Wednesday, July 5, 2017

i'm moving

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sorry for the super long silence on this page. if u follow my facebook page, u may know that i'm making a pretty huge move from the East Coast to the West Coast. literally across the whole country. so as stressful as it is to move in general, i knew i wasn't ready to get rid of practically every piece of possession. sooo many books, sooo many dvds/blurays, sooo many prints from other artists.

here's what happened. end of May, right before we went to MegaCon, we found out that my hubby Jerry got a storyboard revisionist position at Warner Bros Studios in Burbank, CA. so he moved out to CA in June and i've been wrapping everything up here. plus we set up at Awesome Con in DC a couple of weeks ago. it's been nonstop.

because of the move, i've closed my Etsy shop temporarily. all of my prints are in transit and i will be bringing them to San Diego Comic Con in 2 weeks. i'll be reopening it some time before August is out. hopefully the dust will have settled just a tad by then.
please be a bit more patient with me. if this move has taught me anything, it's to go digital. everything digital -mail, movies, music, vid games. (except art books. that's gotta stay physical.)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

tidewater 2017

[listening to "when will i see you smile again" by bell biv devoe]

Tidewater Comicon 2017 Exclusive Print

we're gearing up for Tidewater Comicon this weekend in Virginia Beach! from the first time we did this show 2 years ago, it's been nothing but fantastic! the show runners & staff treat us so so nicely and every single attendee has been nothing but welcoming to us. such a great show and it's so cool to watch it grow year after year. i think the area is really hungry for all this pop culture and comics stuff and it's giving a lot of these military families an opportunity to fly their nerd flags higher than their American flags for just a day. =D

i created this fan art piece of Logan and X-23 from the recent LOGAN movie exclusively for the convention. it's part of their VIP packets so it's a real treat to be able to work on something so loose and most of the focus is on the landscape and not the figures. i never thought i could do it, and it really helps that i had a good amount of reference images to learn from. hope the VIPs like it.

come out and see me and Jerry in the artist alley - TABLES AA1201-1202! we'll be right next to Neal Adams so it'll be hard to miss us. pls come over, say hi, give us a high-five or something. we'll be bringing prints, comics, and lots of BLUEPRINT 2!

Monday, May 8, 2017

original pieces

[listening to "sensitivity" by ralph tresvant]

i'm sorry i've been neglecting my website lately. between Patreon and Instagram, it's been difficult keeping track of what i have and have not posted up yet. so i figured i'd take some time to post a few small original art pieces that i've been giving as rewards for my awesome patreon supporters. i really love doing these little originals every month cuz it gives me a chance to do something totally for me (as opposed to a commissioned piece or something work-related) AND it also lets me play with paint. i've always wanted to learn how to paint, i just never did. so now i gotta do it the long way where i teach myself.
if u want to join us over on my Patreon Page, click the orange BECOME A PATRON button on the top right of the page. u can get high-res files of stuff or maybe even an original!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

another ariel

[listening to "all night long" by lionel richie]

recently finished this commission for someone i met at WonderCon. he's an incredible artist and i wanted to make sure i spent some time on this piece. so he let me take it home and i mailed it back to him. this is my first full watercolor commission and i was really quite happy with how it turned out. i've had to make some miracles happen with my super cheap watercolors that i've had for years. it's one of those that came in some "artist starter set" type things ppl buy for students or for someone that they know who like art but they don't really know what medium they like to work in. so it came with colored pencils, markers, graphites, pastels, and watercolors. to be fair, when i got this set of supplies, i had no idea what medium i liked to work in myself. but paint was certainly not one of them.
now that i'm really enjoying working with watercolors, i wanna upgrade to some nicer watercolor sets, just to see where that takes me.

image on the left is the cleaned up lines that i draw with my Derwent Inktense colored pencils. i like using these because they don't erase very much and i like how they blend with the paints. once i finish the loose sketch, i go over it with the colored pencils and then i go straight to paints. and once i'm done with the painting, i go over some of the lines again with the colored pencils, depending on if any of them need redefining.

and if i haven't ever said it before, i love drawing Disney commissions. SPECIFICALLY, i love drawing Ariel. so when the opportunity to draw her comes along, i jump on it like a fat kid and cake! haha! if this looks similar to the other Ariel commission i just posted, it's cuz the dude that asked for it saw that i was working on the other one at the con and he was like "i want one LIKE THAT. or some variation of that." so i was like U GOT IT DUDE! 👍

i've posted the progress shots to my Patreon supporters so if ur interested in those, click the big orange PATREON button at the top and join us!

Monday, April 24, 2017

wondercon commissions

[listening to "into you" by ariana grande]

i'm finally able to update this with some pics of commissions from WonderCon. i had a wonderful time and just wanted to thank everyone for the very kind reception to the show. like i mentioned before, i sold out of my premium prints. ya'll sure know how to make a gal feel welcomed!

these are just a sample of my favorite commissions from the convention. to see all of my photos from the show, just head on over to my Peng-Peng Art Facebook Page or visit this link to go directly to the album ⇒ WonderCon 2017 Album
the first one is Betty of Betty and Veronica. this one was a pre-con sketch that was picked up at the show. so i was able to use just a little watercolor in the background.
the sceond is my favorite thing to draw - Ariel! i actually brought some watercolors for the first time ever to a con but i was afraid to do a full watercolor piece at the show (cuz i'm a spiller, no doubt) so she's colored with mainly my Copic markers but the background was all watercolors. i think i'm gonna leave my watercolors at home. it just gets too busy and messy when i try that at a convention. just not enough time to devote to it, unless i wanna just ignore everyone that stops by the table. which is a no-no in my book. 

i've just gotten back from a local comic con/event and i was able to bring more premium prints there. had to order them in short notice, which i try not to do to our awesome print shop. but if they weren't so great with their print quality, i wouldn't run out so fast. =P then this saturday, i'm headed to another local event which specifically celebrates the Starz show SPARTACUS. if u haven't seen it before, it's all on Netflix now if u wanna binge it. but be extra-warned, it's 100% for adults! i love my cute stuff, i love my Disney, but i'm an adult and i also enjoy my adult-themed entertainment. Spartacus was one of those shows that i just thoroughly enjoyed from the action to the violence/gore to the "adult content" parts. so this event coming up is the first time i'm attending one of these. it'll see how it goes. either way, i'm excited to meet some new folks!