Thursday, October 17, 2013


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tho i am rested, the hubby and i are definitely back on our grind makin comics happen and whatnot.
i haven't been able to gather all the pics from NYCC yet. there's just so so many. however, look at what i got to be a part of! i was on's article 20 Pieces of Advice for Female Artists from Female Artists. i'm #20. i feel really honored to be included with some really awesome ladies like Sara Richard and Chrissie Zullo.


since i don't have the pics ready yet, i'm posting some of the pre-con commissions that i did right before i left instead. the Adventure Time sketchcover was especially fun to work on. funnily enough, i had it on display at the show just to have some example of my AT sketches and folks liked it so much that they wanted the exact one! since i couldn't give them that one seein as how it was spoken for, my studiomate Flash ended up having to draw like 3 of that exact piece. he definitely put his own flare on each of em.
once i get my con pics together, i will share.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

new york, baby!

NEW YORK COMIC CON is this weekend guys!!! it's the last of our big comic cons for the year for ID Studios and we couldn't be more thrilled! if you're planning on going to the biggest comic con on the east coast, please stop by my studio's table and give me a hi-five. we have loads and loads of fun at this show and then we come home and pass out for 2 days. =P the price we pay for bein comic artists i guess. we're at tables P3 and P4. i'll have my 6x8 mini prints, my 11x17 prints, and a handful of copies of my 2013 Art Mignon books for sale.

these ladies are itchin to be part of ur art collection! all 3 of them will be available for purchase at the show. come and get em!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


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stressin out because of New York Comic Con this weekend. always happens, totally unavoidable. so i'm just going to take a break and post some pics. there's apparently something going on on the interwebs with the hashtag #inktober and i wanted to get in on it. from what i can tell, it just looks like u post drawings that are inked. so in between some commissions the other night, i decided to whip up a mermaid in my sketchbook and get in on art fun. used my copic drawing pen, some cool gray copics, and my B21 (baby blue) copic marker.
there was apparently something else going on about "24 hour comic" but we've been so busy lately that i was like uh yeah, ya'll can do that. i've been doin that too much as it is. i'm just sayin.

 quickdraw sketches

black peppermint butler seems to be popular =)

and here's some pics of stuff from Pittsburgh Con the other weekend. i actually participated in the Quickdraw panel where there were a bunch of artists that drew quick drawings for like an hour. it was cool. i dunno if it was for me though. mostly cuz i'm not good at being in a large panel and i don't draw fast. i did a total of 3 drawings in the hour but i feel like most of that time was spent trying to find a marker that worked. =/ had no idea i shoulda brought my own markers cuz i was told there would be some up there for us. thanks to everyone that came out and got stuff from our table! always a pleasure to draw for ya'll!

Friday, October 4, 2013


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page layout by Jerry "theFranchize" Gaylord
finished pencils by me
colors by me too!

happy friday everyone! even though i'm sick and my head feels like it may just explode from all the pressure behind my face, i'm trying to stay positive! here's something to take a look at this weekend!
this is the page that i did for a one-page short story written by Jeffrey and Susan Bridges called "Frankenmorning". this is part of the Unfashioned Creatures: A Frankenstein Anthology published by Red Stylo Media. you will have to download or buy the anthology to get the words to my page. i just thought i'd share since it's out there now. =) it was a very last-minute project and i only had a week to work on it. since i never really do sequentials, this took all week to complete. i pencilled and colored the page with help from my hubby on the layouts. (he's so good at that!) i wish i had more time to work on it so i could color it better. but i don't know if that would've helped cuz i never colored an interior page before. still, it's not so bad. right? right??
anyways, i think this book should be available for purchase on and Red Stylo's website before Halloween.

this is actually the first weekend that we'll be home from comic cons since August. i plan on getting lots of work done. much needed break before we head out for the 2nd largest comic con we're going to, New York Comic Con! my birthday was also this past tuesday! i turned double-triples (33) and i wanted to mix things up a bit so i got my hair chopped off! i haven't had it this short since high school. so now that my hair is pretty short, i decided to do a new selfie for my twitter/deviantart avatar. and since i've noticed folks have turned their twitter avatars to a halloween theme, i decided to jump on the bandwagon and do one for myself!