Friday, August 19, 2016

art rewards

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don't forget guys, i have a Patreon page - 

here are the giveaways for the month of July! i know it's way into August now, and i'm sorry for the super crazy delay. running the kickstarter, even when there are 4 of in the studio working on em, was super time consuming so my rewards have been sent out a little later. i try to hit the week following the end of the month to send them out. but here i am, 3 weeks into August.

this month, the original art is this 6x8 watercolor piece of Liv Moore from the "iZombie" tv show. it was a suggestion from one of my Patreon supporters and i just happen to really like the show. so yeah of course i'll draw her! then there's a fun pack of a comic that i've worked on, plus a mini print, plus a couple of stickers. and the other reward is an 11x17 premium print - this month is my poison ivy print! i love getting fun art stuff in the mail so i assume other people do too. hope they like it!

u wanna get some fun rewards and see my art process? join me on my Patreon!!!

kickstarter funded

"Little Devil" pinup by me!
our very first kickstarter was a success!!! i'm so so happy that my Little Devil story is going to see print and i can't wait to bring her into the hands of my fans and friends!
we not only met our goal, but we even got a couple of stretch goals in there, namely our hardcover for all the books! we've always wanted to do hardcover books but it just costs too much for us simple artist folks. but since we surpassed the goal, we've decided to put the extra money back into the book and make it the best quality we can make it. we're getting hardcover on all the books, a dust jacket, and even spot gloss! my goodness! here are a couple of mockups of the book.
The Blueprint 2 with hardcover
The Blueprint 2 with dust jacket

now, enough posting. back to work!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

5 days left

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Lucy pinup by Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz

we have 5 days left of our kickstarter campaign. it's been a super stressful month so far and i'm super sorry i let this blog slip quite a bit during that time. u know, i heard running a kickstarter was gonna be time-consuming but nobody told me it was gonna consume ALL the time.

if u haven't done so already, please visit our kickstarter - we really want to make the best product we can and we're only able to do it with everyone's support.

hopefully, it gets funded and we can finally make something that we can really be proud of. then i can get back to posting on here like a normal person. in the meantime, enjoy this TOTALLY WICKED pinup that our friend Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz did of my character Lucy from my story "Little Devil"! u may know him from a little something called Street Fighter from UDON. he friggin killed it and it's on my everything - my desktop, my phone, u name it. i love it so much! if u pledge for the "Six-Demon Bag", or more, u'll get this print along with ALL the guest artist prints. go to the kickstarter and read up on our rewards!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

blueprint 2 kickstarter

please check out my studio's very first kickstarter campaign for an anthology book that we're putting together called The Blueprint 2! ( we've got 4 short stories in there and lots of vis dev artwork.

my story is called LITTLE DEVIL and it's co-created and written by my talented writer friends Susan and Jeffrey Bridges. i'm going to turn it into a mini webcomic which will come out about 4-6 pgs a month. then at some point, probably in about a year, i'm planning on collecting them to make a graphic novel. so this will be its introduction to the world!

we can't wait to get it into people's hands and we really wanna make it super amazing. if we manage to break the goal, i think we may even be able to turn it into a hardcover - but don't quote me on that just yet. lots of logistics involved in that, ya know. but that's the hope! we just want a great product that each of us would be proud to have at our table and if we can deliver that to our fans, that's all we can really hope for.

so please please consider backing the project. we've got super neat rewards that go from digital wallpapers, to stickers and pins, and all the way up to one-on-one commissions! and make sure u tell ur friends about it too!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


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we're starting a kickstarter!!!

so my studiomates Jerry Gaylord, Bryan Turner, and I are finally going to be doing our own kickstarter for our own project! all 3 of us have been part of other people's kickstarter campaigns before but this will be our first one for our own studio book! it's kind of a big step for us. we've spent so much time since we formed IDSTUDIOS trying to break into the comics industry and then recently the animation industry that we never really got to focus on our own projects. some of these stories have been floating around in our heads for nearly a decade now but this kickstarter book will give us the opportunity to finally make it happen. to find out more about the book itself, keep an eye on the studio's facebook page - - as well as

if ur one of my wonderful Patreon supporters, u've already seen these images. if not, these are the character designs for my portion of the kickstarter project. these are character designs for a story that i'll be doing as a mini webcomic called LITTLE DEVIL. i'm working on it with some very talented writer friends Jeffrey & Susan Bridges who have written some stories for Top Cow and are currently working with Valiant Comics on an audio drama! they write the words, i draw the pictures, and together we're gonna bring folks a cute all-ages comedy! i'm going to put the first 6 pages into the kickstarter and continue for about a year putting out a few pages a month. then eventually we'll collect the whole dang thing in a book and it's gonna be awesome!!

our kickstarter should be launched on or about July 11th! we'll be sending out an invite on our ID FACEBOOK PAGE as well as my own PENGPENGART FACEBOOK PAGE this week. if ur interested and want to support, please be sure to accept the invite and u'll be reminded about the launch date!!! i have excitement!!!