Tuesday, November 17, 2015

CTNX time

[listening to christmas music]

before i pass out from sleepiness, i just wanted to post that i'll be out in Burbank, CA for CTNX this weekend! this time, i'm gonna be an exhibitor! no pressure. =[ i'll have a brand new mini artbook - DAYDREAMS Book 2 with me, along with completely brand new prints! if ur not going to be there, don't fret. i'll bring my book & prints around to comic cons next yr too. if you are planning on attending, come on by! i'll be splitting the table with the hubs Jerry Gaylord - HALL B, TABLE T211! here's a handy map below so u can find us. see u on the west coast guys!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

schoolism class

[listening to "christmas time is here" by sarah mclachlan]

so the hubby bought me one of those amazing Schoolism Subscriptions for my birthday last month so i can take some online classes about stuff i care about. i've only had time to do a couple of lessons of the first class i'm taking, which is Fundamentals of Character Design. i'm loving every moment that i can do it and it's already teaching me so much more stuff than i could've learned on my own. higher education in information that i actually want to learn has always been missing for me, even when i went to college. so i'm taking it as seriously as i can. if i could offer any young person any real-deal advice, i would tell them to skip college if they're not sure what they wanna pursue. cuz it'll just be a huge waste of money and time. sometimes we need a little extra time to figure out what we wanna do with our lives. some of us don't have it all figured out when we graduate high school, and that's ok.

i could go on and on about the pitfalls of college, but i won't! i just wanted to share with you guys my first assignment for the class i'm taking. we were supposed to design a character based on a few specific details, and his name is Walter Chipwitther. there are a couple of sketches i did before i got to the one i really liked. then i colored it up in photoshop. next assignment is to create Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde characters. if i had any time right now, i'd have already done it. but prep for CTNX has me crazed, so it'll have to be after Thanksgiving. wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

after party

[listening to "hello" by lionel richie (bet u weren't expecting that one!)]


as i try to get myself somewhat ready for CTN in the next couple of weeks, i'm doing my best to keep my head from spinning off my shoulders. i did, however, manage to gather and post all the pics from this past New York Comic Con! here are some of my favorite commissions from the weekend. you can see ALL the pics from the weekend on our IDSTUDIOS Facebook Page or follow this link - https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.498289373663921.1073741865.113793732113489&type=1&l=c9e2a20c82

if i didn't mention it before, it was the best year at NYCC that we've ever had. i had a table all to myself, which is a first for this con, and it was just amazing to see the reactions i got from people. i've never felt so much appreciation for my work before and it just makes it all feel like i'm doing this art thing for all the right reasons. it has certainly given me the confidence to do what i wanna do for CTN but also makes me hella nervous. it can't be a fluke, right?!? anyways, i really wanna thank each & every person that came to my table and supported my work. it's a difficult feeling to express but it's a level of pride and appreciation that only artists experience.

[left to right] Bryan "Flash" Turner, JG Quintel (creator of The Regular Show), Jerry "TheFranchize" Gaylord, ME!
we were also invited to the exclusive Cartoon Network premier of The Regular Show The Movie and this super nice after-party while we were out there. i think i really wanna be part of this industry, now more than ever! just wait guys, i'm gonna do what i can to keep it interesting.