Tuesday, May 31, 2011

leitmotif [noun]

(LYT-moh-teef) - a dominant and recurring theme

this is my Bomb Queen commission i recently did for the winner of an ebay auction i held. i didn't know about this character before but after looking up her vitals on comicvine.com (my GO-TO website for any comic info i need), it was clear that she's just my cup of tea to draw. =) didn't wear much, bad-ass, sleazy - what more could i ask for! this is one of very few inks-only commissions i've done and i decided to put a little extra juice into this one. thanks to Adam Hughes, who i have a love-hate thing for (i love his art cuz it's flippin amazing and i hate his art cuz it's flippin amazing). studying his art is helping me understand grays and heavy blacks in my artwork, particularly shiny leather stuff. again, i hate and love that guy's stuff. this is probably one of the best things i've drawn lately and i'm really glad that the guy i drew it for really liked it too!
in case u were wondering, i went from pencils, straight to the copic gray markers (both cool and warm grays), then finished it off with microns to ink the whole piece. the bomb she's holding is supposed to be some type of phallic innuendo of sorts. not sure it came across that way but even if it didn't, it's all good. it still fits. =P

i decided to upload this also. this is the original colors i did for the Supergirl cover i posted the other day. i just turned it all sepia-ish for the final cover image to give it an old-time poster feel. but this was how it started out.

in other news, i'm trying really hard not to be too bummed about not going to Heroes Con this weekend. i know the other guys in the studio (with the exception of Domo who is actually going) have other things going on that makes it better for them to stay. and i know they were super-late in getting back to us about whether we had a table or not. but for me, i was kinda looking forward to it. i haven't been to a comic con since baltimore last year and i think i need to be in that environment. i mean, don't get me wrong, i love going to these pet expos. but not being around the comic scene is really doing a number on my confidence to draw comic-related things. i guess i shouldn't be too bummed since we are planning on going to the mother of all comic cons, COMIC CON! but still, it's tough to see fellow artists talk about their table numbers and books they have out. yeah, i'm hatin! so what! sigh.
however! my plans for this weekend is to try not to sulk too much and use it to be productive instead! i'm gonna turn this blog into some type of functional Peng-Peng Art website. so don't be shocked if u check back next week and some things have changed. =) so, here's to productivity!

Monday, May 30, 2011

avoirdupois [noun]

(av-uhr-duh-POIZ) - weight; heaviness
just wanted to quickly post this month's Supergirl radio show cover #49 for PendantAudio.com. it had this character in it but since it's a radio show, they only described her as a "sleazy magician's assistant." so there ya go. =P
in other news, i am now the proud owner of www.PengPengArt.com!! (which is what this blog's new URL is now!) woohoo!!! i'm going to try to add some new features into this blog to make it more of a website with galleries and such. we'll see if i ever figure it out. then i'll announce the new URL to the world! =) thanx to blogger though, the pengsarttable.blogspot.com still goes here so all is well. yippee!!

it's Memorial Day today. thanx to everyone that has served this country, past & present, to preserve the very freedom that other countries hate us for. i wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world, thanx to u brave men & women.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

animalcule [noun]

(an-uh-MAL-kyool) - a minute or microscopic animal, nearly or quite invisible to the naked eye

just finished up my four Artist Proof cards for a client and i'm really rather diggin them. but i'm posting a sneak peek of them for now until he gets them in the mail. don't wanna spoil the surprise tooooo much. =P

it just occurred to me that all i've been posting are sketch cards and PendantAudio.com Supergirl covers. then i realized that's all i've really been allowed to show lately. however, ID Studios is moving full-steam ahead with our flagship title "The Brotherhood" (which may be a slightly different title in the near future because there's tons of brotherhood-type names out there). so this new design is a steampunk-inspired design of my character Lali. i'm gonna have to redraw her normal outfit to update it a little. i'll post that as soon as i finish it.

in other news, it feels like the cosmos is tryin to work against me and things are generally not going the right way. for example, engine light came on the other day in the car. blower. t-mobile has, once again, cock-blocked us and rejected our rebate for the 2nd time for no good reason. blower still. and, the icing on the cake is that my computer wouldn't start! it was just stuck at the "Starting Windows" screen. BIGGEST BLOWER YET! so, these are among some of the other craptacular stuff that's goin on to or around me. i'm trying to remind myself that all things happen for a reason. so i'm hoping this is all a grand scheme to have something amazing happen to me in the near future. (cuz i'm a libra and i also believe in balance. and no i'm not a "new" libra according to the "new" astrological findings of another zodiac sign.)
on the positive side though - half-off fraps from 3-5p at Starbucks till friday!! can't be too upset about that. =P