Monday, December 24, 2012

merry christmas everyone!

[listening to all of my christmas songs]
this is our holiday card this year. the hubby and i have made a new one each year since we got married.

this is our holiday card this year. the hubby and i have made a new one each year since we got married. in case you didn't know, it's inspired by the Charlie Brown christmas special dance scene. that's why the art style looks the way it does. =)

just wanted to wish everyone out there a happy holidays! whatever you celebrate this time of year - whether it be religious or spiritual - i hope you are doing it with family and loved ones. this is my absolute, hands-down, favorite time of the year. i like it even better than my birthday! this season just makes the rest of the year so mundane. (especially for television.)

of course the holiday sale is over. it was great and i got people some commissions that i hope they enjoyed. thanks to those that got something from me during that time. i'm definitely still open for commissions, but they are back to my original prices.
i've got those commissions and other fun stuff to show when i write again. but right now, i'm off to celebrate christmas with family and friends! thanks to all that have come to follow my work this year! u know i'd give u all hugs if i could. =)

Monday, December 17, 2012

extending holiday sale!

[listening to more christmas music, of course]

i've decided to extend my holiday commission sale to this wednesday Dec. 19th! in case u forgot, it's -
pencils only: $15
inks only: $25
colors: $50
shipping is FREE for digital delivery or mailing inside the US and only $10 for international shipping
prices are for a single character with little or no backgrounds. all prices are per character so get as many as you'd like!

you can visit my Nov 28, 2012 blog entry for more info on it. meanwhile, in between art i'm sending out christmas cards and wrapping presents. i just love this time of year!

here is one of the commissions from this sale. it's of Chloe from Uncharted 2 video game. the client asked for sexy, i hope i delivered. ;) thanks to all that have taken advantage of the sale! 
chloe - line art
chloe - finished art

Thursday, December 6, 2012

let it snow

[sung by boyz II men & brian mcknight]

guess what's happening on my art table today? commissions are happenin, that's what! HUGE THANX to everybody for making good use of my holiday sale! i haven't done any cons in like a month and i'm on con-withdrawal so having these commissions is almost like being there. =)

these are warm-up sketches in my sketchbook. it's like stretching before exercising or playing a sport. its also a really good way to work through an artist block. although, i will admit, sometimes that actually backfires on me. if i try to sketch stuff while experiencing artist block, most things tend to look like poop. which makes me even more frustrated. which extends the artist block. (-__-) but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


[definitely still listening to christmas music all season long]

just thought i'd share our christmas tree that is finally up and ready to rock!

i've decided that i am going to change my holiday sale rates to reflect my hubby theFranchize's rates. that way everything is easy to keep track of and whatnot. and for those that contacted me already about the holiday sale, u WILL receive these new LOWER rates. =) so here goes!

from now until DECEMBER 17, 2012, my commission prices are slashed!
pencils only: $15
inks only: $25
colors: $50
shipping is FREE for digital delivery or mailing inside the US and only $10 for international shipping
prices are for a single character with little or no backgrounds. all prices are per character so get as many as you'd like!

i won't discourage anyone from wanting their original piece of artwork in their hands, but digital delivery is the best way to get your commission in time for Christmas. however, if you want it sent to you, i would highly encourage you to request your commission BEFORE Dec. 17th IF you want it in time for Christmas. the closer to that date, the less likely i'll be able to mail your piece in time for Christmas. (this sale does NOT include sketch card or sketch cover commissions.)
GO TO MY COMMISSIONS INFO TAB for more info on what to expect with your commission. for this holiday sale, all colors are digital (like usual) BUT i will be using 8.5x11" smooth 80# Cover paper! IMPORTANT NOTE - payment must be received before any work is started.
email me at if u want one done!

sleigh ride

sung by TLC (a song that is sadly under-played despite its awesomeness)

thank goodness for Spotify cuz i get to listen to Christmas music that i really wanna hear. not that the classics aren't good, cuz they're great. but no station plays the more contemporary christmas tunes.
at any rate, just a doodle that i wanted to share. i tweeted it the other week but forgot to post on here. i've been watching a LOT of Brave ever since i got the bluray and i just love love love drawing her hair. fun fact:hair is my favorite thing to draw.

finished inks
finished art - colors by Gabriel Cassata

also, theFranchize and i worked on a store-exclusive cover for the release of Supurbia #1 [written by Grace Randolph, published by BOOM! Studios]. the cover was for our local comic shop in Annapolis, MD called Third Eye Comics. because the subject and mood of the cover was more of my forte, i did the layout for the image and theFranchize drew it. then we did a collaborative effort on the inking and backgrounds. we actually did a signing at the comic shop on Nov. 3rd when it was released and lemme tell ya, it felt great! i could really get used to that kind of attention. =P plus we got to meet Grace Randolph who is quite the fun person to talk to.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


