Monday, December 22, 2014


[listening to "song for a winter's night" by sarah mclachlan]
as i sit here sippin my eggnog coffee, it just dawned on me that i never posted this commission of Death that i did like 2 months ago. the client asked that she fit the style of how i drew the 3 Gotham Sirens. i painted more of the graveyard in the back but unfortunately a lot of it had to get cropped out. it was a bit of a bummer but i guess that just means i gotta plan these out better.
this one is a logo design that i did for my good friend who loves to knit cute stuff. even though this doesn't quite fit the rules of a logo design (since there's tons of different colors and nothing is vectorized), it's what she wanted and she loves it. at least, that's what she tells me so i'm not gonna question it. =P she asked me to include her cute corgi and i was more than happy to do it. keep an eye out for KUNKELSAURUS for all ur knitted needs.

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