Wednesday, January 18, 2012

gotta get thru this

sung by daniel bedingfield

i'm thinkin of this song cuz its been over a week and my computer is still fritzy. just when i thought it might've fixed itself (stupid, i know) it shut down on me again! i'm very sad and its causing some extremely unnecessary stress. lucky for me, the hubby and i got ourselves this galaxy tab and i've been able to at least write emails and check my social networks every so often. i just downloaded blogger onto it so this is my first blog post on a mobile device.

in an effort to make sure it doesn't crash on me (cuz now i'm paranoid that everything will inevitably crash on me), i'll keep this short. the pic i'm postin is what's on my art table right now. totally not finished, i just figured i'd give a quick peek. here's hopin this works. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

fiesta (remix)

sung by R. Kelly & Jay-Z (and other dudes i don't really know)

i think i'm gonna give up naming songs that represents how i'm currently feeling. i don't like giving up but its tough to express my mood when, more often than not, it's "overwhelmed" or "anxious." so i think i may go back to what i did the year before and use titles of songs that i'm listening to at the moment i'm posting.

blue lighting?

warmer lighting?

here's some screen caps of the castle interiors i'm working on. the JPGs seem to lose a lot of details i painstakingly put in there so i'm wondering if i should lighten it up a bit. i might change it as i finish the whole thing. right now i'm wrestling with the type of mood i wanna set. the cool blue or warm greens. hmmm....

Saturday, January 7, 2012

good life OneRepublic
normally i'm not a huge sucker for overly feel-good uppity songs unless they're put to disney movies. then lo and behold friggin disney uses this song for their commercials! i'm all the way suckered into liking it now. ah well, if u can't beat em, join em.=P

this is what i'm working on. i'm creating some interior scene of a castle as a BG for a fairly big commission. this shot was just the first stages of it. and yep, i'm watching Pirates of the Caribbeans: On Stranger Tides - AGAIN. i really enjoyed that movie and i'm glad i gave it a chance. after the 3rd movie of that series i lost all love for it, even jack sparrow. but when i saw there were mermaids in this one, i had to watch it. (fun fact: i love mermaids. always have.) so its no surprise that the mermaid scenes and anything with Serena in it are my favorite parts.

 made this for one of my friends and had it printed on canvas as a christmas gift. this is of her very pretty little princess and i heard she likes pink and purple. that cinderella castle is really intricate but there was no way i was gonna be able to recreate it without taking a week. i'm not THAT versed in illustrator. so i did a more graphic representation. i was even considering adding a tinkerbell streak across the sky but i liked it better this way. i think i'm starting to get better at this type of vector art. i'm at least taking less time than before.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

everytime i close my eyes

sung by Babyface & Mariah Carey (apparently there's a version without mariah carey in it, but i like this one better)

for some odd reason, this hook to this song is playing - nay, looping - in my head all morning. no idea why. i didn't hear it yesterday. but ah well. it happens a lot with me.

this is a better shot of my Lali doll that the hubby commissioned for me for Christmas. the artist's deviantart name is misscoffee. she does tons of cute plushies so definitely check her out. super talented, it just amazes me.

i forgot to post these. these were little figurines that me & theFranchize made for our friend and studiomate Flash of him and his family (and their new car). we gave it to them for their 10yr wedding renewal cuz we wanted to give em something different. got the blank figures from Target and used markers to color them - mostly sharpies cuz they showed up better.

this was my December cover for the Supergirl radio show for this would be for episode #56. i had to stop for a couple of months because of NYCC and the move so Flash was gracious enough to draw the covers for me during that time. so this is my first one back. she's supposed to be doing her freezy breath but i know she looks more like she's doing a sonic scream. i initially had it where the rings didn't show so much but it looked funny to me so i went with this look. i'll do better next time, i promise.

Monday, January 2, 2012

feeling good

happy new year folks!!
since it's a new year, i'm not using "word of the day" anymore for my post titles. instead i think i'll try song titles that express how i'm feeling at the time. so today, i've got "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble in my head. (it's been sung by others, but that's the version i'm hearing in my head right now.) today started the new year for us. we spent the 1st day of 2012 being lazy and doing nothing. the most productive thing we did was take down the christmas tree, but that didn't really take very long at all. today however, i started it by taking a walk with chauncy in my proper attempt to finally get healthy. screw trying to get skinny and looking good in skinny jeans, i just wanna get healthy. being over 30 seems to have done a number on my body more than i care to admit. and it's only goin downhill from here. =P then it's off to work i went!
i won't waste ur time with reflections on the past year. in a nutshell, 2011 was a pretty great year professionally and threw a curve ball at the end when we decided to move. turning 31 sucked. and my old BFF from elementary school has finally found her way back into my life after about 16yrs so that's always a plus! but then my other BFF just moved back down to GA so that was a big downer. ended the year on a high note as we moved to our new place and resumed being grown ups. =) i also won't waste time with resolutions. call me lazy, call me weird, i just don't wanna set out unrealistic goals because if i've learned anything these past few years, it's that anything can happen in a year.
so, to start the year off, i wanted to share my new Art Table! well, "new" in the sense that it's now in our new home and arranged somewhat differently. but really it's the same table. =P
in case u peeped it, that is a custom Lali doll that the hubby had commissioned as a Christmas gift for me. i HEART her so much! it's so friggin adorable and fantastically well made! i keep forgetting to ask him who made it cuz i know he found the lady on deviantart. once i remember, i'll be sure to post her info for others to see.
at any rate, i put her up there cuz that's her "sniping position." =P (Lali is my original character for ID Comics Studio's Brotherhood of Fighters title.)
our walls are sadly still bare in our new lab, but hopefully we'll remedy that this weekend. we're certainly not short on cool things to put up, we just have very little time.

hope everyone had a merry christmas and a great start to the new year. if 2012 is going to be the year of armageddon, then bring it on! i've been blessed to be with the love of my life, doing what i love for a living (with FANS to boot!), great family that loves me whether they say it or not, and i have the unconditional love of 2 doggies. got a lotta love in my life, what more could i ask for! =)