Friday, February 27, 2015

epic waiting

[listening to "ignition (remix)" by r. kelly]


as i sit here in the EPIC waiting room to get my Pro Badge for SDCC, i figured i'd post something. goodness knows i don't wanna miss my turn.
it's been a heck of a week as me & the hubs work on finishing 2 comic books at the same time. i don't know how this happens to us all the time, but despite our best efforts, the cookie seems to crumble this way. but the best thing about working together is that we're good at doing the impossible. still, i managed to do some quick drawings between pages.
i've seen other artists whom i admire draw their favorite dresses from all of the awards shows that happen around this time of year. so this past Oscars show, i doodled a few of my favorite dresses of the evening. i figured it would be good practice, not only to draw different dress shapes but also to get more comfortable with this coloring style i'm trying to go for. so while i can't show you any pages, i can show you these drawings. =)

*update* got mah badges! see u guys in San Diego!

Friday, February 20, 2015

mermaid blanket

[listening to "take back the night" by justin timberlake]

another week has gone by and i haven't really had much time to do personal art. i was hit with some kind of zombie virus over the past weekend and i was the sickest i've ever been earlier this week. once it went away, i felt like a new human being. it was insane! but because of that, both the hubs & i were out of commission for half the week. so we've been plugging away at pages and i haven't really had time to do much of anything except a couple of sketches here and there.

i realize i never posted this piece i did recently. so i found my old "The Little Mermaid" blanket from back in the 90s when it first came out. when i was younger, i started out drawing disney princesses and Ariel was one that i hold near & dear to my heart. but of course, cuz i was young and didn't know anything about drawing, whenever i would try to redraw one of the scenes on this blanket it would always be very disappointing to me. but now i'm all grown up and stuff, i took the opportunity to do it for myself and i'm finally happy with it. someday, i'm gonna do it again and see if i can make it even more cool.

this was done on a 6x8 piece of paper with mostly copic markers, copic pens, white gel pens, and a little bit of colored pencils. i'll be bringing this and maybe a couple of other original pieces with me to Emerald City Con. holy smokes, that's next month!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

sexy side

[listening to "yeah!" by usher ft. lil jon & ludacris]

it's almost Valentine's Day guys! this is a good time to show ur sexy side! i made this doodle for the Girls Drawin Girls theme of the week, which is Valentine's Day.
i'm still working on getting more comfortable coloring without my line art. hopefully the more i do it, the easier it'll get. so i did my sketch traditionally (cuz i'm still not that comfortable drawing on the cintiq) but i didn't take it any further than the sketch. then i just went straight to coloring on photoshop.

i think i secretly want to have a head full of pink hair with half of it shaved. if i were cool enough to pull that off, i totally would.

anyways, early happy valentine's day guys! i heart u all!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

personal project

[listening to "eye of the needle" by sia]


last november after going to CTN Expo, the hubs and i went to Disneyland for a day for our early anniversary present. while there, i got one of those super adorable Elsa Animators' Collection dolls. then for christmas, my sister got me the Merida doll and now i have it in my head that they became best buds one summer. at some point Merida's family sailed to Arendelle and stayed at the castle to work out some peace treaty between 2 kingdoms and all the while the two girls went on adventures. how flippin cute would that be!
so anyways, my personal mini project is to illustrate some of those adventures whenever i get a little free time. here are two that i've done so far.

both of these are done with copic markers and some colored pencils on a 6x8 sheet. i hope to do maybe like 5 of these, though i'm not really sure what i'm going to do with them. i just gotta get these ideas out of my head some way and since i'm not really a writer, i have no choice but to put them on paper.