Wednesday, April 24, 2013

c2e2 is this weekend

[listening to "caribbean queen" by billy ocean]

just so u know, me and the ID Studios crew will be in artist alley at C2E2 this weekend! where, u ask? i'll tell ya.


u see that gray block in front of where our table is going to be? well, i have reason to believe that it's a stage that various artists will be standing and drawing at. artists like my hubby theFranchize AND studiomate Flash! not sure exactly what times they're scheduled to go up there, but they'll be there! so if ur going to be at C2E2, u should watch them draw. believe me, it's quite amazing. as for me, i try to stay away from drawing attention to myself and i stay even further away from drawing in front of people. (which is why it takes me a long time to draw commissions at shows.) i'll just watch them from our tables.

ALSO - i will be helping out at Girls Drawin Girls table E7! i'll be there around 2p for a couple of hours Friday & Saturday and noon on Sunday to help sell my fellow talented ladies' wares! u gotta see what they got! rumor has it that they'll have two of my pieces (below) to sell there. i'm very excited!!!


[listening to "gentleman" by psy]

finished colors on Fionna and Cake piece!
say what u will about the guy, Psy is just plain ol' entertaining. and what more can i ask for from an entertainer than to be entertained, ya know? sometimes u just gotta take it for what it is and don't overthink things. i can't be mad at the guy! he's making sure he's milking his fame for all its worth. i say GET IT IN!

so i've only been home for 3 days since Awesome Con DC and already i'm a day behind getting things ready for C2E2 this weekend! Awesome Con DC was so amazing that we were all completely exhausted when we got back! so much so that i ended up sleeping pretty much half the entire day on Monday and didn't really get to do anything important. had to do some catching up on art stuff yesterday and only today have i really been able to post online and correspond to emails. then i'm out again tomorrow. don't get me wrong, i'm glad we're busy. but i'm pretty tired.

at any rate, enough complaining. just thought i'd share the few pics that we were able to take at the show. we were so busy that i kinda forgot to take pictures at all! luckily the other guys were more on top of it than i was. what can i say about the show that i haven't said already on twitter and facebook. it was quite awesome! saw so many folks, sold out of so many things, and had such tremendous response to my work! i even managed to sneak a look at Ernie Hudson! i really wanted to actually talk to him and tell him that the few lines he did have in Ghostbusters (1 & 2) were some of the most important ones. but whenever i got the opportunity it was towards the end of the day and he was gettin ready to bounce. let me tell u, for a dude that's well in his 60s, he is SWOLE! and by that, i mean he's ripped! cut! buff! whatever u wanna call it. i'm convinced that when he talks about "bustin ghosts," he means bustin em in their face - with his fists! unfortunately i got no pics of him. sigh.
table shot (sorta)
adventure time ladies
studiomate Flash winning a scribble/draw contest
crowd at the Hip-Hop & Comics panel
teen titans kids
Roxas commission
lady captain america quick sketch

Thursday, April 18, 2013


[listening to "the antidote" by st. vincent]

quick note - my half-price commission sale is now closed. thanks to those that took advantage of the deal!
i've been all over the place this week, mostly mentally and not so much physically. between doing our taxes and getting prints/artbooks/stuffs ready for Awesome Con DC this weekend, i've finally taken the time to post here. i'm feelin quite stretched thin, but i'm really excited about this con.

this weekend, i will be participating in my first-ever panel, along with theFranchize. asked us to be a part of their panel Hip-Hop and Comics. if you know me, you know i don't really talk in public. so you can imagine my hesitation. but at the same time i was flattered to be asked and my hubby will be right there next to me. so why not! i guess growing up in PG County in Maryland, i've just been around hip-hop music and culture so i don't notice it. much like u don't really notice how much taller u get or how much heavier ur dog gets on a day-to-day basis. but i suppose it does influence me & my art when i think about.
ID Studios is also going to be doing a panel this weekend as well. this one i can sit at the tables while theFranchize and Flash man this. i hope people come!
  • ID STUDIOS PANEL – SATURDAY 4/20 @NOON – room 102A - Flash and theFranchize will be talking about how to work as a cohesive studio and the advantages of having a group of talented individuals to work with. A studio that draws together grows together.
  • HIP-HOP & COMICS PANEL – SATURDAY 4/20 @5pm – Peng-Peng and theFranchize will be participating in this panel along with other talented artists to explore what connects the two communities. This panel is done by Depth of Field magazine and has been at other comic cons. For more info on the panel itself, visit
the Wonder Woman above is a brand new piece i just finished in time for the show! it's going to be part of another jigsaw poster collection that the studiomates and i are doing this year, much like our Avengers posters that i did Black Widow for. this time we've done the Justice League in their current New 52 look. now i don't like to brag, so i'll just #humblebrag it. this set is turbo-tastic! at least, in my humble opinion, it's better than the Avengers set.
being that Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero ever, drawing her is always a daunting task. i think i must've drawn her like 5-8 times before i got to this one. i think i would've liked to spend more time on the colors but i didn't really have it to spend. i think in my mind, i'll never do her justice. cuz she's too amazing.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


