Tuesday, October 2, 2012

catching feelings

sung by justin bieber (don't judge me. it's a really decent album!)

so i'm a-whole-nother year into my 30s and its not too bad so far. after a slow comic show out in Hershey, PA, the hubby and i went to Hershey Park and it was neat to just walk around. its not really for adults cuz most of the attractions were targeted to kids, but it was nice to spend the beautiful day surrounded by fun times.
my birthday was yesterday and it was pretty chill, which is exactly what i wanted. but ever since i got my first tattoo on my back, i've been talking about getting another one. fast forward to 6 years and i've FINALLY gotten my second one. this one is designed by me (if u remember my previous blog entry), the first one was designed by my BFF. she designed an ambigram of my first dog's name JANA (u can read it right-side up and upside down). (see below)
first tattoo - may 2006
i figured i'd keep the idea of an ambrigram but i had to incorporate stars. cuz stars are my favorite shape and symbolizes a few other things for me. i won't bore u with those details. anyways, the tail of the main star is actually a J when i look at it but it's a P upside down (those are mine and the hubby's initials). i figured as our little family grows, my kid(s) can get their own star(s) with a tail of their initial on my arm. and the trail of stars that lead up (or down depending on how u look at it) to my hand is like a trail of magic when i draw. i know its kinda childish but its really something that is very important to me. i feel like this year i've really embraced being an artist. it's not a game, it's not a hobby, i'm never going to be anything else but. and if this isn't a permanent symbol of that, i don't know what is. the tattoo guy was very courteous and said "it's a pretty big deal getting it below ur elbow, especially ur hand. are u sure ur ok with it, like for work?" (this was before i told him what i did full time.) and i was very happy knowing that i get to make those kinds of call, not some boss person.
before i go, i just have to say that it really hurts like an S.O.B. getting tattooed on ur hand. at least for me it was. i was afraid it would hurt way more on my forearm, which it did. but the hand part was worse. didn't know that going in but apparently that's common knowledge (as pointed out by Jerry and the tattoo artist and the girl at the front desk of the tattoo parlor after the fact). i'm glad i didn't know it beforehand though cuz i would've talked myself out of it i think. can't say i recall that my first tattoo hurt this much at all.

if ur in the Annapolis, MD area, i got this done by Orange Tattoo Company. cool folks, clean bright place, and an all-around good second experience. i recommend! =)
guides (the easy part)
guides (if only it were this easy)
the dude (his name is Brady)

midway (ouchie)

still not quite to the really painful part yet

all done!


Jac V. said...

I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to see it in person!!! Perfect tattoo for you. I really does embody what you do and more so what YOU are! :)

Unknown said...
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