Friday, October 31, 2014


[listening to the nightmare before christmas soundtrack]

just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! have fun, eat lots of candy, and most of all be safe! this year i'll be going as a comic book artist. (ok, so i had no time to get/make a costume. i know, i'm lame.)

and yes, that is my dog that i drew in these, dressed as a cat. not that i've ever dressed her like a cat, i just thought it would be cute. i'm really trying to work on making my animals more expressive, so i'm starting with my dogs. both of these were done with the Pentel brush pens and my black copic marker (to fill in the big areas in the top sketch).

Thursday, October 23, 2014


[listening to "if it isn't love" by new edition]

here's a halloween doodle. decided to loosen up by doing some sketches with my brushpen - no pencils. it was really uncomfortable, but i guess it's supposed to be.

hours are hard to come by lately. there's definitely not enough of it in a day, especially when u have back to back to back cons. we're almost done, we just have one more event to do this Saturday. then that's it! (for the year, anyway.) after that we'll be headed out to CTN Expo to learn and network and expand our horizons. but that's a whole other ball of wax.

back to this Saturday, Oct. 25th! it's a nationwide event for the comics industry - Halloween ComicFest! its kinda like Free Comic Book Day, but Halloween and stuff. so we'll be at Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore, MD to celebrate the day, courtesy of Art Way Alliance. theFranchize and i will be there to talk about how we work as a studio and what we do when we work on a comic project together. i believe we will also be teaching kids how to create a comic strip, but i'll leave that up to theFranchize's very capable hands. visit their Facebook page using this link to learn more about the event -
we'll be there around 1pm but the event runs from 10a-6p.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

birthday dragon

[listening to "fear" by onerepublic]

"Uncharted Territory" - available on Acme Archives Direct


ok, normally i don't like to post 2 things on the same day but i can't help it. plus, it's my berfday, i do what i want! =P

i just wanted to tell u that my 1st DreamWorks officially licensed piece for How to Train Your Dragon 2 was released today! on my birthday for pete's sake! it's called "Uncharted Territory" it's available only through Acme Archives Direct so follow this link -

thought i'd share the process shots here. i was pretty proud of this piece. i spent the most time on it than i have on anything else i've done so far. now i wanna do more!!! =D my Art of HTTYD2 book came in very handy. i can't wait to get my very own copy to hang on my wall. pardon me while i jump in excitement. and also drown from fear that noone will like it. it's a complicated set of emotions.


[listening to "silence - remix" by sarah mclachlan]

ID STUDIOS - TABLES 225/324/326!

these next couple of weeks are gonna be crazy insane! i want to make sure i post at least once a week but if i don't, it's not from lack of trying.

we'll be heading out to Indianapolis, IN in a couple of days for Awesome Con Indianapolis! we've never done a show in Indy before so i've got all sorts of butterflies in my tummy. since we're flying in, i'll only have a limited number of prints and books available so come early! i'll also be doing sketches of course so get your name on the list. and since inktober is tomorrow, i'll be bringing along my favorite brush pens. can't wait to use em!

come find us at TABLES 225/324/326!