[listening to all christmas music all the time from now till the new year! cuz i love christmas music! i'd listen all year 'round if it were socially acceptable. =P]

HEY FOLKS! i mentioned on Twitter that i was having a holiday sale and by golly i'm doin it! this holiday sale is for those that would like to give someone a gift of a custom one-of-a-kind artwork. original artwork is expensive because of the amount of work that goes in it, but we can all use a little break in the pockets during the holidays. so whether you get one for a loved one or for yourself (which still counts cuz ya gotta love urself!), this is the perfect time to do so!

starting today Nov 21st until Dec. 17th, my commission prices are slashed!
black and white commissions - $40 ONLY!
shipping is FREE for digital delivery OR $5 for Priority Shipping (US Only/outside US will be an additional fee)

these prices are for a single character with little or no backgrounds. if you want multiple characters, the prices are per character. i won't discourage anyone from wanting their original piece of artwork in their hands, but digital delivery is the best way to get your commission in time for Christmas. however, if you want it sent to you, i would highly encourage you to request your commission BEFORE Dec. 17th IF you want it in time for Christmas. the closer to that date, the less likely i'll be able to mail your piece in time for Christmas. (this sale does NOT include sketch card or sketch cover commissions.)
GO TO MY COMMISSIONS INFO TAB for more info on what to expect with your commission. like the size of the paper (11x14) and that all colors are digital! IMPORTANT NOTE - payment must be received before any work is started.
email me at if u want one done!

here's a commission i recently finished for someone of Morrigan.

want one? just email me penelope @ identitycomics dotcom!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

most wonderful time of the year

sung by practically any artist out there with a christmas album

just thought i'd share what is on my art table tonight. just finished up a long overdue commission for my good friend (and cool artist) Jamie Fay. this is of his original character Nina from his own studio's book "The Neverminds." this was for my DeviantArt sale - 1 year membership for a color commission. i only do that whenever my membership is close to being up.
lines only
finished art

i just realized that i haven't posted in a while. my last post was right before Sandy and as you may know, we actually were fortunate enough to not be affected as badly as predicted. not sure how but i guess someone up there is looking out for us. despite us being only about 2 hours away from Ocean City, MD and being fairly close to the Chesapeake Bay, we just had lots of wind and rain, but no serious damage.
so between then and now, we got Issue #9 of Fanboys vs Zombies all wrapped up as well as Issue #10! along with those, i drew some AP cards...
Governor's daughter - Walking Dead AP Card

Zatanna & Scarlett Witch puzzle card - DC New 52 AP Card & Avengers AP Card
Shazam - DC New 52 AP Card (the Walking Dead AP was actually done by theFranchize)

Blink | Emma Frost | Namorita - Marvel Beginnings AP Cards
....and i did this one Adventure Time Marceline sketch cover for the promoter for Awesome Cons, Ben Penrod. (i like the idea of sketch covers but they sure are hard to draw on sometimes. nothing sticks to them!)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

fathoms below

...from the Little Mermaid soundtrack

as we sit here to brave this supposed "Super Storm," all i see in my head is the storm sequence of the Little Mermaid. "HURRICANE A-COMIN! Stand fast! Secure the riggin!" (matter of fact, i think i'll be poppin in that movie while i work today.) i don't think i'm a fan of folks referring to it as a "super storm" though. because of what i do for a living, referring to things as a super-anything just makes me not take it seriously. "super storm" to me sounds like "lightning babe with ultimate power." =/

anyways, thought i'd share what's on my art table! that's right - its my shiny brand-spankin new wacom cintiq!! i can't tell u how ridiculously excited i am about it. the hubby seems to have a lot of faith in my art and he truly believes i will more than make up for the cost of this bad boy. what can i say, i love my husband!

