Thursday, November 18, 2010

love the way you lie part 2 rihanna ft eminem
[just downloaded the new Rihanna album so i'm trying it out. i think this mostly-rihanna version of this song ain't bad at all! we'll see how the rest of the album fares.]

wanted to post this new illustration i did of one of my closest friend's baby girl. this was completely done in Illustrator working off of a photo. (cutest picture ever - she was outside in a yellow tutu!) she just turned the big ONE last week and her mom commissioned me to do this for her. so i put it in a nice frame (for mom) and gave her (baby girl) a ladybug pillow pet as her present! cuz we can all use a pillow pet. =)
i always get so intimidated when i do something for close friends. especially when it's of their kid! o_O however, i'm blessed with beautiful friends who have even more beautiful babies so making this illustration look good was pretty much already done for me. the mom says she loved it and the kid apparently likes her pillow pet. WIN all around!! ^__^

Thursday, November 11, 2010

sleep tonight stars
i meant to post this last night after i finished it but i got really sleepy after watching the Colbert
Report and shooting some covenant scum. so instead i'm posting this first thing on this work day.
this is my new design for our Brotherhood storyline's Lali character that i came up with. the story has evolved somewhat and there's going to be more violence and a fighting arena so i've decided to give her a "battle" outfit instead of her schoolgirl-assassin look. its more streamlined for easy maneuverability. it's most-likely gonna be all black since she's a sniper/assassin type and needs to be minimally visible. the new mask i gave her is to hold solidarity with Mr. Impossible which is theFranchize's character that he made up. not sure how or when, but they will eventually get together. she'll still have a regular outfit but i may tweak it to not look so schoolgirl-ish. now that Mr. Impossible has aged to well in his mid to late 20s, it's not so good to have him with a 16-yr-old. i've decided she'll be 20 and hence her clothes need to be age-appropriate. =P
her tattoos on her left leg and colors to come soon!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

waiting for the end linkin park
this was the piece i posted the face of a couple weeks ago. the client got it the other day so i can post it on here now. he loves the character Juri from the most recent Street Fighter and he asked if i could draw her goth while still retaining some elements of her character design - namely the spider-aspect of her name. now i'm not really goth or anything but i have really taken a liking to the style as of late. every so often i grab an issue of Gothic Beauty from the bookstore and i'm just so fascinated. when he asked me to do this commission, i was more than happy to oblige! it gave me an opportunity to live goth vicariously through it. =)
i was really pleased with how the piece turned out overall. i really liked the couch oddly enough. =P it took me a long time to get the lace and stockings right but i think it paid off. i've still got a ways to go with details like that so i need to practice more. i really played with the layer attributes and i added darker darks in this than anything i usually do. i've always had a hard time making my darks DARK. i think it's a fear that it won't look right so instead all my stuff looks washed out. it's one of the main reasons why i hate to ink my work. =( not cool. but i'm workin on it!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

mi mancherai josh groban

well, big things have happened since my last journal. firstly, theFranchize and i attended the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear that was held in Washington, DC on Oct. 30th. we were pretty late for it but i think we gravely underestimated the popularity of this rally. i mean we knew that there were gonna be tons of people but i'm pretty sure there were more than "tons." traffic getting on the highway was bad. traffic getting to the metro was bad. then the number of people in the metro was insane. still, we stuck through it and went into the thick of it all despite the fact that we couldn't see anything and barely hear any part of the actual rally. i just felt like it was a worthy cause to add to the already strong numbers there. plus i've never rallied before as an adult so this is my first and probably last. (i think i may have been with my folks when i was a very little girl to protest against Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines. but i have very little recollection and clearly i had no choice one way or another.) still, even with the tons of people we inevitably encountered and all the folks that we got squished in between as we tried to get closer to the jumbotrons, there was very very minimal douchiness being thrown about. it's nice to be in a crowd of sane folks. =P unlike grown Tea Party men stomping a small woman on the curb. sick.
anyway, there were some really funny signs and since Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert encouraged costumes, there were some good ones as well. it was like being at an anime con. o.O

then came Halloween the day after. nothing too amazing happened. i dressed up as a hogwarts student like i did last year and i didn't even bother to take a picture of myself. however i DID take a picture of my Chauncy dressed as a Hooters girl! =) we couldn't find Krypto's cape (again) so she didn't get to dress up. which was probably for the best cuz it always ends up turning around as she gets more excited and ends up being more of a bib than a cape.

but most importantly, theFranchize celebrated his 30th birthday this past thursday! so happy to have company in my 30s. =) the most notable, i think, of what i got for him for his bday was a box of Stay Puft marshmallows. i just had to get it when i saw it - my nerdiness wouldn't allow me not to get it. sadly enough, i think the birthday card i made him was the best gift he got. (that's what happens when funds are low!) SO the image is the front of the card i made. and YES there is an image of Supergirl without the pasties but i'll let him be the only one that sees it. ;D

i've finished 2 commissions since then and as per usual, i'll have to hold off on posting them until they receive it so they can be surprised. PHEW!! now the holiday season starts. i'm very excited about it!