Thursday, June 6, 2013

Heroes Con ahead

[listening to "spaceship coupe" by justin timberlake (in my head)]

well guys, we're headed out the door for Heroes Con this weekend! we always have fun at this show. there's folks that we see only once a year at this show so it'll be neat to hang out again. this year we're doing things a little different though. our ID COMICS STUDIOS booth is in Artist Alley tables AA218-219. Flash will be there manning the booth and selling all our books, prints, and cards. he's also taking down commission requests for all of us all weekend. then, theFranchize and i will be at the Boom! Studios booth in the middle of the con center. we'll be doing Fanboys Vs. Zombies and Adventure Time sketches the whole time. so come on by and see us at any of these spots!

see u next week!

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