About Peng

real name: penelope rivera gaylord
born: in the philippines on october 1st on a year of the monkey
likes: dogs, coffee, fantasy art, cheesecake poses, mint chocolate chip ice cream, mermaids
dislikes: arrogance, BS, crime and criminals, hot weather
sources of inspiration: hubby, anime, comics, video games

fun fact:  i was named after the cartoon character Penelope Pitstop, not the mythological figure.

Proud member of
www.IdentityComics.com | info@identitycomics.com  Girls Drawin Girls

Member of GIRLS DRAWIN GIRLS - girlsdrawingirls.com

  • Illustrator for Acme Archives Direct
  • Inker - Bill and Ted's Most Triumphant Return (Issues 1-6) - published by Boom! Studios
  • Inker - Loki: Ragnarok and Roll (Issues 1-4) - published by Boom! Studios
  • Inker - Fanboys Vs. Zombies (Issues 1-20) - published by Boom! Studios
  • Inker - LEGO Nexo Knights mini-comic - published by LEGO 
  • Inker - LEGO Ninjago mini-comic - published by LEGO
  • Letterer LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - published by IDW
  • Exclusive Cover Artist - My Little Pony: Friends Forever (Issue 1) - published by IDW
  • Exclusive Cover Artist - Soulfire (Issue 1) - published by Aspen Comics
  • Exclusive Cover Artist - Adventure Time - published by Boom! Studios
  • Exclusive Cover Artist - Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake (Issue 1) - published by Boom! Studios 
  • Artist - Unfashioned Creatures: A Frankenstein Anthology - "Frankenmorning" short story - published by Red Stylo Media
  • Artist - 44th Comic-Con International:San Diego Souvenir Book 
  • Artist - Voltron: United and Drawn - "Princess and her Robot" - published by 5Finity Productions
  • Artist - Medieval Bedazzle - published by Tate Publishing
  • Sketch Card Artist - DC New 52 | The Walking Dead Comic Book - Cryptozoic Entertainment
  • Sketch Card Artist - Marvel Beginnings II | Avengers  - Upper Deck
  • Sketch Card Artist - Bettie Page Private Collection - Versicolor Productions
  • Sketch Card Artist - Grimm Fairy Tales | Wonderland | Lady Death | Revenant Retribution | Female Persuasion 2 | Sheena | Shi | Zombies Vs. Cheerleaders | Hack/Slash | Pain Killer Jane | Manga Mandy | Kitties and Ladies | P'Ups - 5Finity Productions



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