Thursday, March 23, 2017

puppy day

[listening to "the greatest" by sia ft. kendrick lamar]
so it's apparently National Puppy Day! who comes up with this stuff?? luckily, i just happen to LOVE dogs! i'm certainly one of those that wouldn't get into an argument over whether cats or dogs are better - cuz i know the correct answer. HAHA!

anyways, i figured today is a good day to post all the little dog illustrations that i drew for the past pet expo. these are all printed on 9x12 paper so i may bring them to conventions with me. not sure how much folks will like it enough to buy it but i guess we'll see.

u won't regret it. unless it's a puppy that has fleas. i regret flea bites every single time.
(doesn't happen often, but when it does it's friggin infuriating.)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

b and b

[listening to "take a chance on me" by abba]

only now as i type this does it dawn on me that listening to "take a chance on me" by abba is quite appropriate for the subject of this post. haha!

since the movie comes out tomorrow, i thought it'd be cool to post this character lineup of some Beauty and the Beast characters. i did this a couple of months ago. it's for a project for this company that didn't pan out. i'm very disappointed of course, if u know my love of disney. at the same time, however, there are just lots of disappointments that come with great opportunities, not just in the business of comics but in every part of life. just gotta pick urself up and keep going forward. so since this will never see the light of day, this is as close as it gets.

i did have fun with it tho. i got to draw (and color) Belle and some of her friends the way i'd like to draw them but still grounded in that classic Disney look. would i have loved to work on it forreals, absolutely. but am i angry? nah. if anything, at least it's given me some fun pieces of artwork. =)

Friday, March 3, 2017

dogs dogs

[listening to "thriller" by michael jackson]

been working on a small series of dog illustrations for a pet expo that i attend every year with my IDSTUDIOS crew. it's not the usual convention scene for us. we do it because Jerry and Flash draw pet caricatures (and they're pretty damn good at it too) but just this year it dawned on us that we should have some pet illustrations as prints to sell at our booth to help bring the revenue up a bit. which seemed like a DUH moment. so of course this year we'll only have a handful but next year it should be double the number.

i've got a couple of ideas floating around in my head but these are the ones i've completed so far. i have a week left to finish them up so i should be posting more.

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