Wednesday, December 21, 2011


this is our holiday card this year. theFranchize did the art and i put the words on there.

i know it's been quite a while since i've posted but it seems so much has happened! holiday season is generally busy for the hubby and i with him doing tons of caricature events and us both working on gift illustrations/commissions. but this year for some reason, the amount of work seems a bit more intense than ever.
and of course, to kick it all off we moved right after Thanksgiving! so our life is in boxes and we had zero internet access except for our phones for the first 2 weeks of moving. we're still maneuvering around boxes in the apartment now and i'm just trying to find a tiny moment between holiday shopping, gift wrapping, and working to clean up enough that we can open presents near the tree.
speaking of the tree - this is my first ever live christmas tree! my entire life our family has had fake trees. (of course in the philippines, pine trees aren't exactly accessible.) YAYS!

i wish everyone a safe and happy holidays. whether u celebrate christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa, or just life in general, i hope u get to celebrate it merrily with family and loved ones.