Sunday, October 28, 2012

fathoms below

...from the Little Mermaid soundtrack

as we sit here to brave this supposed "Super Storm," all i see in my head is the storm sequence of the Little Mermaid. "HURRICANE A-COMIN! Stand fast! Secure the riggin!" (matter of fact, i think i'll be poppin in that movie while i work today.) i don't think i'm a fan of folks referring to it as a "super storm" though. because of what i do for a living, referring to things as a super-anything just makes me not take it seriously. "super storm" to me sounds like "lightning babe with ultimate power." =/

anyways, thought i'd share what's on my art table! that's right - its my shiny brand-spankin new wacom cintiq!! i can't tell u how ridiculously excited i am about it. the hubby seems to have a lot of faith in my art and he truly believes i will more than make up for the cost of this bad boy. what can i say, i love my husband!

Cover Girl from GI Joe commission

Strength from "A Once Crowded Sky" commission for Tom King

THE best Rogue cosplayer i have seen yet! she's even better than the Rogue at Universal Studios

our last con of the season was yesterday at Annapolis Comic Con - the Halloween edition. had a fantastic time and felt some local love. the boys* even did a panel about how we all work together as a studio and did a little demonstration for the people. unfortunately i couldn't watch cuz i stayed at the table, but from what i understand they had a great time! i even did a couple of commissions while i was there. one was for the writer of "A Once Crowded Sky" Tom King. it was of his character "Strength." i know its cheesy that she's holding a random 2-ton weight at the end of a large chain, but her name is Strength! =P i guess i could've gone for the even more obvious of holding a car up, but i thought this was obvious enough. =) i was quite flattered that he wanted me to draw one of his characters and i was more than happy to do so.
the folks that run Annapolis Comic Con are friggin great. we always have a fantastical time at each show. if ur in the area, u should definitely check it out when they have them.

i hope everyone on the east coast stays safe as this crazy storm hits. wish us luck here! i really don't like leaving my home, especially not with my gorgeous new cintiq fending for itself. =P

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