called so this is my present for him. hope it looks as cool as it does on screen. i guess we'll see in a month. (cuz they're based out in Norway.) i hate waiting.

like that

by black eyed peas

so i never thought that i would be faced with the issue of doing work but never actually being able to post anything about it publicly while i'm working on them. kinda makes my whole point of showing what's on my drawing table lame these days. it used to be a self-imposed rule not to show commissions before the client sees it. but i'm finding myself more and more with projects that we're legally bound not to show or talk about till months later. makes my blog empty for weeks. i will do what i can to post what i'm allowed to show tho.

original card drawn in 2009

these are the cards i recently drew for my fav sketchcard client. the white fluffy creature in the center is a character named Bleep from Josie & the Pussycats in Outer Space (or something like that). it was requested by the client. the first card of Valerie was actually a do-over of a previous card that the client already had. i drew it for the same company back in 2009. it's hard to look at the old one cuz, as usual, hindsight is sharper than 20/20. but in my (sad) defense, the stock that those cards were made of was really hard to draw on! it was super duper glossy and everything slipped/smeared/blobbed on contact. i'm glad i was able to somewhat redeem myself with a re-do. =P

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

signing at Big Planet Comics!

Fanboys Vs Zombies Issue #2 - cover art by Khary Randolph
well, i'm not exactly signing. however, theFranchize will be! and since we're married and all that, i gotta show some support!! =)
if ur in the DC/MD/VA area, u should go check out Big Planet Comics in College Park, MD this weekend! on Saturday, May 26th from 1pm- -3pm, Jerry will be signing copies of Fanboys VS Zombies Issues #1 and #2! he'll have original pages from both issues for you to look at and buy if ur interested. he may even have time to do some quick commissions or two.
check him out! get ur books signed! say hello!

For more info and location -

Sunday, May 20, 2012


by kanye west and other dudes

FVZ Issue 1 - page 1
FVZ Issue 1 - page5

FVZ Issue 2 - page 9
FVZ Issue 2 - page 11

so, u may know that my hubby theFranchize is working on an ongoing series for BOOM! Studios called "Fanboys vs Zombies." but did u know i help it?! cuz i do! =) pretty much any artwork that comes across his desk, i have probably touched it in some form or another. whether i ink it, flat it, vector it, or do preprint layout, i'm kinda like that Staples (or is it Office Depot) commercial where the same dude works every job in the office. almost all of Issue 1 has my inks in there somewhere, half of Issue 2, and probably like a 3rd of Issue 3. so, here are a few of those pages for ur viewing pleasure. oh, and i am in charge of all the borders.

BTW, just as a disclaimer, i do not claim to be an inker by any means. i have inked his pages, yes indeed. however, i do not remotely come close to what real inkers are able to do with a page. those guys/gals are usually the difference between great comic art and crap. basically, if they do their job right, a regular comic reader probably wouldn't notice. but if they don't, then ur probably finding it super tough to understand what's in front and what's in the bg. anyone that feels real inkers are tracers live sad lives and make up for it with negativity. just sayin.
with that said, i pretty much trace over theFranchize's lines with ink. KAKAKA!! seriously, that's what i do. and i may add line weights here and there, but not much. cuz again, i'm not really an inker! =)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mom's day!

just wanted to give a quick shout to all the mothers in my life. from friends, to sibs, to my mom-in-law, and the cream of the crop - my mama! u ladies inspire me daily. and to those of u who, like me, have fur-babies, big ups to u too! because what people don't understand about us is that taking PROPER care of ur dogs and cats take love and sacrifice too. and even though u can't lock up ur kids in a crate when they're being bad, doggies will never ever talk back. =)

so this is my special "Happy Mother's Day" to myself and fellow fur-baby-mamas. this was what i woke up to this morning and i can't tell u how much i love it. to anyone that has experienced the unconditional love of pets, u know what i'm talkin about.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

blasphemous rumours

by depeche mode

i'm finally able to be part of the real world. last week was, to put it lightly, brutal. deadlines and clients were breathing down our necks (and rightly so) and i got very little rest. sunday was the worst and i didn't go to sleep till 7am monday morning. though, i have zero recollection of how i even got into bed. then slept pretty much all of monday and took the entire day of tuesday off. finally got to see Avengers, and it was fantastic like everyone said. is it better than, say, the 2nd new Batman movie? i think no. but it was definitely a great ride.

at any rate, here are my cards for Upper Deck's Avengers set that was recently released. i really ran out of time to do these and i know my work suffered because of it. still, i tried to make the most of it. i used copic pens and markers. and i think that's probably my first attempt at drawing Spider-man. =P i believe i saw a few of these on ebay already. btw, i really don't like the horizontal cards. i dunno why, i just have a harder time using the space.

Friday, May 4, 2012

free comic book day tomorrow!

cover art by Humberto Ramos

hey kids! FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is tomorrow, May 5th! now if ur in the Washington, DC area and are lookin for a place, u may decide to go to whichever comic shop is closer to u. a safe, logical choice, sure. but why not live a little and drive out to Annapolis, MD to Third Eye Comics! =) why? mostly cuz my hubby Jerry  "theFranchize" Gaylord will be there doing signings of BOOM! Studios' Fanboys Vs. Zombies books. plus, our studiomate Bryan "Flash" Turner will be signing his Iron Muslim books also from the same publishers. so come on out and show some love folks! and then pick up some free comics while ur there! cuz they're free, dammit! ;P