Wednesday, June 17, 2015

commission requests

[listening to "shots" by imagine dragons]

been able to knock out a few of these commissions since the flurry of comic cons/events have chilled out for now. it's amazing what u can accomplish when u have a string of days at home to do work! this first one is actually an art trade with cool artist dude Jim Calafiore (Leaving Megalopolis; Secret Six). he made this adorable Toothless print for me and in return i drew Platinum from DC Comics' Metal Men. it was kinda tricky to get her to look the way she does. i've been able to paint metal-looking stuff before (like Wonder Woman's breastplate/tiara/bracelets) but never a whole person. totally worth it cuz my Toothless painting is adorable as heck!

this is one of the commission sale pieces i did. this is for this super cool gal that manages one of the best comic shops i've ever been to. but on the side she has a food blog - Girl Carnivore. she wanted to know what i thought when i hear "girl carnivore" but also base it on her. so this is she! i made a little bonus banner thingy in case she wanted to use it for anything. i'm all about my fellow meat-eaters!

this is another commission sale piece. this is for a couple of great writer-type people who not only write cool stories but also produce audio dramas online -! i love seeing husband/wife teams succeed. =) when they asked me to draw them, i was happy to do it! i used to be so afraid of drawing dudes but nowadays i see it as a fun challenge! not to mention they're HUGE superman fans so they're kinda dressed like Lois and Clark.

i love the commission requests i've been getting lately! and even more that people let me do what i do! it's a dream come true for an artist!

Monday, June 15, 2015

senyc pics

[listening to "friction" by imagine dragons]

finally got these pics from Special Edition:NYC last weekend. here are all of the sketches that i did while we were out there. all other pics from the con are posted on the IDSTUDIOS Facebook page if you'd like to check them out -

now back to work. for me, anyways.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

meet more

[listening to "nobody's business" by rihanna ft. chris brown]

i posted my #meettheartist image online a week ago but i never posted it on here. so in order to amend that, i'm posting one that has a little more info on it than the one i posted before.

i'm still getting my pics from Awesome Con and Special Edition NYC together so i'll post that later.

for now, i just wanna say I GOT A TABLE AT SDCC! it's a huge deal for me & the hubby that we each got a table this year. last year, we couldn't even think about attending SDCC because of bad health reasons. and now, not only are we going, we're setting up for the first time! last year was hard for us but because of amazing family members, we've been able to stay standing. i don't wanna get too emotional on ya'll. just know that love & faith are the most powerful things on earth. real talk.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Special Edition NYC

visit us at Special Edition NYC - TABLES J5/J6!

sleeping is for suckers! Awesome Con DC just wrapped up this weekend and now we're headed back out to Special Edition NYC! it's a short 2-day show but it's still so exciting because New York Comic Con always puts on a great show.

so here's a handy map that leads u directly to me and my hubby theFranchize. we each have a table in artist alley this time around - TABLES J5 and J6! we'll have our comics, we'll have our prints, i'll even have my limited-edition lithos of my How to Train Your Dragon 2 piece! and of course, we'll be sketching all weekend long. see you in NYC!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

short week

[listening to Paper Wings podcast with Claire Keane]

this is a very short week for me. i'm trying to balance having to catch up on work with trying to get ready for another con this weekend. Awesome Con just finished this past weekend & it's always a fun time with that show. it's our home show so not only do we get to see many of our awesome local fans, we get visited by friends and family members!
here are the commissions that i did for Awesome Con. a couple of them i had to take home and mail out yesterday. i tried something new this con with commissions which is to do away with my pen. i still used it for the eyes to make them stand out. but i'm using my Derwent colored pencils to create the lines instead of the pen and i think i really like the finished look of that more. its a little closer to what my digital stuff looks like.

i just wanna take a moment to shout out the fans that stopped by my table to tell me they love my work. u guys have no idea how much that means to me. i may act very together when u come up to tell me, but inside i'm doing a combination of crying and dancing and a bit of uncertainty because it's still a surprise to hear that people like my art. and not just like it, but love it enough to follow it. so thank u all again for the support & love. u remind me why i do what i do and give me reason to keep getting better.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

dark ink

[listening to "hey mama" by david guetta feat. nicki minaj & a buncha other folks]

Uncharted Territory by Penelope Gaylord
SO EXCITED! look what came in the mail over the weekend! i finally got my lithographs for that DreamWorks piece i did with Acme Archives Direct - Uncharted Territory. and they are glorious! well, to me anyways. but i'm slightly biased.

this means i will have these just in time for Special Edition NY Comic Con! i only have 10 of these so once i sell them, that's it for me. forever. they're 17x21" lithos but you can cut them down to 16x20" to fit easier in a frame, if that's your thing. i'll be selling them for $50 at the shows so find me and grab yours!

if you can't make it out to comic cons but still want one for yourself, you can always order them through Acme Archives Direct's sister site - Dark Ink. just follow the link and get yours today - keep in mind that when you get it from the website, i won't be able to sign it. BUT u get a cool Certificate of Authenticity so that's something! it's still a Limited Edition print so make sure you get yours before there are no more.