[listening to "don't dream it's over" by crowded house]

my commission sale is still going on! get the info - HALF-PRICE COMMISSION SALE

i'm just generally agitated, not at any one person in particular. maybe it's the caffeine. maybe it's everyday tasks. maybe it's cuz i need to do some shopping therapy but have no money to do so. whatever it is, i feel bad for my hubby that has to be around me today.

i realize i didn't update my 2013 CON LIST (on the right side) with this Saturday's event in Annapolis, MD. so, problem remedied. me, theFranchize, and Flash will be set up at the Annapolis Book Festival on this Saturday, April 13th, in their Artist Alley. great way to reach out to kids. so if ur in the area, come on by and bring the kids. i do believe it's free.

as for me, i've been trying to get stuff together for these upcoming cons that seem to be back to back, starting with Awesome Con DC happening next weekend. we were originally going to try and have our large artbooks for these shows but scheduling wasn't going to let that happen. so, instead, we're having our mini artbooks this time! (the image above is the cover for it.) i should have mine for Awesome Con DC, unless something terrible happens. =P other than that, i've been super busy with Fanboys Vs Zombies pages. never a dull moment.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

half-price commission sale

[listening to "motownphilly" by boyz ii men]

i'm following theFranchize's lead on a commission sale this week. as his closes, I am opening my commissions up until next weekend for cheap! i really wanna get this convention season started with a bang so i wanna get my drawin hand strong! =) you want to get a piece done by me, just send me an email at and let me know what u wanna see. Paypal is my preferred method of payment. once payment has been received, i can get started on drawing them. i just ask that u give me at least 2 weeks to complete ur artwork. here's the info -
  • $15 - PENCILS ONLY 
  • $30 - INKS ONLY
  • $50 - COLORS (i do all my colors digitally)
  • Prices are PER CHARACTER
  • SHIPPING - if u live in the U.S. AND get more than 1 commission, shipping is FREE. otherwise, it's $10 to ship in the U.S. or $15 to ship internationally
u can click on my COMMISSIONS INFO tab above to get more info about what to expect with your commissions. i can't wait to draw pretty stuffs so hit me up!

here are some samples!

Friday, April 5, 2013


[listening to "dead in the water" by ellie goulding]

i keep thinking that Spring is supposed to be here and yet it seems to keep being cold. not sure why, but i'm thinking we only have Captain Planet to blame. whatever is wrong with the Earth, he didn't do enough to save it. hence, he's a failure. TSK TSK TSK  though, he can't shoulder all the blame. those blasted Planeteers are just as responsible, if not more.

anyways! so it took me all of the later part of the day to finish this image but i can say it's finally done! this is the full version of what has become my new artbook cover. i would've definitely preferred that she had a white fur coat, but i didn't want my the cover to be mostly white (cuz it gets easily scuffed & dirtied).
after all was said and done, i started to really like just the flat colors. so i'm sharing. not sure if these will be the actual prints, mostly because i didn't just spend all that time coloring it just so i don't use it. BUT i do like it. ah well. decisions decisions.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


[listening to Depeche Mode's new album "Delta Machine"]

just thought i'd share a couple of things that i'm cookin up for this con season. i am trying to squeeze all of these pinups into this week so i can focus on Fanboys Vs Zombies all of next week. but how did it get to be Thursday already?! i hope i got enough coffee to get me through these and my artbook cover and laying out my actual artbook.

also, next week i'll be doing a commission sale to match theFranchize's that's going on this week. so keep an eye out for that! =)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

run down

[listening to "anything could happen" by ellie goulding]

first set of sketches
actual sketch i will be using

my brain is so tired. i'm trying to catch up to all these small things that i haven't been able to do that a bunch of other little things slipped my mind. and now i'm trying to remember all of it. one big thing i forgot is to post last week's IDStudios art jelly. we were supposed to do some sketches for our individual artbooks. which i did! but i just completely forgot to post. =/
since then, i've decided to scrap the original two sketches and drew a new sketch that i like more. this week, the art jelly is to actually finish it up so i'm excited to show what i gots! enjoy the sketches for now!