Cover Girl from GI Joe commission

Strength from "A Once Crowded Sky" commission for Tom King

THE best Rogue cosplayer i have seen yet! she's even better than the Rogue at Universal Studios

our last con of the season was yesterday at Annapolis Comic Con - the Halloween edition. had a fantastic time and felt some local love. the boys* even did a panel about how we all work together as a studio and did a little demonstration for the people. unfortunately i couldn't watch cuz i stayed at the table, but from what i understand they had a great time! i even did a couple of commissions while i was there. one was for the writer of "A Once Crowded Sky" Tom King. it was of his character "Strength." i know its cheesy that she's holding a random 2-ton weight at the end of a large chain, but her name is Strength! =P i guess i could've gone for the even more obvious of holding a car up, but i thought this was obvious enough. =) i was quite flattered that he wanted me to draw one of his characters and i was more than happy to do so.
the folks that run Annapolis Comic Con are friggin great. we always have a fantastical time at each show. if ur in the area, u should definitely check it out when they have them.

i hope everyone on the east coast stays safe as this crazy storm hits. wish us luck here! i really don't like leaving my home, especially not with my gorgeous new cintiq fending for itself. =P

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

anything could happen

sung by ellie goulding

ID STUDIOS CREW! (from left to right) me, Jerry Gaylord, Bryan Turner, Dominike Stanton

i've finally had some time to breath! had 2 days off after not having one since my birthday on the 1st. it was necessary cuz the hubby was in danger of losing a limb from my enormous green rage monster. (though i would never mess with his right hand cuz that's our money-maker. kakaka)
as a quick recap, we went to Hershey Con in Hershey, PA on Sept. 29th, the weekend after we went to WV Pop Con in Morgantown, WV on Oct. 6 & 7, then 3 days after we got back we headed out to NYCC from Oct. 11-14th. that was an insane set of weekends. Hershey Con was a nice little show, met some real nice folks, but i think the only reason we would do it again is just to see our friends that live out there. WV Pop Con was a great venue. it was the first of its show but i can see it had the potential to get bigger. the show coordinator was a fantastic dude and we had a pretty good time out there! had my very first Cracker Barrel breakfast and i gotta tell ya - if u haven't had their pancakes, DO IT! cuz it's hella yummy! received lots of Fanboys vs Zombies love! we'd love to return next year. but NYCC - insane! it started out slow and we were very worried at first because of the show's decision to move Artist Alley in a whole other part of the building. but it turned out to be crazy insane once everyone managed to squeeze their way out of the main exhibitor hall. it was crazy enough on Friday morning in there but i dared not venture into it on Saturday. from what i hear, it's quickly becoming SDCC-caliber insanity. of course the Javits Center is smaller than the San Diego convention center, but it may be getting there as i heard rumors of expansion for next year. luckily, Mike Negin is a fantastic Artist Alley coordinator and i'm sure he'll be lookin out for his artists as the show gets even bigger still.

huge thanks to everyone that came out and showed support. we sold out of lots of things, one of which were these Avengers posters set! we were really surprised at how much love it got considering how reluctant people were to buy the set at Heroes Con.

even bigger thanks to everyone that picked up their copies of my mini artbook Art Mignon. i have once again sold out of those. which is great because it will give me the opportunity to make the bigger book again for 2013! i can't tell u how humbled i am that people are willing to part with their hard-earned money to take my art home with them. i know it's no small thing to spend your money (for most of us anyway) and i hope they understand that i truly appreciate it.

one of the nights that the crew ventured out for dinner in NY, we somehow wandered into Times Square. its hard not to get caught up in all the lights and excitement of that area. so though my feet were killin me, i forgot it for just a few more blocks as we walked through it. there's really nothin like it at night. and right in the center, the lights are so insanely bright and there were so many people there that it really feels like it's daytime, even though we were there at 11pm. it was just amazing.

so as not to take up too much of ur scrolling time, i've put most of my pics from the con in collages. enjoy!

commissions/sketches from NYCC. my fav is the chibi Captain America i drew for my friend who specifically requested it be done in copics! theFranchize drew the pose, i did the rest. SO CUTE!!!
super cool cosplays and shots around the con. the lady Clark Kent is my absolute fav shot! her tie stays that way so as she walks around, it looks funny. but when she does the pose - classic! and that Wilfred dude w/the teddy bear, close 2nd!

and i just had to take a picture of this crowd of DUDES. there's never a shortage of chicks willing to walk around in their underwear. and even less shortage of dudes ready to gawk uncontrollably. sigh.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


sung by the muse
come find us at NEW YORK COMIC CON this weekend 10/11 - 10/14

reminder - i'll be debuting this alternate version of my Storm print at New York Comic Con this weekend! i changed the BG to a more reddish sky because the original bluish version kinda washed her out more than i liked when i put her in the white outfit. i ran out of the first run of the Storm print after Baltimore Con and i hope New York will show it the same love.

also, fun news! i just got more copies of my ART MIGNON mini book for the con this weekend! i sold out after Otakon but just got more in time for NY! i'm only selling them for $15 each so if ur interested, i got one for ya. it has some pieces in there that hasn't been included in the other 2 books i've put out. this will be my last run of this particular book though. i'll have a new book for next year and it is tentatively scheduled to be another big Hot Cakes book.

