Monday, November 28, 2011

panegyrize [verb]

(PAN-i-juh-rahyz) - to eulogize; to deliver or write a panegyric about

hope everyone had a happy and filling thanksgiving (or just a great thursday for those that don't celebrate it). i had a nice chilled out one this year. spent it with some family but nothing big. just great food and beer and a Harry Potter marathon. =)
but with the fantastic-ness (yes i know that's not a word) of thanksgiving comes the dread of packing because we're moving this week. i've been doing nothing since the holiday but breathing in settled-in dust as i pack up stuff. i can't believe how much junk we've built up! we've got about 12 bags of trash already and our "lab" (computer/working room) is not even packed yet. SIGH.
it may be a while before i'm able to write another entry so i'm getting it in right before we move. i've been unable to do a lot of work lately cuz of the holiday and then packing BUT since the Grimm Fairy Tales sketchcards are out now, here's all of the ones i've done! i just finished up on a Lady Death and Hack/Slash crossover set so once those have been released, i'll post them as well. next up, Josie & the Pussycats and then a Shi set. really excited to work on that!
so for now, wish me luck so i don't get buried under all these boxes. ={

Thursday, November 10, 2011

pansophy [noun]

(PAN-suh-fee) - universal wisdom or knowledge

IMAG0290  IMAG0293

just wanted to quickly share what's going on on my art table at the moment. oh yes, yummy delicious goodness! and the best part about these yummy-lookin cupcakes is that they're free! that makes it more delectable, in my opinion. they're from this very fancy place (at least by my humble standards) in DC called Sprinkles. now u may or may not have seen previous cupcake pics from Georgetown Cupcakes on my desk. those cupcakes are really yummy too. but as crazy as it is to pay so much for Georgetown Cupcakes, these Sprinkles cupcakes are even more expensive! but maybe i just need to buy myself some fancy-pants and get with the trend. =P 

anyways, i'm definitely still drawing. i just needed a cupcake break. yays!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

plebiscite [noun]

(PLEB-uh-sahyt) - a direct vote of the qualified voters of a state in regard to some important public question
i guess it's no coincidence that that's the word of the day. our house has been bombarded with campaigning calls for the past few days and hopefully it will stop today. 
not much to share today as far as pics. i finished up a Lady Death|Hack/Slash crossover card set for 5Finity this weekend but i'm not allowed to show any previews just yet. i'm still working on a fairly large commission and i can't really show that yet either cuz i like the client to be surprised. i DID, however, fix up the hubby, TheFranchize's, website so check that out! it functions like my website but looks more fun!
i also did a quick update to my site as well, the most obvious being the lady in my header image. i now have a page for HOT CAKES AND OTHER ART BOOKS that have info about available books. take a look at it and if u'd like ur copy of Hot Cakes:Stacked & Ready, just email me! 
i've also added Identity Comics Studio's tentative 2012 convention schedule. the two listed are the ones that we have received confirmation to set up at Artist Alley. of course as 2012 flies in, i'll keep it updated so keep an eye on that. 
i've been doing a lot of admin work these past couple of days but i promise as soon as i'm able to show any images, i'll be sure to post. oh here's something!
this was my first attempt at refilling my black copic marker. i was warned that it would get quite messy, but i figured i'm fairly meticulous about a lot of things so how bad could it be. turns out, it was definitely quite a mess. and where i thought the worst was over with this shot, after a false sense of security, i opened the cap again and all types of ink spewed out. my middle and pointer fingers were covered in black ink! couldn't take a pic of that cuz i'd have ruined my phone with ink. as it is, my middle finger still has black crud around my nail so i look like i'm a mechanic or something. i hope it comes out sooner rather than later. 
turns out, thanks to the @CopicMarker tweets, they sent me a link on how to properly refill ur copic markers for next time. i really shoulda looked for this first before diving in blind. if u use copics, i suggest u look at it too cuz, again, it can get quite messy. =P