Friday, July 27, 2012

otakon eve

[listening to florence + the machine - yes, again]

just thought i'd throw a quick thing up here. i really should be sleeping since it's like 3am and we're headed out to Otakon tomorrow morning. but i have to post because it's Otakon dammit! its my one convention that normally i do just for fun. it's my opportunity to completely and utterly geek out. however, this year we managed to snag an elusive artist alley table so me and the ID Studios crew will be there working! of course i plan on stealing a couple of hours away from the table to enjoy some dealer room fun but mostly i'll be working. so if u plan on going to the biggest and craziest anime show this side of the coast, come on by the artist alley. not only will we be there ;P but there are tons of great artists and cool little things to buy. if u ever see me at a con and see the sailor moon buttons i have on my pencil case, this is where i get those from.
at any rate, we'll be at Booths G08 and G09! we'll have prints and Fanboys vs Zombies books 1-4. we'll also be doing commissions all weekend long. the Jem image is my first watercolor piece i've done for fun. i put it in a frame and i may be displaying it at the table depending on how much room we'll have. it's only 9x12 but these tables are only so big. i won't be doing watercolor commissions while i'm there. mostly because, if i am to be honest, i'm just not that comfortable with the medium yet. i wanna do a couple more before i offer it as an option (IF i ever offer it as an option which would depend on how satisfied i am with the finished products). i'll be doing my usual ink and copic markers commissions there.
also, i'll have whatever leftover mini artbooks - Art Mignon - for sale there. i only have a small handful left.
hope to see some of u really cool kids out there!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

fathoms below

just found the Little Mermaid soundtrack on Spotify and i am eternally grateful. i used to listen to this soundtrack over and over again. of course, back then it was a tape so younglings have no idea how annoying it was to repeat/skip a song. music to my earholes!

this is what i'm working on now. after being at SDCC for 5 days, i was truly inspired by such amazing art and talent and the availability of it all. so i broke out an old sketchbook once i got home and just doodled. and as some panels told me to do, i am keeping the pictures inside of it a secret, much like a diary. but i started exploring a new style that i've always wanted to draw. thanks to one of my newest artbooks by the ridiculously talented Bill Presing, i'm trying to learn how to meld cute and sexy harmoniously. (if u don't know him, he's done stuff for Warner Bros and i think he's currently working as a storyboard artist for Pixar and such. but don't quote me on that. just google him. ;P)
anyways, i'm trying to come up with some new art for the upcoming anime convention, Otakon, this weekend. i know its last minute, but if i didn't do stuff last minute, what would i do?! =P just thought i'd share what i'm struggling with on my art table today.


[listening to Kevin Hart's "Laugh At My Pain" - funny sh!t]

ID Studios Crew!
its obvious that i had a BLAST at comic con this year. its comic con for pete's sake! if u didn't have fun, U did something wrong or something terrible was done unto u. otherwise, it is fantastic and i highly recommend everyone go at least once in their lifetime. it's quite the experience.
made some flippin fantastic connections. laid eyes on celebrities without even standing in line for 2 hours for a panel. got to sign at the BOOM! Studios booth a few times thanks to their con-exclusive Fanboys vs. Zombies #1 cover. and brought home so much wonderful stuff but wasn't all the way broke. what could be better than that!?
and just when we're finally getting settled back to east coast hours and work, we're getting ready to do yet another con. this time it's the largest anime convention on the east coast (i think) - Otakon! i've come to the conclusion that rest is for chumps! =P here are a few pics from SDCC. i woulda posted more but i forgot how annoying Blogger is when it comes to adding pics. i really wish they'd fix that.

us on G4

the city from the walkway

theFranchize drawin/signin at BOOM! Studios booth
the guys

Spartacus cast

Henry Cavill at the WB booth

theFranchize and Sam Humphries - the talents
great stuff i came home with

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

SDCC 2012 eve

before i pass out from lack of sleep, i thought i'd post something about San Diego Comic Con. the hubby and i are flying out tomorrow to attend this mega event for nerds and folks that like pop culture type stuff. if u haven't heard about it yet, then u probably don't have many comic nerdly friends. ;P
at any rate, this is the cover to my mini portfolio book that i called "Art Mignon." i'll be handing it out to editors and such in hopes that they will give me some work! =) its not something i plan on selling but if i have a ton left over, which i might, i may have them to sell at Otakon (the next con we'll be doing). why "mignon" u ask? cuz apparently it means "small and pretty" and i'd like to think that's what it is. ;P

if ur attending Comic Con, stop by the BOOM! Studios booth and say HI to my hubby theFranchize! he'll be there all weekend drawing zombie versions of folks on a special con-exclusive sketch cover of Fanboys vs. Zombies! i may pop in at the table every so often over the course of the weekend. otherwise i'll be walking around gettin in panels and stuff with my studiomate Flash. it's gonna be fun times!

ALSO - we'll be debuting the 1st page of the Brotherhood of Fighters this weekend so keep an eye on!!! i'm so excited! if i wasn't so sleepy, i would be tickled pink.

SDCC BABY, WOO! (as i pass out)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

breath of life

by florence + the machine

i am still playing catch up. all of these comic cons are running into one gigantic never-ending con season. not that i'm complaining so much. i just have been rather stressed about preparations and traveling accommodations and money (oh boy, the money) that i can barely blink. so i just wanted to make sure i shared these pics from the 2 most recent comic shows we've attended since Wizard World Philly (which seems like years ago now).

first up, this is a commission i did for a great repeat client at the Southern Maryland Comic Con in Waldorf, MD just this past saturday 7/7. small as the convention was, and even though we were inside of a hockey rink (i know, it sounds weird, but it wasn't bad), we really enjoyed our time there and the folks we saw were all so great and fun. had a great time sitting next to Matt Slay - fantastic artist and all around cool dude. anyways, back to the commission. this client gave me the very first page of his new book and that is all the way daunting. but he gave me freedom over who to draw so i HAD to draw my fav X-person in my fav costume for her. YAYS for Rogue!
btw, i can't tell u how much i HEART my white gel pen. where has it been all my life?!?!

these are pics of commissions and free sketches i did at Heroes Con this year. i was actually allowed to take home the Poison Ivy commission to finish it up and mail so i gave it a little extra love. but the piece de resistance is the picture that my studiomates took with Stan "the Man" Lee! i didn't get to be in it because someone had to stay behind at the table to watch it but this was good enough for me. i think it meant more to them anyway.