i can't tell u just how SHOCKED i am that NYCC is flippin tomorrow!!! i'll tell u who ain't ready - ME! i feel like i haven't had a chance to breath. we just got back from the WV Pop Con this weekend and now we're headed back out to one of our largest cons this year. i'm super excited about it and can't wait to be there. but i haven't even left yet and i'm already looking forward to being back home. now that's madness.

whenever i do get home, i will do a nice long post about the cons that we've just had back to back to back. as of right now, i still gotta pack, i gotta refill my copics, and i gotta get some sleep or this weekend will be unpleasant for all those involved. =P i hope to see lots of faces there, new and familiar.

by the way, for all u FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES fans, i heard that Jerry "theFranchize" Gaylord - lead artist on the series - is doing a promo at NYCC this year. if u come by our table at the show and tell him "WRECKING CREW 4 LYFE!", he'll sketch u as a zombie - for free!!! but please, just one per person. can't overdo it and break his drawlin hand. =P and while ur there gettin drawn, check out our other stuff.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

catching feelings

sung by justin bieber (don't judge me. it's a really decent album!)

so i'm a-whole-nother year into my 30s and its not too bad so far. after a slow comic show out in Hershey, PA, the hubby and i went to Hershey Park and it was neat to just walk around. its not really for adults cuz most of the attractions were targeted to kids, but it was nice to spend the beautiful day surrounded by fun times.
my birthday was yesterday and it was pretty chill, which is exactly what i wanted. but ever since i got my first tattoo on my back, i've been talking about getting another one. fast forward to 6 years and i've FINALLY gotten my second one. this one is designed by me (if u remember my previous blog entry), the first one was designed by my BFF. she designed an ambigram of my first dog's name JANA (u can read it right-side up and upside down). (see below)
first tattoo - may 2006
i figured i'd keep the idea of an ambrigram but i had to incorporate stars. cuz stars are my favorite shape and symbolizes a few other things for me. i won't bore u with those details. anyways, the tail of the main star is actually a J when i look at it but it's a P upside down (those are mine and the hubby's initials). i figured as our little family grows, my kid(s) can get their own star(s) with a tail of their initial on my arm. and the trail of stars that lead up (or down depending on how u look at it) to my hand is like a trail of magic when i draw. i know its kinda childish but its really something that is very important to me. i feel like this year i've really embraced being an artist. it's not a game, it's not a hobby, i'm never going to be anything else but. and if this isn't a permanent symbol of that, i don't know what is. the tattoo guy was very courteous and said "it's a pretty big deal getting it below ur elbow, especially ur hand. are u sure ur ok with it, like for work?" (this was before i told him what i did full time.) and i was very happy knowing that i get to make those kinds of call, not some boss person.
before i go, i just have to say that it really hurts like an S.O.B. getting tattooed on ur hand. at least for me it was. i was afraid it would hurt way more on my forearm, which it did. but the hand part was worse. didn't know that going in but apparently that's common knowledge (as pointed out by Jerry and the tattoo artist and the girl at the front desk of the tattoo parlor after the fact). i'm glad i didn't know it beforehand though cuz i would've talked myself out of it i think. can't say i recall that my first tattoo hurt this much at all.

if ur in the Annapolis, MD area, i got this done by Orange Tattoo Company. cool folks, clean bright place, and an all-around good second experience. i recommend! =)
guides (the easy part)
guides (if only it were this easy)
the dude (his name is Brady)

midway (ouchie)

still not quite to the really painful part yet

all done!

Monday, September 24, 2012


sung by kanye west

 this is going to be the image on the signature of my scoundrel art account. i think it's a good sample of recent sets i've worked on.
i've spent a good deal of the work day today posting up stuff online to make my online presence stronger. i've posted up an Ebay listing for commissioned art by me as well as listings for blank AP cards from the DC New 52 set and blank AP cards from the Walking Dead set. now our Artist Proof cards are just stacking up like crazy from all the sets that we worked on. neither me nor the hubby are really doing anything to move them so i'm trying to be a bit more proactive on those. that's why i'm trying to get onto scoundrel. for those who may not know, scoundrel is an art community mostly (if not completely) devoted to sketch card collectors and artists. (my account name on there is Peng-Peng, of course.) i hope to move some of these cards outta here. its partially the reason i've decided to stop drawing these. oftentimes a company would offer these artist proof cards as compensation for the work, usually along with a small card rate. but we've just amassed so much and i'm really not that proactive in selling them. and honestly, some of them are so old i don't think anyone would really want them at this point. i think i'm going to start bringing them to cons and drawing on them for like $5, just to get rid of em. =)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

