Friday, July 27, 2012

otakon eve

[listening to florence + the machine - yes, again]

just thought i'd throw a quick thing up here. i really should be sleeping since it's like 3am and we're headed out to Otakon tomorrow morning. but i have to post because it's Otakon dammit! its my one convention that normally i do just for fun. it's my opportunity to completely and utterly geek out. however, this year we managed to snag an elusive artist alley table so me and the ID Studios crew will be there working! of course i plan on stealing a couple of hours away from the table to enjoy some dealer room fun but mostly i'll be working. so if u plan on going to the biggest and craziest anime show this side of the coast, come on by the artist alley. not only will we be there ;P but there are tons of great artists and cool little things to buy. if u ever see me at a con and see the sailor moon buttons i have on my pencil case, this is where i get those from.
at any rate, we'll be at Booths G08 and G09! we'll have prints and Fanboys vs Zombies books 1-4. we'll also be doing commissions all weekend long. the Jem image is my first watercolor piece i've done for fun. i put it in a frame and i may be displaying it at the table depending on how much room we'll have. it's only 9x12 but these tables are only so big. i won't be doing watercolor commissions while i'm there. mostly because, if i am to be honest, i'm just not that comfortable with the medium yet. i wanna do a couple more before i offer it as an option (IF i ever offer it as an option which would depend on how satisfied i am with the finished products). i'll be doing my usual ink and copic markers commissions there.
also, i'll have whatever leftover mini artbooks - Art Mignon - for sale there. i only have a small handful left.
hope to see some of u really cool kids out there!

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