Friday, June 28, 2013


[listening to disney songs to cheer me up]

this is the first weekend since we got married that i've been without my hubby for more than a day. not really something i'm used to and i don't think i really like it. so i'm keeping myself preoccupied in order to not think about it too much. mainly, i clean the house. =P
he's at a family gathering out of state but i stayed behind because we have ANNAPOLIS COMIC CON this Saturday! come and find me and my fellow studiomate, Flash, in artist alley - tables A38-A39! we'll have prints and books for sale and we'll be doing sketches all day - of course!

this con is a great local show run by the same folks that made Awesome Con in DC so durned awesome! if ur in the area, definitely check it out! this time around he's got some Walking Dead cast members as guests plus other fun stuff for the whole fam to participate in!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

pretty hungry

[listening to "this american life" thanks to my hubby]
Talia - B/W commission (inks and copics)

Domino - lines

Domino - B/W commission (inks and copics)

i forgot to share this with you all. shame on me. these were commissions that i did a couple of weeks back for a client. these are what my INKS commissions look like. i can't help it, i like using my gray copics. =)

Friday, June 21, 2013


[listening to "how deep is your love" by dru hill]

so now that i've been home for more than 3 days in a row, i'm finally able to update my blog without worrying about packing. =P it's been a crazy month. how crazy? i'm still stuck in April. i swear i just paid my taxes.
Heroes Con has come and gone. i drew a good amount of Adventure Time sketches at the Boom Studios booth. so thankful for all the folks that came by and got one done. had lots of fun after the show each night. got to hang out with some old friends, made some new ones. if there's one thing about Heroes that i enjoy, it's the post-con hangout!
i've made a collage of most of the Adventure Time sketches i did at the show. i don't really get the opportunity to color these sketches when i'm at the Boom booth because it's very much focused on volume of sketches. gotta make sure everyone that wants one gets one over the weekend. the b/w commission of Black Cat was a pre-con commission that was picked up at the show. i'm glad he was able to get it before the show because i definitely wouldn't have been allowed to do one at the booth.
this year the ID crew was spread all over the con center and i gotta say, i wasn't a fan of it. i think our motto has got to be "draw together - die together" and it was never more evident than at this show. even though my hubby, theFranchzie, and I were both at the Boom booth, we're usually sitting apart because he's drawing Fanboys Vs Zombies and i'm drawing Adventure Time. we're like the Light Vs Dark sides of Boom. then Flash was manning the actual ID Comics booth on one side of the convention while Domo was sitting at his own table with his Studio Revolver mates. it was weird, and not just for us. fans of our work were weirded out by our separation too. if i can help it, i wouldn't repeat this. i mean theFranchize and i sitting on opposite sides of Boom can't be helped, but having the other guys far from us was not ok.
anyways, there's lots of cool news happening to us as a studio. you can view that stuff on ID blog at to know more about it! as for me, i'm feeling invigorated because of some new projects that has crossed my art table. now i hate it when people say "omg! i got some great news but i can't tell u about it yet!" so i won't do that. what i WILL say is, i love drawing for a living! and i'll try to keep making it worth ur while to keep tabs on me. =D

Friday, June 14, 2013


[listening to "ghosts" by james vincent mcmorrow]

normally i try not to post so late in the day, especially not on a friday. mostly cuz statistically speaking less people see these posts. must be cuz everyone's got lives whereas i'm just sittin at home drawing on a friday night. =/ but i digress! i am feeling restless because the hubby is out at a live caricature event all night and so there's no one but my dogs to talk to. i love em, but they're terrible conversationalists.
anyways, figured i'd post this new little experiment. it's a little doodle i submitted for the Girls Drawin Girls blog with this week's theme of "Tropical Paradise." i figured i'd throw a nod to my home land of the Philippines in there, since it's pretty tropical over there. the "mabuhay" in the sand means "long live" for those who don't know. it's kinda like the equivalent of "cheers" or "viva" (if u use those terms). it's a term to show hospitality or like during a toast. (if u ever watched a miss universe pageant, miss philippines will usually say it.) YES i was born there. YES i remember some of it. YES i've been back since we left, but only once. YES i can understand Tagalog and speak it (just at a level of a 7-year-old). NO i don't think i have an accent. =)

i didn't use any graphite this time. i used my usual pink pencil to sketch, then went in with my Deep Rose Derwent Inktense pencil. colored with copic markers and some white gel pen accents. then the blue and sand colors were actually watercolor. i fuddled with the levels and colors a bit in photoshop so it would pop more. my scanner tends to wash stuff out. then i digitally added a yellowish pattern over the whole thing for a deeper contrast. all of this is experimental. if i can perfect this, i may do color pieces at comic cons this way. (except probably minus the watercolor, cuz it just takes up too much space.)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heroes Con ahead

[listening to "spaceship coupe" by justin timberlake (in my head)]

well guys, we're headed out the door for Heroes Con this weekend! we always have fun at this show. there's folks that we see only once a year at this show so it'll be neat to hang out again. this year we're doing things a little different though. our ID COMICS STUDIOS booth is in Artist Alley tables AA218-219. Flash will be there manning the booth and selling all our books, prints, and cards. he's also taking down commission requests for all of us all weekend. then, theFranchize and i will be at the Boom! Studios booth in the middle of the con center. we'll be doing Fanboys Vs. Zombies and Adventure Time sketches the whole time. so come on by and see us at any of these spots!

see u next week!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


[listening to disney music on spotify]
FAVORITE PICTURES OF ALL TIME! me and Manu Bennett at Wizard World Philadelphia

so i literally just got back home late Sunday night from Wizard World Philadelphia and i'm on my way out the door the day after tomorrow for Heroes Con. this week doesn't even count as an actual week. but after a little bit of shopping therapy, i'm feeling a bit more optimistic about being ready for yet another show. it's been pretty non-stop. don't get me wrong, i love being this busy. i just miss my bed. and my dogs. and my ps3.

at any rate, thought i'd share some pics from Wizard World. i've decided to start with my favorite pics - ones of me and Manu Bennett! if ur not familiar with him, it's ok. just look how yummy!!! to quote my little sister, he is what u would consider summertime fine! (he's the actor that plays Crixus on the "Spartacus" show on Starz. he also plays Slade on "Arrow" and Azog in the new Hobbit flicks.) fell in love with this guy on Spartacus so i was a hot mess when i got up to him. i think i MAY have managed to tell him he's my favorite character on the show. i even plucked up enough courage to ask if it would be totally inappropriate if in our picture i pretended to give him a kiss on the cheek. he told me i could be as inappropriate as i wanted. O.O oh no no, that can't happen. especially since hubby was taking the picture. =P

theFranchize with Brandon Routh - bros before hos!
second favorite pic of the show is the one of my hubby theFranchize with Brandon Routh. it was SO FLIPPIN COOL to meet a Superman (that's not Dean Cain cuz i don't like that dude). if u knew my husband, u'd know this was a pretty big deal for him. plus he played Tod in "Scott Pilgrim"! double whamy!!! i asked him if they could look like they're arm wrestling, but theFranchize's huge cheese made them look like they're just giving manly hi-fives. i think he could totally take on Superman.

ID Comics fun times and cosplayers at Wizard World Philly

cute couple asked me to draw them as Lumpy Space guys. uh...OF COURSE!

my commissions from this weekend

the rest of the show was pretty amazing. so many people came by, bought prints and commissions, and generally just gave me great propers for my art. i accept all of u!!! these shows are great reminders of why i do what i do. the panels went great from what i hear. (unfortunately someone has to stay at the tables and that someone is usually me.) the show was a success overall. what more can i say!