Sunday, November 15, 2015

schoolism class

[listening to "christmas time is here" by sarah mclachlan]

so the hubby bought me one of those amazing Schoolism Subscriptions for my birthday last month so i can take some online classes about stuff i care about. i've only had time to do a couple of lessons of the first class i'm taking, which is Fundamentals of Character Design. i'm loving every moment that i can do it and it's already teaching me so much more stuff than i could've learned on my own. higher education in information that i actually want to learn has always been missing for me, even when i went to college. so i'm taking it as seriously as i can. if i could offer any young person any real-deal advice, i would tell them to skip college if they're not sure what they wanna pursue. cuz it'll just be a huge waste of money and time. sometimes we need a little extra time to figure out what we wanna do with our lives. some of us don't have it all figured out when we graduate high school, and that's ok.

i could go on and on about the pitfalls of college, but i won't! i just wanted to share with you guys my first assignment for the class i'm taking. we were supposed to design a character based on a few specific details, and his name is Walter Chipwitther. there are a couple of sketches i did before i got to the one i really liked. then i colored it up in photoshop. next assignment is to create Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde characters. if i had any time right now, i'd have already done it. but prep for CTNX has me crazed, so it'll have to be after Thanksgiving. wish me luck!

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