Thursday, October 17, 2013


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tho i am rested, the hubby and i are definitely back on our grind makin comics happen and whatnot.
i haven't been able to gather all the pics from NYCC yet. there's just so so many. however, look at what i got to be a part of! i was on's article 20 Pieces of Advice for Female Artists from Female Artists. i'm #20. i feel really honored to be included with some really awesome ladies like Sara Richard and Chrissie Zullo.


since i don't have the pics ready yet, i'm posting some of the pre-con commissions that i did right before i left instead. the Adventure Time sketchcover was especially fun to work on. funnily enough, i had it on display at the show just to have some example of my AT sketches and folks liked it so much that they wanted the exact one! since i couldn't give them that one seein as how it was spoken for, my studiomate Flash ended up having to draw like 3 of that exact piece. he definitely put his own flare on each of em.
once i get my con pics together, i will share.

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