Tuesday, October 23, 2012

anything could happen

sung by ellie goulding

ID STUDIOS CREW! (from left to right) me, Jerry Gaylord, Bryan Turner, Dominike Stanton

i've finally had some time to breath! had 2 days off after not having one since my birthday on the 1st. it was necessary cuz the hubby was in danger of losing a limb from my enormous green rage monster. (though i would never mess with his right hand cuz that's our money-maker. kakaka)
as a quick recap, we went to Hershey Con in Hershey, PA on Sept. 29th, the weekend after we went to WV Pop Con in Morgantown, WV on Oct. 6 & 7, then 3 days after we got back we headed out to NYCC from Oct. 11-14th. that was an insane set of weekends. Hershey Con was a nice little show, met some real nice folks, but i think the only reason we would do it again is just to see our friends that live out there. WV Pop Con was a great venue. it was the first of its show but i can see it had the potential to get bigger. the show coordinator was a fantastic dude and we had a pretty good time out there! had my very first Cracker Barrel breakfast and i gotta tell ya - if u haven't had their pancakes, DO IT! cuz it's hella yummy! received lots of Fanboys vs Zombies love! we'd love to return next year. but NYCC - insane! it started out slow and we were very worried at first because of the show's decision to move Artist Alley in a whole other part of the building. but it turned out to be crazy insane once everyone managed to squeeze their way out of the main exhibitor hall. it was crazy enough on Friday morning in there but i dared not venture into it on Saturday. from what i hear, it's quickly becoming SDCC-caliber insanity. of course the Javits Center is smaller than the San Diego convention center, but it may be getting there as i heard rumors of expansion for next year. luckily, Mike Negin is a fantastic Artist Alley coordinator and i'm sure he'll be lookin out for his artists as the show gets even bigger still.

huge thanks to everyone that came out and showed support. we sold out of lots of things, one of which were these Avengers posters set! we were really surprised at how much love it got considering how reluctant people were to buy the set at Heroes Con.

even bigger thanks to everyone that picked up their copies of my mini artbook Art Mignon. i have once again sold out of those. which is great because it will give me the opportunity to make the bigger book again for 2013! i can't tell u how humbled i am that people are willing to part with their hard-earned money to take my art home with them. i know it's no small thing to spend your money (for most of us anyway) and i hope they understand that i truly appreciate it.

one of the nights that the crew ventured out for dinner in NY, we somehow wandered into Times Square. its hard not to get caught up in all the lights and excitement of that area. so though my feet were killin me, i forgot it for just a few more blocks as we walked through it. there's really nothin like it at night. and right in the center, the lights are so insanely bright and there were so many people there that it really feels like it's daytime, even though we were there at 11pm. it was just amazing.

so as not to take up too much of ur scrolling time, i've put most of my pics from the con in collages. enjoy!

commissions/sketches from NYCC. my fav is the chibi Captain America i drew for my friend who specifically requested it be done in copics! theFranchize drew the pose, i did the rest. SO CUTE!!!
super cool cosplays and shots around the con. the lady Clark Kent is my absolute fav shot! her tie stays that way so as she walks around, it looks funny. but when she does the pose - classic! and that Wilfred dude w/the teddy bear, close 2nd!

and i just had to take a picture of this crowd of DUDES. there's never a shortage of chicks willing to walk around in their underwear. and even less shortage of dudes ready to gawk uncontrollably. sigh.

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