Wednesday, December 24, 2014

merry christmas

[listening to "the christmas song" by michael buble]
the hubby and i just wanted to wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS and an amazing new year with loads of new opportunities!
this is the christmas card that we did this year. i wanted to pay homage to Norman Rockwell, but give it my own personal flare. i tried to keep the same color scheme, except our tree this year is white with red christmas balls. unfortunately when i printed them the tree looked more pink than white. but whatevs.

if i could be real for just a sec. last christmas was one of the hardest we've ever had to face with my husband and his father both being in the hospital over the entire holiday season. it was such a bad time for us that i really had some serious anxiety when the season came around this year. we've had to make a lot of changes in our life over the course of this year but i am truly truly grateful to be able to have him home this christmas. so despite how bad things get and how hard life hits me sometimes, i'll take my blessings where i can get em. i've learned not to plan too far ahead into the future but instead live here and now. cuz u never know. and it's funny because people have been saying that type of stuff to me since i can remember but it never stuck. now i see what they really mean. youth will do that to a person.

i hope you all are spending the holidays with your loved ones. hold em a little longer, kiss em a little more sloppily. it's the best time of the year to do that. =) i'll see you all in 2015!!!

Monday, December 22, 2014


[listening to "song for a winter's night" by sarah mclachlan]
as i sit here sippin my eggnog coffee, it just dawned on me that i never posted this commission of Death that i did like 2 months ago. the client asked that she fit the style of how i drew the 3 Gotham Sirens. i painted more of the graveyard in the back but unfortunately a lot of it had to get cropped out. it was a bit of a bummer but i guess that just means i gotta plan these out better.
this one is a logo design that i did for my good friend who loves to knit cute stuff. even though this doesn't quite fit the rules of a logo design (since there's tons of different colors and nothing is vectorized), it's what she wanted and she loves it. at least, that's what she tells me so i'm not gonna question it. =P she asked me to include her cute corgi and i was more than happy to do it. keep an eye out for KUNKELSAURUS for all ur knitted needs.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


[listening to "let it snow" by boyz ii men & brian mcknight]

for my trip out to CTNX this year, i made an art book that served as a mini portfolio to give to some important folks. it was a very limited run but i do have 3 left from it. so, i've put the book up on my Etsy shop. if you're interested in buying a copy, each will be signed and sketched in the back!

titled DAYDREAMS, the book is 24 pages and measures larger than my previous "Art Mignon" books at 8.5"x7". it has some pinups and lots of sketches (both inks and pencils). like i mentioned before, i only have THREE left. there's a chance that i might reprint it for 2015, but as of right now, it's a huge maybe. it's $27 on my Etsy which includes shipping anywhere in the U.S. (shipping outside the U.S. is additional).

head on out to to order a copy. (you can also reach the link on my ART BOOKS tab above.) if you purchase a copy, please write me a note on Etsy about your favorite character you'd like me to sketch. if you don't tell me one, i'll just pick one of my own - which i don't mind at all!

Sunday, December 7, 2014


[listening to "something about december" by christina perri]

did this up right quick last night for the Girls Drawin Girls theme of the week - sweaters! trying to learn how to make drawlings without the lines that i'm used to. it's really forcing me to be much more loose with the color decisions that i make. i'm really one of those that try to color within the lines as much as possible. i used to think that if i my crayon breaks the line, it means i failed. =/ still, i'm working on it.

i have yet to be comfortable enough to start a sketch straight on my cintiq. so, as usual, my sketch started out traditional. but where i normally take the sketch and graphite it to make it clean, i went from this to colors.

Monday, December 1, 2014


[listening to "oh santa" by mariah carey]

go to Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD!

it's too late now, i'm all the way in the Christmas spirit. started listening to Christmas songs right the weekend before Thanksgiving. that was me trying to hold out til Thanksgiving, but failing as usual.

here's my 1st piece of holiday cheer! drew this for the super cool folks at Third Eye Comics! they've asked me to draw a coloring page that they're giving out to customers along with a holiday wish list for them to fill out. so if you've been in their awesome shop in Annapolis, MD lately, grab urself (or ur kids) a sheet and let those crayons fly!

i got their main mascot dude (with the third eye) as santa, its lady helper that's like its trusty sidekick, but i knew i needed some elves. so my elves are kinda like Minions but they're kinda dressed like Christmas ornaments. that's why they've got different patterns. hope the kiddies like it!