i keep forgettin'

sung by michael mcdonald (and yes, this song leads to "Regulate" on my playlist =P)

just thought i'd share my lady doodles from yesterday and today. i've decided to practice my lady drawlings. now i know what ur thinkin. if there's anything i need to practice, it's dude drawlings. but there is an abundance of lady photos on deviant and makes it much easier to use them as models. no worries, i will do dude sketches too. i'm just practicing anyway.
these are all poses from nude (or mostly nude) photos from photographers i watch on DA. so if the pose looks familiar, ur probably watching the same deviants. ;)

now i've been trying to come up with a new tattoo for my birthday for a few weeks now. i'm so ridiculously picky just on how i get my hair done and that always grows back. imagine my inability to make a decision on such a permanent piece on my person! this will be my 2nd tattoo ever, and the first to be visible to most people. i plan on putting this on my right forearm where i can always see it, especially when i'm drawing in hopes that it will inspire me each time i see it. i call it my mark of the artistic brotherhood. i swear every artist i meet, with the exception of my hubby, have a tattoo somewhere on their arm visible to the world. and though i really dislike conforming to preconceived notions or trends, i DO like being a part of stuff. kakaka i know, it's weird.
anyways, i have asked my BFF to embellish it and make it purdy and i know she can deliver. so once its finished and i get it tattooed on me for my birthday, i'll be sure to post it. (my birthday's on October 1st, in case u were wondering or thinkin of getting me a bday cupcake. ;P KEKEKE)

also, here's some shenanigans that was goin on on my art table a couple days ago. i meant to post it, but forgot. hubby got new ninja turtles toys and shredder's knees didn't bend for some ridiculous reason. so of course, he splits. =P and jean claude van damme immediately came to mind. long story short, this was the product of my minor procrastination that day.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


sung by lady gaga (back when i used to like her songs)

i did some MAJOR venturing around on deviantart today. i've come to realize that if i even come close to staying active on that site, i need to devote at least half of my work day just navigating around. it used to be SO easy to spend hours on there when i had a regular day job sittin at a desk in human resources. i was able to respond to everyone's comments, fav others' deviations, and get lost in all the amazing things on there. now that i'm a full time artist, its unfortunate that i don't have that kind of time to devote to it anymore. which is crazy because now is the time to be inspired by great art around the world.
i'm really sorry to everyone that has continued to visit my DA page and leave comments with not even a thanks from me. know that i appreciate all of it, i just don't have the time to type it. still, i'm planning on being on there once a week and get around as much as i can. except, of course, the week of crunch time when these Fanboys vs Zombies are due. hasn't failed yet, the week its due me and theFranchize have our noses to the pages from the moment we wake till we go to bed with breaks in between to eat so we don't pass out. =P

the image above is my work in progress on the Harley Quinn i plan on having for New York Comic Con next month! i plan on making it like the Poison Ivy print that i have so that they match. i took a few liberties on her costume. i hate what they've done with her New 52 look but i wasn't really a huge fan of her jester headpiece either. so i borrowed this idea for the outfit from a photo i saw by one of my favorite DA photographers, Bommi. (picture below) i think it's still sexy and fun but with a little more elegance to it.
link to his deviation ->

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

girl on fire

sung by alicia keys

[this new Alicia Keys song shoulda been THE Hunger Games song instead of the Taylor Swift song. too bad it wasn't made yet. =P]

spent a long time finishing up this commission but i hope its time well spent. this lovely lady by the name of Arielle asked me to draw her a female Boba Fett at Baltimore Con. luckily she gave me the option of working on it at home so i could spend more time on it. i've never been asked to do a female version of a star wars character so i needed some extra time. seein as how i don't really have extensive star wars knowledge (go ahead and gasp), i had to keep referencing images of boba fett.
thanks to google, apparently ladies have been dressin up as a female boba fett all over the place! i had no idea. so i had a jumping off point as far as her design. nobody ever had the large openings on the side of her legs though. that was just me embellishing. as usual, i used copic markers and my sepia copic multiliners on this piece. the white scratches are all gel pen. i wasn't really sure how to make her helmet and "armor" parts look like they're peeling so i used the gel pen for that. i hope it worked and it came across as wear and tear. if i made any technical mistakes on any parts of her gun or rocket pack or something, please don't hate me. i did what i could. =)

quick note: the scanner didn't really pick up the light aqua-ish clouds i made in the background or the blue highlights i put on her skin. but trust me, they're really there.